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How did you find us??

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i got the idea for this thread from another post in the site promotin ideas thread.

thought it would be interesting to know how people come across the site.

i found the site by searching on google for husky forums and i had a result from another forum and i think it was one marc is a member of

the post basically said that his wife ran a husky forum so i got the address from there and thats how i come across the forum.

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We're on a site for all Pets called Pettell and they have a group for husky's only. Bingnblaze just recently joined and told us that if we needed to know anything about our huskys this is the best site to join. Of course they are 100% right and we joined this forum.

WOOP go me! lmao :laola:

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I started from loading videos on youtube of Naa-ney. Someone from pettellcom invited me to that site. At which point after asking questions about huskies and came across a post from Nix about this place... and well waddaya know

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