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  1. Thanks all, couldn't miss Balto out lol
  2. Lol i know, Alaska usually just whizzes around:) Some more of her at the beach last month.
  3. Here are some recent ones of Alaska out and about, i'll get some of Balto off my mom too:)
  4. Thanks amy! Couldn't tell me where you got it from could you?
  5. hmm shes got ideas now lol >> I need a great bike and a harness!!!
  6. Well i thought i would borrow next doors neighbours kid and his bike for a while;) Wanted to see what all the fuss was about..so i put Alaska's harness on and attached her to the bike..and of course told the little boy (Kray) all was "kool" ..... I told him to say "HIKE HIKE HIKE" and he did and it was like a duck to water lool...he had to put the brakes on as she seemed to ignore the the "Whoaaa" command:rolleyes: Okay after that he was off the bike and refused to go back on but i managed to dupe him back on with sweets so i could take a few pics...then it was my turn lol I couldn't believe she pulled my fat arse up a hill..she went crazy...very fast this one...and before you ask the reason i didn't let Balto have a go is cos i like my life!!!!! I was on a bike miles too small, BUT im gonna buy a new bike with the best brakes ever (lol) and they can both have a go;) Heres Alaska sniffing on the job: [ATTACH]2384.IPB[/ATTACH] Stretching on the job: [ATTACH]2385.IPB[/ATTACH] Ready to run poor Kray into a tree: [ATTACH]2386.IPB[/ATTACH] Finally facing the right way;) [ATTACH]2387.IPB[/ATTACH] Her with me behind her, i told her to wait while Kray and Baltz ran down the end and then called her...and told her "on by" as we passed them >> she was very good: [ATTACH]2388.IPB[/ATTACH] And then we found a bench in the shade and she looked at me with this weird glint in her eye >> gosh never seen a husky so happy: [ATTACH]2389.IPB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2390.IPB[/ATTACH] Now she pulls all the time, normal walks seem to do very little and for some reason shes got it into her head when she wants soemthing she cant get (like the dog on the other side of the road!) if she goes into HIKE mode she'll not only get there but get treats from me...oh dear God what have i done lol >> Its like i have woken up the Siberian in her!!!
  7. LOL of course, we had a husky meet that was ment to be 5 miles (ah hem hem), us lazy lot got to the top of a hill and said "lets turn back" >> some even had the cheek to use the puppies as an excuse....... looool Great events comming up, bet Dakota will have tons of fun;)
  8. awwww no way!!! Beaten by 2 chubby sibes and a stroller...thats funny lol Was it a sponsered walk or just for fun?
  9. ooh nice one guys, cant wait to see em!!
  10. awww what about Marley, some sibes just love it, my 2 were outraged, then when we took Balto in Alaska actually had this twisted smile on her face >>
  11. Heres some of us at the beach about a month ago!! They werent too pleased that we made them swim >> i dont think their water sibes lol [ATTACH]2231.IPB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2232.IPB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2233.IPB[/ATTACH]
  12. OH okay lool, i thought there was something malamutish about him >> but i thought he may just be a fat sibe lool. but no it makes sense now!!! :rolleyes:
  13. Lol you wouldn't believe the dreams Balto has >> he will howl and bark in his dreamz and scare the absolute crap out of the rest of us lool >> Alaski just switches from time to time >> and thanks you so much for the offer, i will do my best to bring Balto and hopefully i can catch a cab and it wont be too pricy:rolleyes: And SowSpirit >>> lovely sibes lool, they look like their having loads of fun!:cool:
  14. n yup it's Tanika >> i keeping meaning to put a.k.a Tanika under I&C but i keep forgetting..i'll do it in a min lol
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