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  1. Alaska has amazing recall done the traditional way - she loves to play fetch so i kind of get her that way However it is not 100% - I am investing on a Dogtra collar for her dog aggression and recall, i dont need it for any other training as she is intelligent and very well behaved for the most part Here she is at the beech off-lead when she was 2 years old.
  2. Okay so you disagree with the 1st part, after the first sentence I can assure it IS true Everyone forget wolves for a second - thats my opinion and it's cool if people disagree however i am disputing the point that if the dog knows the correction has come from their human owners or fellow canine pack members it does not damage the bond as long as they understand the correction. Thats my point. So back to the point e-collars or dogtra collars IF used properly do not damage any bonds with your dog.
  3. Wolf and dog behavior in a pack is almost identical - yes there are differences but i can give a dog example too. If Alaska is eating her pigs ear and Balto is done with his and tries to pinch hers, she will give warnings and if he does not listen she will snap and chase him off (which was identical to what a wild wolf pack did on "Living with wolves) - does he know the correction is from her - yes, does it affect their bond - no, they still curl up next to each other at night time, corrections, rules and boundaries only strengthen bonds, they dont weaken them.
  4. Interesting theory however if true then the bond in wolf packs would be seriously damaged. Alpha's put the pack in their place when needed, sometimes this comprises of a nip of sharp teeth to their neck and standing over them growling, not allowing them to move - however in wolf packs the bond is arguably the strongest family unit in the animal kingdom. When a puppy is with it's mother, it knows after several corrections from her that if they misbehave mum will tell them off - yes they know the correction comes from her - does it break the bond - no.
  5. Some may also think prong/pinch collars are harsh, Alaska wore one that day and she sniffed 2 dogs without her muzzle, without teeth baring or growling - huge success ... sorry about the video quality btw. But you should of seen her on a bad day when she was tearing holes in other dogs throats ect - sometimes we as humans need a little extra help but it is in no way a short-cut, it's just being a responsible dog owners to use training methods correctly that work for you and your dog whether it is e-collars, pinch collars, halti's, harness ect ....
  6. X-xz2QOONz4 I dont see anything wrong with them IF used correctly, they can assure a 100% perfect re-call on an Siberian Husky, overcoming their greatest disadvantage of owners not letting them off due to poor re-call. The video above is a dog trainer who uses Dogtra collars on many dog breeds including Siberian Huskies.
  7. They tend to be a little more needy, wanting to come up on the sofa or wanting more attention. Just keep an eye on her make sure everything is normal but other than that treat her as normal - thats how her pack would treat her - they wouldn't baby her . - Thats what my mum is telling me anyway lol, Alaska is in heat and i have been told not to "smother her" - its hard but they will be fine. I give Alaska Lactofree milk warmed up, something warm and comforting in the stomach seems to help her
  8. I hope the training works out for you. If you would still be having problems call a local trainer as most of them are more than happy to talk dogs for free and give advice, I have bent a few ears myself this way as Alaska was aggressive with dogs ... let us know.
  9. Great post!! 1. When your husky disobeys you, how does he do it? i.e. talks back, runs away, turns a deaf ear, won't look you in the eye etc. Balto runs away if off-lead in tennis courts, selective hearing and talks back lol Alaska sometimes switches on her husky hearing .... selective lol!! 2. What commands/tricks does your husky understand? Sit, stay, wait, down, right paw, left paw, jump, under, through, weaving, speak, play bow and re-call. Alaska knows 'go get it' 'bring it back' and 'give it to mummy or tanny' lol She will if asked bring the mail to my mum but sometimes tries to sneak off and chew it 3. Where is your husky's favorite place to be scratched? Under the chin and neck for Alaska, Balto loves his tummy rubs 4. Does your husky always pull the leash/lead? (when you walk, run, bike etc.) Unless I say heel, then yep they pull 5. Does your husky play fetch and bring back the item more than once if you throw it? Balto does when he feels like it and thats a rare occasion - cheeky boy! Alaska retrieves and loves to play fetch with a tennis ball 6. Does your husky have any major/minor health issues? Nope, both 3 years and a bit with no problems thus far 7. Is there anything that your husky does that totally drives you up a wall and annoys you? Fav colour of mine is black, the shedding sends me crazy but they are pretty good dogs i have to say 8. What is your husky's favorite way to get exercise? Alaska loves to retrieve and run next to my bike, Balto would love to play all day in the park with other dogs 9. Does your husky have a comfort place, or toy, or person etc? They have love/affection for all members in the house, Alaska can look for me if i leave even if their are people in the house but thats more of an anxiety thing because she used to sleep in my bed. Fav toys are anything they can shred and fav place my mums bed in the morning when they come and find her and the sofa! 10. What is the strangest/naughtiest/worst thing your husky has done? Balto has peed on a few on my friend and ran off! And Alaska likes to hump Balto 11. In a safe but limitless place, can your husky be trusted off leash? (Am asking because I've seen pictures of huskies off leash of leash on this) Balto - no way, comes back on his own terms and if he see's another dog your history! Alaska to some extent yes, she will come back if i have a toy and cooked chicken she is like a lab off-lead but 100% .. no! 12. How does your husky show you that he loves you? (This one is important to me because I can't tell if Smokey shows me affection without me knowing) Huskies are independant and aloof but very loyal - they just show it differently. Balto loves cuddles and will lick your face to death Alaska is indendant and doesn't care for hugs but if you are ill or sad she will come and put her head between your legs for ages - they just show it differently.
  10. whats the temp like? Good re-call, exhibit gaurding tendancies? Anything at all that sets her apart from your other 2 sibes?
  11. wow these guys are beautiful!! Love your black and white one and your pie-bald is just the cutest!! Reminds me of my two!!
  12. Alaska black and white bitch ... at first I liked the names Siberia, Alaska and Topaz (colour of her eyes when she was a puppy) but Alaska simply suited her personality and within a week of having her we started training her to her name Balto pie-bald dog, we got at 5 months with the name nuinui, so we renamed him to the famous sled dog Balto - we thought it suited him best but we also liked the name Oreo for him because of his black spots with his white fluffy coat;)
  13. lol thats probably it actually, makes sense ... bless em:D
  14. Thanks again, youve been a HUGE help lol, I think i will wait just incase as you said she is closer than we think. Oh the reason i thought Alaska thought this ball was a sick of dying puppy is because everytime it squeaked she whinned and actedd strangely .... hmmm
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