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  1. Thanks all, couldn't miss Balto out lol
  2. Lol i know, Alaska usually just whizzes around:) Some more of her at the beach last month.
  3. Here are some recent ones of Alaska out and about, i'll get some of Balto off my mom too:)
  4. Okay, ive seen a few qs on feeding amounts for puppies, teens and even adults SO i thought it was long overdue to set some guidelines for new and just slightly confused Husky owners;) We could make it a sticky in the food and diet section so new members can find it easily:) The main rule here is that no guideline is concrete, all sibes are different, some come from different lines and all sibes are individuals, but by other owners putting their daily amounts it may prove some help. [ATTACH]2453.IPB[/ATTACH] We'll start with puppies, 7weeks When i got Alaska i fed her 3 times a day, 3 non heaped handfuls of kibble in warm water. Sorry i cant give the exact measurements but thats where other members come in;) Now i have been told by other owners they carried on feeding 3 times a day until 6 months, some say they stop at 4 or whenever the puppy shows little interest in the thrid meal. I chose to do it until 5 1/2 months then switched to 2 meals, personally Alaska did well and still does do well on little and often:) So if you do decide to feed 3 times a day until 6 months the amount of food should be increased, With each month you should add about 1/4 more, So when Alaska was 7 weeks she got 1/4 of the cup, by the time she was 6 months she ate a full cup twice a day, heres the cup i use: [ATTACH]2454.IPB[/ATTACH] Alaskas brother Balto however would eat 1/2 a cup more than her in every meal, A: because he's a boy and males tend to eat more and B: hes just plain greedy:D So husky owners please give your measurements you fed from 7weeks (or whenever you got your sibe) to now................................................ I think it would be a huge help for owners to see the variety in which we all feed and how our sibes take to their meals. Alaska is not so food orientated so now at 1yr she eats 2 cups of dry kibble a day, and with her second meal i will mix in some nature diet. Her age now; she can have 2 trays of nature diet, but that would mean i would have to compromise her kibble amount, so i only feed her the 1 tray. Vets huffff Now i didn't just want to disscuss feeding amounts, a lot of sibe owners worry about weight and the vets prove to be little help as they are not educated on the breed and they get mostly labs or breeds who over-eat. I was told by a vet the other day Alaska at 1 yrs should weigh in at 22kg.....???? But the breed standard for the females is only 23 kg and she still has a whole year to grow amd mature....very confusing:rolleyes: However i am do feel that sibes and all breeds need more than kibble to grow and be healthy!! Heres 2 pics of Alaska that honestly show her frame >> some pictures make her look like a fatti LOL: [ATTACH]2457.IPB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2458.IPB[/ATTACH] You can see in the 1st pic where she dips in and the 2nd pic how leggy she looks >> she looks how teens look, until she is 2 we all just have to be patient and wait for her to fill out;) There are soo many options you can feed alongside kibble to ensure your sibe grows properly and is in top health: BARF: http://www.ukbarfclub.co.uk/index.php Wet foods: http://www.naturediet.co.uk/ Supplements like cod liver oil, an egg a week, salmon oil........ Even home cooked food with meat and veggies can prove better for you sibe than half the foods out there on the market. Kibble is clean, not messy and convenient however its not the be all and end all for your dogs health. I feed James Wellbeloved, its well known for being sensitive on your dogs tummy and my two love it: http://www.wellbeloved.com/ I also feed wet foods and BARF Alot of people say their sibes go in at the sides, or "i can feel their ribs". Remember Siberians are athletes and shouldn't have excess fat on their body, sibes who pull and race dont look like many house-hold sibes, vets can give the wrong info on the breed but heres a chart that should help: http://dogs4ppp.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/10-13-fatpets-bcs_chart_dogs.jpg And just from personal experience Alaska is now 18.9kg and her aim is to be 19.8kg-20kg, however she is a lean dog naturally so i have been told the way i am feeding her now and with the natural process of maturing she will grow just fine. I can see her pelvic bones but the vet said they have a lot more coverage now and as long as they dont protruding its normal and healthy to make out a waist line and to see their physique:) Now i have 2 litter-mates, Balto looks the same as Alaska, he dips in the same places and you can feel his ribs however his frame is totally different, Alaska has a very femine frame and therefore gives the vet more to talk about..Balto has a very chunky frame, but he also is the right weight and not over for his age and breed yet the vets say hes fine Siberians are all Coat!!! There is a huge misconception out there that Siberians are huge, great big, fluffy wolves............couldn't be further from the truth, looking at Seppala's team the Chukchis sibes, they had enough coat and it was certainly thick, but it did not hide their shape nor was it long or shaggy. My 2 have medium coats so im afraid i wont be able to make too much a huge example, they have been shedding like crazy and to me Alaska looks bald but i know other members on here (Sarah+Kimba;)) have sibes with large coats that have all gone now. Heres a pic of a shedding sibe so you can see how much hair they can have!!! [ATTACH]2455.IPB[/ATTACH] A pic of Seppale and his team of Siberians: [ATTACH]2456.IPB[/ATTACH] Okay please Husky-Owners say your choice of food and feeding amount for ALL your sibes, the age of your sibe, if their greedy, fussy, or just npt huge eaters!!! Maybe even suggest a good measuring cup or device used by you to keep a record................... Thanks and this thread will only thrive if you chip in...as my measurments were pretty useless.....
  5. Thanks amy! Couldn't tell me where you got it from could you?
  6. hmm shes got ideas now lol >> I need a great bike and a harness!!!
  7. Well i thought i would borrow next doors neighbours kid and his bike for a while;) Wanted to see what all the fuss was about..so i put Alaska's harness on and attached her to the bike..and of course told the little boy (Kray) all was "kool" ..... I told him to say "HIKE HIKE HIKE" and he did and it was like a duck to water lool...he had to put the brakes on as she seemed to ignore the the "Whoaaa" command:rolleyes: Okay after that he was off the bike and refused to go back on but i managed to dupe him back on with sweets so i could take a few pics...then it was my turn lol I couldn't believe she pulled my fat arse up a hill..she went crazy...very fast this one...and before you ask the reason i didn't let Balto have a go is cos i like my life!!!!! I was on a bike miles too small, BUT im gonna buy a new bike with the best brakes ever (lol) and they can both have a go;) Heres Alaska sniffing on the job: [ATTACH]2384.IPB[/ATTACH] Stretching on the job: [ATTACH]2385.IPB[/ATTACH] Ready to run poor Kray into a tree: [ATTACH]2386.IPB[/ATTACH] Finally facing the right way;) [ATTACH]2387.IPB[/ATTACH] Her with me behind her, i told her to wait while Kray and Baltz ran down the end and then called her...and told her "on by" as we passed them >> she was very good: [ATTACH]2388.IPB[/ATTACH] And then we found a bench in the shade and she looked at me with this weird glint in her eye >> gosh never seen a husky so happy: [ATTACH]2389.IPB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2390.IPB[/ATTACH] Now she pulls all the time, normal walks seem to do very little and for some reason shes got it into her head when she wants soemthing she cant get (like the dog on the other side of the road!) if she goes into HIKE mode she'll not only get there but get treats from me...oh dear God what have i done lol >> Its like i have woken up the Siberian in her!!!
  8. Yes lol When Alaska was 4 months i bought her a little army jumper with a hood from a doggy website...she looked so sweet. The only reason i wouldn't now is 'cos her coat is thick enough and the poor thing would swelter!!
  9. LOL of course, we had a husky meet that was ment to be 5 miles (ah hem hem), us lazy lot got to the top of a hill and said "lets turn back" >> some even had the cheek to use the puppies as an excuse....... looool Great events comming up, bet Dakota will have tons of fun;)
  10. awwww no way!!! Beaten by 2 chubby sibes and a stroller...thats funny lol Was it a sponsered walk or just for fun?
  11. ooh nice one guys, cant wait to see em!!
  12. awww what about Marley, some sibes just love it, my 2 were outraged, then when we took Balto in Alaska actually had this twisted smile on her face >>
  13. Heres some of us at the beach about a month ago!! They werent too pleased that we made them swim >> i dont think their water sibes lol [ATTACH]2231.IPB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2232.IPB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2233.IPB[/ATTACH]
  14. OH okay lool, i thought there was something malamutish about him >> but i thought he may just be a fat sibe lool. but no it makes sense now!!! :rolleyes:
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