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    I play wheelchair basketball for GB and I am hoping to go to my 3rd Paralympics in London! I have a female husky called Eika (said like an acre of field, but spelt differently!) who is just gawgeous!
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    Wheelchair Basketball
  1. Thanks Nix, I'm strangely proud of that pic and it's the only pic, apart from wedding ones that I actually like of myself!
  2. thanks, and thanks (guessing you have the same one?!)
  3. here is a new pic of me...taken on monday, and yes, that is a baby meerkat i am holding!
  4. The most recent pic of me at the dog park! Mike and me On our wedding day (4 years, this year, omg!)
  5. yup that's what i meant...i have one of eika which made me think of it!!
  6. When she was just 3 weeks old! Or a few months old! One of your husky all tangled up!
  7. You can just about see that she is! Your husky curled up in a ball!
  8. um...Your husky with a pig!
  9. not super muddy, but it counts!!
  10. Ok i will have to do it on monday!!
  11. if anyone actually has their sibe next to an eiffel tower, let me know...or else i might be able to get one tonight...i just have to steal something first!
  12. does trying to eat the cat count? pic of your husky with a mexican hat on!
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