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  1. Demon thinking he's posh with his sticky out paw Then it's all change and 16 year old Friar is up on guard duty on the sofa with Kaviq sat watching the world go by Anuk deciding he doesn't want to miss out on the photos
  2. Hi Diane, thank you, he had four wonderful years with me after he was given up for rescue so as sad as his passing was, we still have some great memories of his retirement years with me. All of mine are rescues, all have their own reasons for ending up with me (poor things πŸ˜†) but they are going nowhere now. Not that anyone else would put up with their loony ways anyway πŸ˜‚, us owners are definitely one of a kind, just like our furballs, lol xx
  3. Haha, I know some that are worse, believe me πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  4. Thanking you ☺️ Slacking Marc, pull your finger out, lad 🀣🀣
  5. Thank you, Wolfpup. It can be difficult with rescue dogs if you don't know their history, or they've had a rough time, teaching them that things are ok and what triggered their reaction before isn't still an issue, but it sounds like you are doing well and making progress with Mikey. Keep up the good work 😊 Thanks, Nix x
  6. Lots of things been happening in the last few years so been a bit absent but thought I'd drop in and say hello again to everyone old and new. Can't believe I know some of you loonies over 11 years! For those who don't know me, here's a little summary - I have my four rescue boys now, Peacekeeper Kaviq will be 10 on Wednesday 17th Feb; Dafty Demon is the baby of the bunch at 7 years old; Houdini Anuk, the naughty boy of the pack is 9 years old and Old Man Friar was 16 on New Year's Day but he forgets his age when the harness or food bowls come out. I lost my other oldie on New Year's Eve, Hoyce was nearly 15. I have been owned by this wonderful breed since Feb 2006 when I brought my first husky, Myshka, home aged 10 weeks. And it has been fun and fur ever since 🀣. So just wanted to say hello again and see what all you nutty husky owners are getting up to x
  7. I'm really hoping to get over for a day again, I'll chip in for the pitch x
  8. I'm hoping we'll be in our van that weekend so will pop over to catch up at some point (operations dependant!)
  9. With all these storms hitting us lately (Storm Imogen is just passing over), we could do with these
  10. Oh, that is priceless it was definitely meant to be then Wedding dress fitting?? How exciting
  11. How was it, Nix? I suppose it depends on if your dogs like water or, like mine, they think it's a new drink fountain for them. Thinking of getting one this year
  12. Come on, own up - are you planning a surprise for your other half this Valentine's Day? Is it just you & the dog/s? What great surprises have you given over the years? Most romantic? Funniest? The one that DIDN'T work out?? Let us know
  13. That's a lovely pic
  14. Come on guys, how many days is it now?
  15. good to see this is still going in support of a great forum - voted x
  16. I'm still off work, will be for another 4 weeks if all still stays as it is and now I can sit at the pc with my knee bent a bit, I thought I'd come & annoy you all
  17. Thanks peeps - see, I can only get on the pc when Grumpy is in work! lol
  18. When huskies play, they do grab the ears & scruff of the neck of the other dog. Depending on the breed, the other dog will do the same or be frightened wondering what's happening lol But if you search Youtube for huskies playing or search the forum for it, you will see that is their 'play'. If they do it to a little dog, it can be seen to be aggressive just down to pure size difference. My 4 still think they're the size of a Jack Russell, not mini donkeys!
  19. Thought I would drop in and say hello. It's been a long time due to not being able to get on the pc and trying to access forums on my tablet and phone ends up in swear words, so I don't do it! But, at the moment, I am off work after an operation on my knee. I do have a leg brace which limits the amount of time I can sit on a chair with my leg down but that should only be for another 2 weeks (fingers crossed, I've had it on 6 weeks now!). An update on the dogs: we still have our husky Myshka, the Witch. She was 10 years old last November. Since she lost the bit of weight she put on, she has reverted back to being a puppy, running round like she is 10 months old, never mind 10 years! She is still the one I have to watch, she is still the nightmare she was when she came home at 10 weeks but strangely enough, we love her! She's the one sat in the snow. Then we have our very own Scooby-Doo, Kaviq. He is the clumsy 5 year old who came to us at 10 months old through this forum. He is, we think, a husky / Mal cross as he is the size of a small donkey! He is so gentle though and thinks he's the size of a chihuahua He's the bi-eyed one staring at me in photo number 2. Next we have Demon; he is SO wrongly named! Demon was definitely behind the door when they were giving brains out. You tell him to sit next to you on the sofa - he puts his head on the seat & sticks his bum in the air, upside down Demon is a 3 year old Malamute and is a rescue dog, his family were losing their home so through no fault of his own, he was given up with his 'sister'. She lives about 20 mins away from us now too so he still gets to see her but ignores her on walks etc Demon is the black & white in the 3rd pic. Finally we have Anuk. Anuk is 4 years old and is a woolly husky. He is an exceptional escapologist! He can open any door you like. Anuk is another rescue boy (believe it or not, the reason was he didn't match the wallpaper ) so we were asked to collect him & we knew he wasn't going anywhere. Anuk is a gentle, snuggly soul with the strangest eye colouring I've ever seen. I keep trying to catch it on camera but it never comes out, but they look cloudy navy blue. The vets have checked them as I thought he had cataracts, they are that cloudy, but he's fine, just strange, hehe. Anuk is the fluffy grey & white in the caravan. That's the dogs. We also have a corn snake, aged about 8 years now, a royal python aged around 4 and a 3 footed Bearded Dragon (called Tripod!) who is around 6 years old, all of whom are rehomes. So hello to everyone old & new, I'm off for a tootle round the forum to see what you've all been getting up to
  20. Spent a few hours with husky owners on today's walk at Aber Falls. What a beautiful area for a meet. The dogs had a paddle at the falls. Great weather too, amazing day. Who took photos?
  21. Is it working or walking harness you're after? Indi-dog can help you out
  22. Diesel was the only one whose paw hair grew like wildfire & had it trimmed, but not the others
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