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How did you find us??

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Well my newly adopted Husky, her name is Sesi, has a mohawk so I was thinking that she may be a husky mix because of that.  Come to find out that she may not be.  The kind lady who rescued her but couldn't keep her before doesn't know that much about Huskies (I do, so we are a good fit) was thinking the same thing for the same reason.  Neither of us has seen one with a mohawk before.  So I googled and found this forum where a Husky owner had the same question about her pooch.  One answer on her post explained everything.  Turns out that her hair around her head is growing in one direction while the hair on her back is growing in another and it meets at the middle where it tufts out.  It appears to be parted at the middle.  This is awesome!  I know from her previous owner that she had her winter blowout last month.  I am so pleased with this website that I decided to join.

Waiting for another belly rub.JPG

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Hi Guys. Great site with loads of useful information. Found it off the net when searching for information on “exercising a husky”. My pair are from different litters, the boy is Duke and the girl is Kaskae (she’s a wooly). They are both 1year olds. Any tips on exercising huskies, bikejoring in particular, will be appreciated. Regards 



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I was in the Chewy App. First time mind you. I wanted to get Diamond Naturals for my First Husky as well So I googled what is the best flavor of Diamond Naturals..... This looked like the best place to go where I wasn't going to find one person's website and their point of view. I am well aware that almost everything is factual BUT that is not going to tell me what I need to know at that particular time. i.e. what kind/type/flavor/taste/color of bag etc.


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