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  1. lol yeh Keisha is the more bouncier one of the 2 ..she will keep you on your toes..but im sure you will do fine... we at SHCGB will support you all the way... for life not just for the short term.. as I didn't deal with you at the start and have only just moved up and replaced the co-ordinator at the moment I don't have your contact details . if you would like to e/mail me I will send you my personal mobile and home numbers . so if you have any issues. no matter how small . .please feel free to contact and chat about it.. good luck from all the SHCGB team
  2. Hi Mark .. have only just had this post bought to my attention as I don't come on that often.. for your information. any dog you get from SHCGB / welfare comes with a welfare number that's is accepted at SHCGB / BSHRA / ABSA and Wydean and I believe AMWA events.. you will not have to register them at all.. just give their welfare number. from my info I believe your about to take on two lovely dogs from Tony @ SHCGB . hope all goes well with them .. I run at ABSA & BSHRA any problems or questions . please feel free to contact our team. or me personally at Richard@mistyrayn.co.uk Richard Philpott SHCGB / Welfare
  3. Roughly they have 15 metre by 10 metre and I have 5, with space for more lol
  4. it doesnt need to be a major expensive run.as for comfy they will be happy with just a bench to lay on.. as you can see by my kennel i use the galv bars.. i think its worth paying out for them as they will last years .. in mine i have built the white box in middle which the girls love laying on and in.. in top left is just a standard shed that i put extra windows in and a side entrance with a baffle corridor to stop any wind and have made it 2 level inside and fully insulated for the colder times.. to the right of pic is just another standard little shed that again has been made into two levels. then there is the canopy that i have put a picnic bench under.. out of all the things and places they have for comfort they love just laying on the white box and picnic bench..
  5. that must of taken loads and loads of spare time and practice to record that... i drive another telehandler / forklift thats just as big for many years and to do that first time.. will be impossible.. having driven that sort also and know how rough they can be..it still is an amazing acheivement to manage it no matter how many times you try beforehand..
  6. i use tehering stakes to stake out my girls.. and if driven properly into the ground and making sure its not to soft ground they work very well..i trust them .. and my girls will bounce and yank so much when at races or training... you can get them form places like http://www.culpeppers.co.uk/catalogue/?cat=clips and shackles http://www.countryhounds.ie/Category.aspx?CategoryID=26&strParent=11
  7. i have sat in a F1 car at the Williams factory.. and i can say it aint the best of positions to be in ..very hard to get in and out. and almost horizontal and cramped..how they manage to drive at them speeds and so close to each other i will never know as your vision is almost minimal ..
  8. i agree with a lot of what people have said... there is no reason why a first time owner can't have a husky or a Mal.. i was one !! my first dog of my own was a Husky and now i have 5.. allthough a husky and mal look similar they are very different dogs.. and you need to know if your house can take a big dog like a mal .. or maybe better to have a smaller one ..a husky.. what Nanci and Marc said about the cats i can only give my view having by saying the differences with all my 5 towards the 2 cats .. Tikaani i have had since Puppy and she pays no attention to the cats .. if they run she will chase for fun but i know she wont do anything. Nikita a rescue i have had since she was 3 yrs old and she pays no attention at all to the cats. Macie a welfare i have had since 8 month old. and at first it was hard work getting her to accept the cats.. back then i would not have 100% trusted her and was constantly on guard .but now nearly 3 years on she will make it look like she is gonna do something.. but i know she wont as she knows she gets a fuss for leaving the cat alone.. its like her game now..lol Cheya a welfare i have had for a year now she came to me at 3yr old and she i dont yet completely trust allthough she is getting better.. if cat walks she ignores.. any thing faster and she is there and has had the cat in her mouth once... but if i tell her to behave she will just watch the cat. Terra have had since a pup and is now 7 mth old... she looks at the cat and cant seem to work out what it is..but basically ignores them.. if your getting a pup thats prob the best as they soon realise that the cat is not fair game and prey... if your getting a welfare then the job will be harder but not impossible.. sadly with welfare dogs you dont get to know there full past.. this is only my opinion but i would never have a Mal and cats.. another comment i read that someone has put about what people say that a husky or mal is for only experienced owners...i agree that is rubbish...where did all these experienced owners start...with their 1st husky or mal.. i would guess that 90% never had another dog before hand... im not what i would class as an experienced owner as im still learning to this day.... think it was marc that made the comment that that you have made a good start as you have done more than what a lot of people have done.. you have done research and have joined a forum to ask questions. so you one step ahead already.. sadly to many people don't do their research thats why the rescue/ welfares are full to the brim.. ..
  9. thank you ..that made a wet horrible UK weekend worth having...so funny...
  10. 1 love every individual thing about my girls but if i had to pick one thing i love most about each one it would be Tikaani the way she looks at me the pure love in the eyes Nikita when she has a mad moment as she is just so cute when beating up nothing on the floor in front of her .. Macie her pure zest for running and being such a daddys girl Cheya the way she will just wait and watch for a spot to come empty next to me on the sofa and then seize it like a ninja Terra just for her craziness that i hope she doesn't loose when she is no longer a puppy 2 only thing i would change would be that they all hassle me at food time ... well thats a lie they start hassling me an hour before and wont leave me alone ..and really make me feel guilty for making them wait till its actually food time..
  11. sounds like my 5 month old Terra.. just being a puppy thats all... all you can do is stay calm enjoy and use positive encouragment with some treats to gain what you want oh and be a master at catching when she launches herself at you when your on the sofa. but any sign of growling when taking a toy or even food away.. sternly but calmly say " NO " dont then back off .. she needs to know that your in charge and if you want you will have..but make sure you always give a command to leave or give etc before taking.. i have had occasions with my older ones that at feeding time i will say the dogs name and throw a carcass to that one and another has snatched it but a strong stern " NO " and they soon drop it and realise that they have done wrong. no matter what mine have toy / food or anything they will give it up for me and will let me take it from there mouths.... and with training and patience there is no reason why you cant get this aswell.
  12. oooh dont knock it enjoy it... mine will wake me at 5 am every Saturday & Sunday.. as they know we usually go training so on the odd occasion i want a lay in..i have no hope..lol i have to get up let them out in garden.and when they realise we are not going training they then hassle me till i feed them then decide to play so its at least 2 hours before i got any chance of going back to bed.. bit late now ..im wide awake ..and where are they fast asleep.... make the most of it.. i would lol
  13. i agree with a lot of what people have said .. but having a 2nd does stop some of the boredom. and i dont think that having 2 around the same age would be any more of a problem than having 2 of different ages.. i have 5 ranging from 5 months - 2 n half years - 3 yrs - 4 yrs and 8 yrs old and they can all play just as mad and bad with each other like teenagers as 2 of the same age.. im not a lover of crating / restricting a dog and im also not brave enough to allow my dogs run of the house when not home.. so my suggestion is get an outside kennel give freedom and leave plenty of things to ocuupy the brain. you have only had yours 5 days so yeh a bit to early to get another. spend time getting this one settled and happy then think of another..i had my 1st from 8 wks old and 3 months later i had taken on a 3yr old private rescue. so be carefull .. that you dont catch the disease....... M H S ( Multiple Husky Syndrome ) lol
  14. sounds to me that your doin everything you can. . mine are all out in kennel when im at work. when i had my first Tikaani she did howl and try to chew etc but it was more a seperation thing than hated the kennel so i spent a lot of time up there with her. either feeding her or playing sometimes i would just sit having a drink in there and let her roam in and out.. i wont lie that it was an easy road it did take time , and tests your patience a bit. but she got used to it as being a nice place and settled down. and then when i got my next Nikita a 3 yr old welfare i extended my kennel and she went straight out there also .. had a week or 2 of her not liking then kennel as she was an indoor dog but again time & patience and she soon settled. with my Macie who was 8 month old when i got her i was spoilt as she instantly loved the kennel but with my Cheya who was 3 yrs when i got her in dec last year.. she would pace the kennel all day long no noise just paced so again i just reverted back to spending time up there even put a bench for me to sit on lol and soon she realised it was a good place . now my latest Terra who i got at 8 weeks was first in puppy pen indoors but has been out in kennel for last month at least she is only 5 month old now .. but she just couldnt wait to be out in kennel with the other 4 girls so really had no issues with her. but even now i spend a lot of time up in kennel with them .. playing , feeding or even just on my computer sitting having a beer .. keeping the fact that its a nice place to be.. they have access to the house when im home they are only outside when at work. but ti pays to spend lots of time in kennel with them.. and make sure there is toys.. mine even have a tree trunk to chew on.. having more than one will make a big difference.. i have 5 in kennel and all my neighbours say they never hear my girls except for when i first get home ... i installed CCTV so i could monitor what happens .. and also cos as i have one or 2 neighbours that like to complain and i wanted to make sure that i could prove it would not have been mine if ever they complained..
  15. Mistyrayn


    all my 4 adult girls are between 20 and 23 kg.
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