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  1. lol yeh you wish... there is no chance of that

  2. Don't get lost! We may never find you......

  3. lol yeh just have a look around now

  4. You made it through the change over...... yay!

  5. just a little story of what happened this morning to show that no dog can be totally trusted.. doesnt matter if husky or not.. i was training as usual with friends at the forest.. we are sitting there afterwards.. bit of banter mug of tea etc.. and a loose little terrier style dog came plodding along..looking totally scared and lost... all our dogs were away in the vans so we managed to coax the dog to us. and then get lead on.. we had look about for owner ..no sign. sat for a while waiting to see if someone appeared. but still nothing so we then phoned the number on his tag.. which was com
  6. o voted only in an enclosed area .. and only if secure.
  7. this is my ugly mug !!!
  8. and it has Marc..its not BS that is what i truly beleive
  9. and still do think its the only site that does the best to help the breed and owners of the breed..thats why i have returned.. dunno about any one else but still learn alot from being here..... im not as expereinced as some but hopefully i have learnt a lot from on and off this forum and hope i can pass that on to help others..
  10. Mistyrayn


    i dont have a nickname for the girls but my daughter stacey calls tikaani ..bubble gum butt....... im sure you can work out why lol
  11. think i just found it searching the web.. in its infancy then but still looked good enough to join
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