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  1. Hillwalking at Aberfoyle Kira A wee rest at the top Heading back down Time for a rest at the bottom
  2. Lovely pics did she go in for a swim ,mine love the water
  3. Hi ,its a manmat long distance harness http://www.manmat.eu/en/products/displayProduct/19 I normaly buy from here as it works out cheaper but you can also buy from snowpaws http://www.snowpawstore.com/deluxe-shoulder-harness.html
  4. Brilliant pics everyone thought I d add a few Aberfoyle forest Kira having a run around at Nairn beach before we left to go back down to Aviemore
  5. Brilliant pics everyone great to look through:D here is some from our weekend:D
  6. Kira has a crate she only uses it to sleep in at night she s made it her den as long as its comfy she is ok ,Tia sleeps in the living room , she only comes into the house at night .
  7. Anne

    Lesley's new puppy

    Awe he looks amazing so cute !!
  8. Anne

    Jeff's new puppy

    Milo is a wee beauty !!
  9. Anne

    Sarah,s new puppy

    Awe how cute is that weee puppy ,bet you cant wait to get him home Anne x
  10. Anne


    Tia is yogi as she has a coat like a bear ,Kira she is the duchess well she thinks she is anyway
  11. This is one of my daft dog Kira she thinks she is hiding in the plant pots:D
  12. Great pics ,Gizmo is a wee beauty ,these were taken last year I hadnt had Tia long and she was having so much fun,not had any snow in Glasgow yet but I live in hope:D
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