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  1. I just clip the lead to my dogs ear........ 😂
  2. Might possibly be worth asking in some uk based husky groups on Facebook see if anyone local could help , there's siberian husky owners uk and huskies of the Midlands which might be of help
  3. Welcome to the forum , I've had to remove your link as it has a link to breeders in it which isn't allowed per forum rules My cousin owns a purebred pomeranian so I know a small amount about that breed and they're quite similar to huskies in that their double coated and their coat needs a lot of care , they can also be very vocal tho are possibly a bit easier to train than a husky , I don't know too much about chihuahuas as they're not a breed I'm a fan off but I don't believe crossing a pom and a chi is the best breeding practice , you have no idea which traits from either breed you're going to get and you could end up with a very high strung dog , id recommend researching each breed separately to learn their good traits and bad traits plus any common health issues each breed might inherit and then work out if you could cope with a dog that ends up with any or all of those bad traits and/or health issues
  4. Welcome ! Is there anywhere you can rent a private fenced in field to let him off ?
  5. Looks wooly to me , what did parents look like ?
  6. Both parents look like wooly huskies to me so pup would be husky too
  7. If you find you need the group link let me know , they have behaviourists on there who can help too , my girl is fear reactive from being attacked and its helped loads , she can stand really close to another dog and be relaxed, she stood and chilled next to me whilst my boy said hello to another dog earlier today
  8. Where are you based ? I know of a uk reactive Dogs Facebook group , my girl is fear reactive and my boy protective and I can walk both fine on harness , it's about catching your dogs interest before the other dog does and showing them that they don't need to react , I can now walk past other dogs (tho I still keep a safe distance anyway) with no issues, I use double ended dog leads (police lead) on mine and my walking belt
  9. Just seen a post on fb where they dna'd their dog and it came back husky x pit and looks the spit of yours
  10. Do you have pics of parents ? At that age it's literally impossible to tell
  11. Rawhide is dangerous for dogs , swap to carrots and raw fresh bones from a butcher
  12. I wouldn't worry , her ears will decide what they're doing soon
  13. Hes gorgeous and not that short really , male breed standards start at 21 inches
  14. So another update , Wednesday last week skyla slipped/collapsed and couldnt get back up again , I rushed to her and managed to get her up using a towel like a sling under her belly , rushed her to the vets who checked her over (by then she's walking but very stiff) was told to rest her for a few days and also get some blood work done to be safe , well by the next day she was acting like a puppy like nothing was wrong at all , then Monday came and the vets finally rang me back after promising they'd call me Friday when I chased it up and it's not the best news we could have got , despite her being absolutely fine after her fall on Wednesday her blood results have shown up with some abnormalities that without a ton of tests (more blood works , ultrasounds under sedation etc, etc) they can't narrow it down and honestly given her age and existing health issues we don't feel it's fair to put her through all of that , so we've decided to just enjoy however long left with her we have. I just hope she continues to be the fighter she always has been and gives us a good while longer yet 💜
  15. The ears can flop when teething but soon stand up again
  16. Gutted we never got chance to come to a main camp , but I've loved all the meet ups over the years too
  17. They can flop again when pups teethe so that could be what it is , is your pup purebred?
  18. Id keep her on what she's used to , at that age you don't want to upset her stomach , as a special treat you can't go wrong with meat , just not pork
  19. She looks pure , huskies are supposed to be slim
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