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  1. Oh bless her , glad she's ok though
  2. Poor girl how is she doing now ?
  3. My girl was 2 years and 2 months old when she was spayed, no health issues what so ever (that link to spaying) just remember when ever you decide to spay you need to wait till at least 3 months after her season ends before you can get her spayed
  4. Why do u want a breed you can carry round ? Poms and chi's still need walking
  5. Keep them apart, shell be in season for about a month , week 3 is usually when shell be at her most receptive
  6. Over excitement that's all shes happy your home shes excited that energy needs to be expelled so she can calm down and humping is a way to release that pent up excitement
  7. Like above first thing would be a vet check to rule out any health issue
  8. She will probably keep the parti-eye
  9. Hes a wooly coat so he will be very fluffy , invest in a good undercoat rake and make sure he is used to being brushed and finds it pleasurable or you'll end up with a badly matted dog , he could loose some of the face marking but then he might not I think hell most likely keep most if not all of his dark mask
  10. How long is she left during the day? At 4 months old I wouldnt expect her to be fully toilet trained at all With rough play if you think it's getting too much or he isnt listening to her yelps, you separate them let them both calm down, he'll soon learn being too rough makes the fun stop
  11. Unless you're holding her she shouldn't be down on the ground outside before all her injections (Fine in your garden)
  12. 8 weeks is too young to be out walking she hasnt had all her Injections yet , you need to meet friends with calm dogs that will let pup sniff in it's own time without getting in her face
  13. Welcome to the pack
  14. My boy started dark grey , went a really light grey and is now a dark black/grey again
  15. Does your current brand do a senior version
  16. I'm not sure what u mean in regards to the breeder ? But even as an owner they can be good for years and suddenly bolt , it's not worth the risk imo to have them offlead , of course a recall should always be trained for emergencies but I would never have mine off especially around livestock
  17. Welcome to the pack, get rid of pedigree its rubbish Bran fibre helps firm my 2 up but depending on the dry food it might not be agreeing with her , or you could be over feeding which is a common cause of diarrhoea in pups
  18. Welcome to the pack, not sure where u are but in the uk there are a lot of husky specific rescues that have older Huskies that will be used to smaller dogs so dont rule it out 100% You'll also find any reputable breeder will not rehome pups coming up to xmas time so u might have to wait till next year
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