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  1. She might darken a bit but id be suprised if she goes grey just because her skin has liver pigmentation
  2. I've got a Ford fiesta zetec and it fits my 2 but they do go in the back rather than the boot
  3. Brilliant ,saves a bit of money too which is always nice lol
  4. Unfortunately the longer you wait the higher the chance that testicle has to become cancerous, it does need removing , if it was going to drop it would have by now , just remember vets do this kind of operation all the time and it's very routine for them
  5. Welcome! I'm @ skyla_bear on Instagram , just gave you a follow
  6. Theyre actually a medium dog breed, any puppy should be continued to be fed on what the breeder has them on to start, any change needs to be done gradually Where are u based? I'm from the UK so would only be able to recommend brands we have here which might not be available elsewhere
  7. The Siberian Husky was originally developed by the Chukchi people of the Chukchi Peninsula in eastern Siberia. They were brought to Nome, Alaska in 1908 to serve as working sled dogs, and were eventually developed and used for sled-dog racing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siberian_Husky
  8. Yay ! Fingers crossed the 4th is out soon
  9. Petlog Issues We have been made aware of issues regarding the microchip database, Petlog following a recent upgrade to their system. We’d advise anyone whose animals microchips are registered with Petlog to check the details recorded are correct. https://www.petlog.org.uk/
  10. If hes in pain with them definitely get him checked over , keep us updated
  11. Unsure what you mean by where it came from? Do u mean the general history of the siberian husky or something else ?
  12. Are they loose at all ? If they don't fall out on their own he will need them removed, my cousins dog had the same and they removed it when they neutered him so he wasn't under anesthetic twice
  13. That'll be why she's had reds then, I'll try n find some pics of my boys sister for you who's a light red
  14. Shes a light red , pigmentation is liver/pink We're any of the parents , parents reds ?
  15. Nope they don't smell at all and we don't rinse them down with a hose either Obviously if they were to roll in poop I would wash the area that has poop on but I wouldn't fully bathe them for that either lol
  16. If the dog is born there it can be acclimatised to the weather but you still want to take precautions making sure you have aircon for the dog, plenty of shade and access to water etc day and night , you'll also have to be careful when and how long you walk for aswell , are there any husky owners in your area you could meet up with and talk to or even a breeder you could talk to before you fully decide?
  17. I've heard far too many stories of huskies being good with cats for years until one day the prey drive kicked in I personally wouldn't risk it but if u do never leave them alone together and make sure cat has plenty of escape routes and high places dog can't get to
  18. How did I not see this post Basically if they had colours the one with the black nose/pigmentation would be either a grey or black coated sibe The one with the liver/pink nose/pigmentation would be a red coated husky
  19. I've never heard of it either, sorry, best thing to do would be Google the ingredients to see if any are toxic to dogs
  20. Welcome to the site , im no expert when it comes to agouti colouring but if I remember correctly their fur is banded so the roots are dark then it goes to cream then dark again so if u can part the fur and get a good look at the pattern it should help
  21. It's getting ridiculous now , people can't even walk their dogs in peace without fear of being attacked and their dogs stolen
  22. My girl thankfully doesn't care about it being cold lol , she is a big thick wooly coated tho so she has a LOAD of fur I only bathe mine once or twice a year
  23. I just leave mine in the garden to dry out, mud usually falls right off , she loves jumping and splashing in puddles lol
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