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  1. I'm rubbish with names lol , welcome to the pack tho, hes gorgeous
  2. It's hard to tell by those pics, we need clear side view and above pics My boy has ways been around 28kg , hes nearly 11 and now is a little bit heavier at 31kg but I wouldn't want him any bigger
  3. Welcome to the pack, over feeding is the most common cause of diahorrea in puppies so have a look at how much your feeding, and If you're giving treats then cut back slightly on the food
  4. Hes losing all the soft undercoat so it will feel a bit different now but as it gets colder the winter coat will grow back in
  5. Keep him out of the sun , you're going to have to start walking very early and very late so he doesnt get sunburnt , it will take a long time to grow back , my boy had a tooth removed 2 months ago and you can still see where the vet needed to shave his leg
  6. I can see your pictures fine 🤷‍♀️
  7. It could be papilloma virus, very common and nothing to worry about , they are just like mini warts , it is contagious between dogs
  8. Welcome to the pack
  9. Do you know why he was rehomed ? Could it be a female member of the family has abused him making him nervous? Give him time
  10. Do you have any idea of his lineage? He could just be a slim husky , hard to tell without pics
  11. It can be normal for dogs to 'sulk' and not eat etc when a new dog comes into the house , I would think if there was any issue with the b12 your vet would have let you know Humping is normal, it can be dominance , excitement, stress, she has excess energy and humping is a way to release that energy
  12. Separate walks as well as walks together if u can , a muzzle will help whilst you work on her issues Are you on Facebook I can recommend a group , its UK based (not sure where you are) but its really helpful This link might be helpful too http://careforreactivedogs.com/start-here/?fbclid=IwAR2GppWp2-Kx-BPcAL5LlkXKPW37AOs5wJs13UFfKn5PNlKQGy-kadYknrE
  13. I have a fear reactive girl, she was attacked as a pup so offlead dogs now are a huge threat to her , if she gets barked at (especially from bigger dogs) she cries aswell , it does make life difficult BUT it can be managed, we dont socialise with other dogs , if we see an offlead dog we either ask if they can call their dog back/put it on a lead or we redirect and change our route , we try to walk at times and in places we know are not as busy (so we know we're less likely to see other dogs) and she is also muzzle trained so if we have to use a muzzle shes absolutely fine about it I'll copy and paste some information soon about CARE training etc aswell Oh and just Incase your worried even tho she doesnt like other dogs she absolutely adores kids
  14. Doesnt have to be an offlead meet , if you've got some nice areas around go for a nice long onlead walk meet up
  15. Aww shes gorgeous , well done on rescuing her Have a look at a slow feeder bowl that will help that issue at least
  16. Chewing is normal, does he get a good walk before you leave him ? Does he have plenty of toys ? If so it might be worth looking into crate training , my girl used to be a nightmare for chewing but we crated her when we went out and constantly supervised her when we were home she did eventually learn/grow out of it Door dashing is normal husky behaviour , they're escape artists bred to run , make sure from now on your dog is in another room with the door shut or behind a dog/baby gate when opening the door Dont let people stroke your dog until hes calm , make him sit first and instead of people reaching over your dogs head to stroke ask them to keep them arm down and low to give a chin scratch instead , it's a less intimidating approach for the dog and if he goes to jump give him a firm no and walk away , not everyone has to stroke your dog and he needs to learn that too With other dogs if he lunges do the same turn and walk away till hes calm , turn and walk back towards the dog (it might help if u have a friend or a few with dogs to practise with ) every time he lunges u turn and walk away , he'll soon learn that behaviour gets him nowhere
  17. What about a husky meet up to raise money, ask people who attend to donate what they can
  18. Do you have pictures? He could be getting into something when hes out that hes having a reaction to , I would stop letting him free roam if not for anything else but it keeping him safe
  19. It would be worth getting them fixed , so many Huskies in rescue and without relevant health tests (hip/elbow and eye scores) it would be too risky to breed them
  20. Maybe try one of those glove brushes so it brushes her when you stroke her slowly progress up to a soft brush then upgrade to a rake
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