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  1. Shame the article kept calling them wolf-dogs but it does make a good point on how difficult this breed can be
  2. If shes got a black patch then shell be a pie bald
  3. I've edited the title for you I found the walkyourdogwithlove non pull harness the only thing that worked on my boy , used to hate walking him as I ended up in pain the whole time and a canny collar (head collar ) didn't work and he hated it so we tried this and with time and training he walked lovely, we now use normal harnesses and I can walk him for much longer than I normally would have been able to
  4. Ahh a hot spot, Huskies can be quite prone to them
  5. Not a fan of head collars but dogs can be taught when to walk nicely and when to pull even on harnesses and given the correct commands know what you expect of them (both mine walk lovely in a harness but know what hike on means ) however you need to slowly condition your dog to like any tool especially something adversive that goes around their face as its not natural for them Here's a link I found which will hopefully help you condition you dog , just remember that it is a training tool and shouldn't be used long term you should eventually be able to phase it out and no longer need it https://www.taurusacademy.com/blog/training-tips/how-to-condition-your-dog-to-a-gentle-leader
  6. Does she play fight with your other dogs ? Maybe they could have bit her by accident
  7. Yeah sounds like hes only after money, she's a lucky dog to have found you, I'm happy to hear how well your doing with her and wanting to get her spayed too
  8. Unless you've got it down in writing and both of you signed it he cant really make you do anything, shes now your dog and I would be getting her fixed
  9. At 11 weeks I'd say yes they most definitely will stay parti-eyed
  10. I would try and build up the time you're away so he gets used to u not being around more gradually
  11. Soon as you come in , turn around and go back out, or keep her on the lead and watch her soon as shes showing signs she needs to go take her out Loads of praise when she goes outside , ignore when she goes inside and dont let her see u clean it up either , they think you're happy with them because the see u 'playing' with it
  12. Check up went well , he doesnt have to go back unless we're worried , hes healing nicely , no swelling or pain or infection and he made friends with a terrier aswell
  13. Shes 5 and had 3 (possibly 4) litters ? So shes been bred every year since a year old ? Poor poor girl , have you taken her to a vet ? Has she even been health tested? (Hip and eye scored not just a check up ) I hope the poor baby isnt pregnant, and sorry if i sound harsh but she should have only had 1 or 2 litters at that age not 4 (if any at all ) She needs a vet check to see if she is pregnant and why she might be showing no signs if she is as that might cause complications
  14. You could email the KC and find out? I wouldn't have a clue, never heard of FCI
  15. Hes not my friend atm , does not like having to take him medicine but I'm being nasty and making him take it lol If looks could kill I wouldn't be here anymore lol
  16. Welcome to the pack
  17. Hes home Feeling a little sorry for himself but ok all in all , back Monday for a check up
  18. Hes had a tooth removed , playing with a toy this morning and you could tell he'd hurt himself, noticed the blood , he had broken his tooth, so took him straight to the vets where he had to stay and have it extracted The root had actually rotted away so that's why his tooth fractured, it's all been removed and stitched up , I can go pick him up as soon as I finish work (5ish) , poor poor bug
  19. So sorry for your loss
  20. Where are you from? That will decide on what we can recommend as different places in the world have different brands of food etc I'd scrap the puppy pads , start as you mean to go on and take pup out every hour and straight after, eating , drinking , sleeping etc and every couple of hours during the night Crate , get the biggest but get a divider so he doesnt use one end as a toilet and one end as a bed Indi-dog, cant recommended them enough, go for the vari-fit version (medium) as its fully adjustable and will last till your pup is at least 6 months then upgrade to a large which will then last forever
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