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  1. Welcome, she's an absolute beauty
  2. So sorry for your loss R.i.p Sasha
  3. They look like they might be slightly wooly but not massively long coated a bit like my girl
  4. I'll be on maternity leave then so maybe me and baby will try to make the trip down
  5. Definitely just pet bred then if he's a cross breed , he's gorgeous tho
  6. Welcome! Wish mine hated the rain lol
  7. Do you have is pedigree? Without knowing his lineage it would be hard to guess just by photos, if I had to try tho I'd say he's just pet
  8. Be prepared to get stopped constantly lol
  9. Welcome to the pack ive got a wooly too , definitely need pics
  10. Welcome to the pack , you'll have your hands full having a puppy that young, make sure u research bite inhibition as that's something they usually start to learn from mother and siblings
  11. Incoming in just a few months! For those I'm friends with on Facebook you'll already know this but sharing here also as this forum is like a big massive extended family Only this new pack member is not the furry kind 💙 Baby boy due 3rd January 2022
  12. How long ago did you adopt her? It took my girl till she was about 9 months old to have the confidence to go outside on walks and would always hold it in , I would suggest that before and after a walk to take her into the garden (on or off her lead) and make sure she toilets before letting her back in the house, keep making sure she's going out every hour or so and right after any kind of activity (eating/drinking , sleeping etc) she'll get the hang of it once she gains the confidence
  13. I'm not suprised she's getting aggressive with the other dogs she sees the kill as her resource so she's guarding it as its high value to her , some dogs do this over toys and bones etc can definitely be worked on tho and corrected , it will just take time , id also make sure she can no longer get to the farm animals
  14. Do you know her past before you adopted her ? It could have been that is what she used to have to do to survive
  15. I always forget how tall she is for a female until I take a pic of her right next to blaze n then I realise she's a beast lol 😆
  16. You need to research littermate syndrome and also resource guarding, take up all toys and only feed and give chews separately
  17. Id say he's done by now , my boy is 23 inches which is breed standard, skyla is a tall girl at 24 inches so 28 inches is very tall
  18. He looks too tall to be breed standard so he'll weigh more
  19. Where is the crate? Maybe have her crate next to you at night?
  20. They're not too bad thanks , Blaze is still Blaze and hasn't really changed at all lol Skyla has arthritis and degenerative bone disease in her spine now but she doesn't let it stop her from enjoying life and having an attitude lol
  21. Is there a particular time you've noticed she's going to the toilet ? Is it a new behaviour or has she always done it ?
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