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  1. If it's a new behaviour getting her vet checked wouldnt hurt incase shes in pain and lashing out
  2. They do tend to shed their summer coat ready for their winter coat to grow in so that could be what your experiencing, some Huskies tho shed all year round , neutering can affect this
  3. Welcome I know of a good trick training book but it really depends on how motivated your dog is lol it's called 101 dog tricks by kyra Sundance it has some basic obedience training in aswell
  4. I'd say around 7 months old ish my boy was more or less fully grown Have u measured him to see how tall he is ?
  5. I know that feeling , specially with blaze you wouldnt think he was 11 at all , the older he gets the more puppy like he seems to become
  6. More than likely a fatty lump, it can be tested by the vets by having a needle put in and seeing if any fluid etc comes out of it , skyla has a few fatty lumps now and bing had a few as he got older too , just keep an eye on it
  7. I would say he was a dirty faced wolf grey , his white parts look TOO white to be an agouti their undercoat is usually a buff/cream colour
  8. I've never bred my dogs so I cant help however I would try and find an emergency vet open If you can just to be safe , most dogs do tend to go into labour during the night so if there are any complications or you need help you will need a vet to hand
  9. No sorry, when you reply it should say click to choose files if you click that it should allow you to upload the pics and add them to the post as images rather than links
  10. Probably not most dog outfits even tbr XXXL ones are more likely to fit a westie than a husky
  11. Honestly If your new to dogs I wouldnt recommend two pups at the same time, I'd focus on your husky then when hes a bit older , past the teenage stage and where you want him in regards to training then I would think about adding another dog
  12. Welcome to the pack, he sounds like an amazing dog and you were lucky to have each other
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