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  1. I've never noticed puppy teeth to go grey before coming out and I have kept a lot of my pups teeth , at least it's out now tho
  2. The tooth still looks dark compared to the others despite the dirt so it might be dead , I'd get it checked at the vets to be safe , it might need to be pulled
  3. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about what your husband has been through but glad to hear he's ok now, cancer is such a horrible disease
  4. Welcome to the pack a puppy and a teenager, very brave lol
  5. Welcome to the pack, so sorry for your loss
  6. Welcome to the pack, what a gorgeous girl , feel free to post pics up of your other dogs too
  7. Did your vet not suggest galastop to terminate the pregnancy , a small dog giving birth to larger breed puppies can be very dangerous for them Have you also let your neighbours know? A male dog mating xa n actually alter their personality too , they should be made aware , you can also find out if the dog has any health issues you should be aware of
  8. Do you know much about his past m was he shaved before you got him? Is he full husky?
  9. Hard to say it could go all black it might not , there's no way of really knowing until your pup grows , my girl had a black nose as a pup and now it's all pink
  10. Never used any of those brands so I can't help there but If u do decide to swap make sure u do it gradually otherwise you'll upset his stomach
  11. First of all if this is a new behaviour, he needs a vet check, pain can make animals act in strange ways , also start feeding in seperate rooms I would also look into a behaviourist aswell to work with you and him , once a medical check has been given and he's been given the all clear health wise If you really do have to rehome him then have a look into husky specific rescues , I'm not sure where you're located so I can't help recommend any specific rescue centre or if you rehome him privately you'll need to make sure you find someone who knows how to work with a reactive dog otherwise he's just going to have a horrible life being passed around until it gets so bad someone has him pts
  12. Welcome to the pack, ask away
  13. Have a look at a dog crate water bottle , it might help as he'll have to drink slower Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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