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  1. Thanks Nix, I'm strangely proud of that pic and it's the only pic, apart from wedding ones that I actually like of myself!
  2. thanks, and thanks (guessing you have the same one?!)
  3. here is a new pic of me...taken on monday, and yes, that is a baby meerkat i am holding!
  4. The most recent pic of me at the dog park! Mike and me On our wedding day (4 years, this year, omg!)
  5. yup that's what i meant...i have one of eika which made me think of it!!
  6. When she was just 3 weeks old! Or a few months old! One of your husky all tangled up!
  7. You can just about see that she is! Your husky curled up in a ball!
  8. um...Your husky with a pig!
  9. not super muddy, but it counts!!
  10. Ok i will have to do it on monday!!
  11. if anyone actually has their sibe next to an eiffel tower, let me know...or else i might be able to get one tonight...i just have to steal something first!
  12. does trying to eat the cat count? pic of your husky with a mexican hat on!
  13. Sqwidge


    Eika.... Eikey Bakey, Pupparooney, husky pup (original huh?), buddy girl....think thats about it!
  14. googled husky info i think...and came across you guys! so glad i did!
  15. Does anyone else have the problem of their pup getting their mouth stuck in the bars? Eika does this as she freaks out when she goes in her crate... so...we have given up on the crate...she sleeps in our room at night, all night, not a peep from her. Then during the day she has the kitchen. blah
  16. probably is just the age....
  17. i'm with tesco for the cats, worked out at 11/month for the two of them...and i had to make a claim last year, my cat was diagnosed with asthma, but she had to have a whole bunch of xrays and tests...cost over 150...my excess is 50, so thats all i paid... i will add Eika to the insurance (even tho its gone up to 17 per month for the two of them this year) I was with Sainsburys, i was paying 7 each cat, then last year they wanted to put it up to 11 per cat....i said f*ck that!
  18. expensive ...must be something in the name! altho i was referring to my husband anyway!
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