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  1. Ok - it's been suggested to set up a thread so we can see the percentage of husky owners here who let their dogs off lead. I've created the poll - please take a moment to vote on it - all votes are anonymous. Edited by Emma: Here is the link to the new poll. http://www.husky-owners.com/forum/topic/69275-on-lead-vs-off-lead/
  2. Sooo - we can probably all tell who's who just by looking at their dogs - think it's about time we saw the face of the owners!!! Come on peeps - post your pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's see who we're talking to I'll kick you off with my mug shot!! Me and my stepdaughter Me and my first ever Nephew Jake Me on my wedding day Doing what i do best - puppy napping!!!
  3. Welcome to the pack If you've not yet posted an intro, please feel free to do so and join in the fun and the chats that are had daily. There are members here from all over the world, all with their own unique experience, so why not add your own experiences to the mix I am always looking for ways to improve the site for our members and to make it as user friendly as possible. Please feel free to PM me or reply here, your first impressions, what you think, what you'd like to see, anything you struggled with etc I want to know the good and bad bits so we can remain the biggest husky - owners forum on the web Looking forward to seeing you around Edit For the "i've been around a while" members, please also feel free to add your comments / suggestions / criticisms
  4. Hey guys Just wanted to remind you that if you're a member of the forum and wanted to order something from our main site sponsor, INDI-DOG, you can get a discount of 10% on your order! Just use INDI-HUSKY at the checkout http://www.indi-dog.co.uk/
  5. Hi and welcome to Husky-Owners! This forum was started by myself and my husband Marc in October 2008. I'd just got my first husky, Kimba and wanted to build a forum for like minded husky owners so that we could share our pictures, memories, tears and happiness and everything in between, that comes from being owned by this magnificent breed. I now have 3 gorgeous boys As this place grew, we started arranging meets in local areas which then turned into taking holidays together. We now have "Husky Camp" once a year in the UK and in Iowa in the US where we go on walks, play games, have awards, and at night when the dogs are tired we sit around a camp fire having a drink and talk until the early hours of the morning. You have come to a forum that will not tolerate bullying or abuse in any manner. We want you to ask a question openly and freely and be confident that you will not suffer negativity - at the end of the day, at some point, we were all first time husky owners and we are all constantly learning. Please take a moment to read through the forum rules - click HERE Staff are on hand throughout the day and a list of our moderators is below: Sarah - Admin UK based Marc - Admin UK based Dunc - Admin UK Based Andy - Super Moderator UK based BingBlaze n Skyla aka Nix - Super Moderator UK based Mazz aka Dave - Super Moderator USA based Robke - Super Moderator NL based Emma - Moderator UK based Jason Schrader - Moderator USA based We all have the same values and have the same love for the forum so if you have any issues the above people will help you - all you need do is ask. Finally - now you've joined us, why not take a moment to start a new topic in the Introduction section - throw up a picture or 2 and say hi
  6. Thought I'd start a new game. If you guess right its your turn to upload a close up pic of something Here you go.... Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  7. Random ongoing thread - feel free to add to this - content is as per thread header 6th May (this makes me feel old! lol) 1994 The Channel Tunnel linking England to France is officially opened.
  8. So, following on from my announcement came up with a great idea to have a thread where anyone wanting to loose a bit of weight, or even gain it as I know that's hard for some people too, maybe you want to get more active but haven't the motivation, can come and discuss their challenges, share opinions, success stories etc My goal is to loose weight within 12 months, but to do it sensibly by changing my eating habits and to exercise more. I'm calorie counting using an ap called my fitness pal, and also using an ap called runkeeper to log walks that i go on so i can see how far i've walked, how long it took me, and how many calories i've burnt. I've walked the dogs different routes going an extra 20 mins or so which they enjoy, and I do too so win win! My Monday evening walk is below so my next goal when i do this route again will be to better this, even if it's just shaving a minute off my time miles 2.52 Minutes 45:38 mins/mi 18:06 kcal 267 So - if you want to join in, or just spur other members along - feel free No one is saying you have to put up what you weigh etc that's personal to you, but if you want encouragement and a place to log what you're doing where you can look back in a couple of months and say wow look how much i've progressed, why not post in here
  9. I've got patches on - and just don't want one, it's weird, i didn't think it'd work for me but it has
  10. Why thank you I'm 7 days and 22 hours without having a cigarette and doing great! Might put a couple of lbs back on but I can loose them again
  11. Got to have power for the beer fridge!! Plus there are 2 fields - 1 for elec hook up, one without - we're all on the one with hook up so - hmmmm you may want peace and quiet or you may want insane husky owners
  12. love all my stuff - walking belt easily takes all 3 of my huskies
  13. That's fantastic!!!!! Just watched a bit of the vid on mute as my 3 are sleeping and you know all hell will break loose lol They really shoot off at the start don't they!
  14. It's like it's snowing when i use mine on the boys when they're blowing their coats lol neighbours must love me!

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