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  1. Got to have power for the beer fridge!! Plus there are 2 fields - 1 for elec hook up, one without - we're all on the one with hook up so - hmmmm you may want peace and quiet or you may want insane husky owners
  2. love all my stuff - walking belt easily takes all 3 of my huskies
  3. That's fantastic!!!!! Just watched a bit of the vid on mute as my 3 are sleeping and you know all hell will break loose lol They really shoot off at the start don't they!
  4. It's like it's snowing when i use mine on the boys when they're blowing their coats lol neighbours must love me!
  5. Oh Jos i'm so so sorry for both you and Ruth. Please send her our love. I only got to meet them once but they were so adorable. Here's the pictures I have of them both from our visit last year in case you want them although i'm sure you've got a lot!! RIP Glala xxx
  6. Hi Krystal, welcome to the pack. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss I'm a way from you up in Manchester - hope there is someone closer by x
  7. Dislike!! Friday night to Sunday thought better than nothing x
  8. ouch! Have sent a screen shot of this to him and asked him to have a look when he has a second :)
  9. i've seen!!!! eeeeek!!!! Marc is in America so limited as to what he can but will let him know - is it still causing an issue?
  10. you know if you can make it Jos that we would be on hand to get you from the airport as before - and you can stay with us again that's no problem - ohh that'd be great if you could make it over! :) woooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How rubbish am i - i forgot to message you to let you know! Really sorry xx
  11. Woo hoooo Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  12. Absolutely brilliant video! What a great place my 3 would love it there
  13. Me me me- i'm coming! I may have a surprise at camp this year too.......
  14. welcome to the pack I'm familiar with anywhere around the west mids to train sorry
  15. Start from scratch and make small changes ... They really make a big difference! Eg use sweetener instead of sugar .. Diet drinks instead of full fat ones .... skimmed milk .... smaller portions etc I also have a stepper app on my phone and it tacks how many steps I do a day ... I always try and hit at least 10k sent via husky howls
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