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  1. love all my stuff - walking belt easily takes all 3 of my huskies
  2. That's fantastic!!!!! Just watched a bit of the vid on mute as my 3 are sleeping and you know all hell will break loose lol They really shoot off at the start don't they!
  3. It's like it's snowing when i use mine on the boys when they're blowing their coats lol neighbours must love me!
  4. Hi Krystal, welcome to the pack. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss I'm a way from you up in Manchester - hope there is someone closer by x
  5. Absolutely brilliant video! What a great place my 3 would love it there
  6. welcome to the pack I'm familiar with anywhere around the west mids to train sorry
  7. Kaiser is comfy sent via husky howls
  8. Sarah

    New Collars

    The boys new collars arrived today :D Thank you INDI-DOG!! The engraving is fab !
  9. how old is he now? they need to adjust to carrying something, when my boys used the pack we walked with it empty for a while then started putting small items in x
  10. Hey guys Just wanted to remind you that if you're a member of the forum and wanted to order something from our main site sponsor, INDI-DOG, you can get a discount of 10% on your order! Just use INDI-HUSKY at the checkout http://www.indi-dog.co.uk/
  11. Snoozy koda sent via husky howls
  12. love that colour on him it really suits him
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