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  2. believe me..Alpha knows how to get our of a k9 without issues and yes they are fitted correctly and as Nix says not to tight toward the shoulder/arm pit...
  3. if they do not know the commands then stopping might just be a problem...getting them to go not so much... reading your reply they might not even be used to a x-back harness.... maybe better for them to carry the rings lol...
  4. They're not supposed to go right under the arm pits anyway so it's probably too tight Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  5. Thank you Only looking at one person the groom and only for a short run down the lane to the venue. They are not used for sledding already so it may not be possible but we just like the thought of the dogs being involved in some way as that was how we met
  6. There are people on here who sled their dogs and will be able to answer you. However can three huskies pull two humans? (can tell I know nothing about it by the question). Are they used to sledding already?
  7. Just wondering if anyone has used or knows of any one that has used there Huskies to pull them to there Wedding venue? Getting married October 19 and was thinking of this being a great way to bring mine and my finance's 3 huskies into the wedding.party. Thank you
  8. OUR WEBSITE VOTES Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 389 votes towards this years awards and 27967 as the total number of votes for all time
  9. Rumo went through the same thing! He had the surgery to correct entropion before we adopted him, but in his shelter photo, he had a lot of dark scarring around his eyes. I did not know that it was common in huskies. ( poor guy, he was heartworm positive as well)...but all is well that ends well! Hope Alina gets used to her special collar! I know she will feel so much better with her eyes fixed. 😋
  10. Yesterday
  11. Aww, thanks everyone for the nice greetings for ALINAH!! I'm surprised she hasn't busted the inflatable yet.[emoji23] When we have either of the collars on her, she just stands in the yard & stares forward like a statue and does not move an inch.[emoji50] So after awhile, I cave and take the collar off while she's still on the leash...then she'll go potty. (Yes, I let the dogs control "Mommy!!"[emoji85][emoji41])[emoji23] Thank so much everyone!![emoji147][emoji191][emoji147][emoji4] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
  12. Aww, sorry to hear about CAI's foot. That's quite a large wound. He seems like the Master of All Bandages!![emoji23] But I'm glad you're training him to leave it. I hope his recovery goes well!! Great photos!! [emoji8] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
  13. I feed my two Purina One Smart Blend. They do very well on it. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
  14. Just to add: Huskies have a great talent & ability to squeeze into very small, tight spaces, and also squeeze & manuever out of tight spaces. With Huskies, anything is possible ... because they are so smart!! That's why we all have them!![emoji6][emoji191][emoji191][emoji4] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
  15. Luna sounds like the exception to the rule, they can be like that for years and then one day they just go. We take ours with us on days out, they have 3 hours + a day walking plus off lead runs and still Cai would be gone in a heartbeat if he was able to escape and Luka blue shows no interest in escaping but he would follow Cai. When Cai’s on his walks all he does is look for prey, he just wants to hunt! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  16. [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  17. I feed high prairie mix a 15kg bag with a 4kg bag of ziwipeak just to add another high quality food Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  18. I’m sorry I just don’t believe it, I put her harness on and even if her body was elastic she was never backing out of it. The under strap isn’t far from her elbows so yeah getting out of that would be impossible even if she were Houdini... Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  19. Yup fully aware of this, it was as tight as possible while being comfortable on Astro but if they back up for whatever reason it’s easy for them to get their head out and that’s it really! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  20. Two of mine are on TOTW, the Sierra Mountain flavor and they do very well on it, and like it. I sometimes switch up the flavors but try not to do that too often
  21. mine can back out of a k9 it is easy really they move one shoulder inwards...neck down and a quick tug...
  22. I’ve always let my husky off the lead from around 8 months and she has been awesome. We have local woods that she can run and chase vermin till her hearts content... as long as I keep an eye on her and keep her close and in sight. I get a lot of compliments on her behaviour/character. Even when we have been for a run and going back home there is a spot she will always stop at to get her lead back on, same with at the house I take her lead off as soon as I open the door and she will go in herself while I am taking my bike into the house. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners Oh, my back garden fence is 4ft at most, gate 3-4 ft at most and she’s never once tried to escape, she will sit with her head between the slats just watching the day go by, I also know when someone is coming to the house as she will run in to go to the front door. If we get a takeaway our delivery driver brings her a biscuit and when we get our weekly shopping delivered she is always at the front door to say hello and have a rummage to see if we got her anything. She never steps out the door if I say no Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  23. I always checked them before we went out and I thought it was secure, I don’t know how he did it but he did, Luka blue never bothered to try. I think it depends on the personality of your dog, Cai can get out of anything, he used to open the safety gates! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  24. U do know they tighten up right? They are not supposed to be loose Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners Oh and how did it manage to get both legs out from the under strap? Houdini of the dog world lol Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  25. I’m now working on leaving the bandage on = short walk, giving the command ‘leave it’ and I’ve left the room, started with 5 mins and I’m now up to 50 mins and the bandage is still on, every time I come back in the room I say good boy and he’s out for a 10 min walk. It beats putting bandages back on all the time, such a clever dog tho, he learns fast. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  26. Oops what a terror Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  27. Took Cai to the vet this morning for a dressing change, even tho I changed it 14 times since Friday, he managed to get them off even with a muzzle on [emoji33] vet said it’s healing nicely but needs to stay on for another 3 days so she put a cone on him and zip tied it, within 20 mins of being home he managed to get it off.......should have named him Houdini [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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