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  2. mine can back out of a k9 it is easy really they move one shoulder inwards...neck down and a quick tug...
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  4. I’ve always let my husky off the lead from around 8 months and she has been awesome. We have local woods that she can run and chase vermin till her hearts content... as long as I keep an eye on her and keep her close and in sight. I get a lot of compliments on her behaviour/character. Even when we have been for a run and going back home there is a spot she will always stop at to get her lead back on, same with at the house I take her lead off as soon as I open the door and she will go in herself while I am taking my bike into the house. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners Oh, my back garden fence is 4ft at most, gate 3-4 ft at most and she’s never once tried to escape, she will sit with her head between the slats just watching the day go by, I also know when someone is coming to the house as she will run in to go to the front door. If we get a takeaway our delivery driver brings her a biscuit and when we get our weekly shopping delivered she is always at the front door to say hello and have a rummage to see if we got her anything. She never steps out the door if I say no Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  5. I always checked them before we went out and I thought it was secure, I don’t know how he did it but he did, Luka blue never bothered to try. I think it depends on the personality of your dog, Cai can get out of anything, he used to open the safety gates! Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
  6. U do know they tighten up right? They are not supposed to be loose Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners Oh and how did it manage to get both legs out from the under strap? Houdini of the dog world lol Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  7. I’m now working on leaving the bandage on = short walk, giving the command ‘leave it’ and I’ve left the room, started with 5 mins and I’m now up to 50 mins and the bandage is still on, every time I come back in the room I say good boy and he’s out for a 10 min walk. It beats putting bandages back on all the time, such a clever dog tho, he learns fast. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  8. Oops what a terror Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  9. Took Cai to the vet this morning for a dressing change, even tho I changed it 14 times since Friday, he managed to get them off even with a muzzle on [emoji33] vet said it’s healing nicely but needs to stay on for another 3 days so she put a cone on him and zip tied it, within 20 mins of being home he managed to get it off.......should have named him Houdini [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  10. I swear by indi-harnesses, super safe and I love the choice of colours available. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners Indi dog harnesses [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  11. Aww hope she gets better soon, doggy hugs and kisses [emoji240][emoji8] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  12. Glad the surgery went well - such a simple surgery to get a dog out of excrutiating pain - she must be feeling so much better already.
  13. Like most of us I would go to the ends of the earth and beyond (feel as though I have done) 😫
  14. Oh poor puppy! Hope she feels better soon - Amy managed to pop her inflatable collar!!! [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  15. How many of y’all feed Taste of The Wild-Kibble? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  16. Aww bless her , my friends husky went through the same thing but has healed nicely I'm sure Alinah will be just.fine too Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  17. OUR WEBSITE VOTES Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 387 votes towards this years awards and 27965 as the total number of votes for all time
  18. [emoji317][emoji316]"ARMANI[emoji316][emoji317] @Jay ~ Can you use this photo of ARMANI?? (The other one looked blurry to me.)[emoji851] Thanks much!! Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
  19. ALINAH underwent Entropion Surgery Friday by an Opthalmologist Surgeon. She did very well throughout the surgery and is now back home. She's quite a trooper but hates the Elizabethan Collar (or the "lamp shade"). So "Mommy" ran to the store to get her a blow-up "inflatable" collar so she can at least see where she's going & use her peripherial vision better. ALINAH usually squints quite a bit and has lots of tearing from all corners of her eyes. Her eyes are usually not opened all the way, and her upper eyelids have always rolled in & curled down causing her eyelashes to rub on her eyes. We had taken her to see a specialist a while back because we thought her upper eyelids were drooping somewhat. Since her surgery, ALINAH has some eye swelling to be expected. Below is a definition of what Entropion is if you've never heard of it. You'd be surprised that this diagnosis is pretty common in a lot of different breeds including Siberian Huskies. *ENTROPION SURGERY* [Entropion is an abnormality of the eyelids in which the eyelid "rolls" inward. This inward rolling often causes the hair on the surface of the eyelid to rub against the cornea (outer part of the eyeball) resulting in pain, corneal ulcers or corneal erosions. This corneal damage can also result in corneal scarring, that can interfere with vision. Most dogs will squint, hold the eye(s) shut and tear excessively.] I just wanted to let everyone know what Entropion is. ALINAH will be mostly healed in 2 weeks & will have her stitches removed then. Big Brother ARMANI has worried about ALINAH and is being so sweet to his sister!![emoji171] Have a great weekend!! ~ANGIE, ALINAH[emoji191][emoji252] & ARMANI[emoji191][emoji252] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
  20. [emoji317][emoji316]*ARMANI*[emoji316][emoji317] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
  21. Astro got out of his julius k9 once too, luckily my boyfriend managed to catch him before he realised what had happened! We use Houdini ultra harnesses by Indi Dog now that they can’t back out of Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  22. I have a 7' fence around 37 acres. Sarah has escaped multiple times and i had to stop traffic to catch her. I live way out in the country but people drive fast on these back country roads. I bought a collar that has beeps, vibrates and shock. I dont use the shock but the vibration mode does wonders. When she goes towards the corner of the property and i press a button, she comes back at full speed. this will save her life.
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  24. Update on court, he didn’t turn up at the magistrates so they’ve set it for the 25th and if he’s a no show again they’ll be a warrant out for his arrest, I’m almost hoping he doesn’t turn up. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  25. Awww, what a relief for you and to have Lunar back to more or less himself you must feel very happy. You are dedicated to your furbies. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  26. Cai got out of his Julius k9 twice, and he did it so fast, he backed out of it, not secure enough for husky’s imo, I know plenty of people use them, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk if you have a runner! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  27. Sure I will wait for your post before closing
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