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  2. no she just really nosey and wants to go out and see what's happening in the street. can u dip dogs urine like the way we do? I no when she runs and jumps wanting out for a pee or a poop she acts more desperate and I move asap but its when she does it all the time just to go out and see what's happening. I tried to move her round the back door where nothing is going on but she didn't like it so moved her bk to the front garden. she is settled but its the in and out in and out in and out when she isnt and she isnt even going out to do anything. I will try the moving out the road am the only one who gets the massive welcome home my little girl doesn't get the jumping she gets the kisses and I get the jumping and the mouthing.
  3. When she goes out does she actually do anything? If she tries to pee every time - or most times it may be a UTI. Marley used to jump up at me and hubby - usually taking a running jump - and yes, it does hurt (especially as we are in our 70's). We eventually stopped this behaviour (well 95% of the time - but he's not yet 4). Every time we saw him in the process of jumping we took a step backwards and to the side (different sides depending on the room available). He eventually got fed up of failing to hit his mark, landing on the floor instead of us, and just gave up. It took me around 4 months of repeating the yelping before Marley got the message he was not supposed to grab me. Hopefully someone will see your post and be able to help with the possessiveness - was she always like this - or since you moved out/on?
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  6. thank you so much for getting back to me. and thank you yes she is stunning that sounds about right not wanting to be touched on the head that's fine I can understand now I think she has been hit on the head and the side as I remember from a ex family member I now no longer live there and I took Lexi with me so she didn't get hit. she can open door two its funny how they don't master the closing of them 🙄 am in the middle of my studies and get up every 5 min to let her or out isnt fun its taking me longer to read assessments hehe. she loves being outside but she got to make sure am close its like she's coming in to check on me hehe bless her. the mouthing I have tried that a few times it hasn't seem to work its like her welcoming to me. the jumping at me and shouting at me when I don't get up fast enough to let her out is really sore lol she might only be a year and a half, she heavy hehe. she also chases my kittens lol she can't leave them alone at times haha but I don't think she wants to hurt them she mostly chases and then licks them lol its funny when her massive paw pins one down. thank you again xox
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  8. Thanks for the clarification 😄. One of my boys does not like to be patted on the head - he does not like his head to really be touched at all - he is 'head shy' and we believe he has been hit repeatedly in the past (only had him around 6 weeks). My other boy is always wanting to go out - then wanting in. At least he opens the door himself ............. just wish he would close it afterwards! However he does not like the rain - so when it is wet and he wants to get some peace & quiet he has started barking to be let through the hallway gate, recently installed because the new boy wants to kill my cat who now lives upstairs - will not come down at all. As for your last part about her posessiveness I am afraid I cannot help - but for the mouthing, I would yelp loudly as if she had hurt you, its the way I stopped Marley biting and mouthing me when I first got him. Lexi is stunning by the way.
  9. hi sorry its a Scottish word for pat clap means to pat the dog xox
  10. Hi. My 1,1/2 lexi has been worrying me. She’s been sleeping more and she won’t let me clap her she just try’s to mouth my hands sometimes it can be sore and pulls away. If am laughing out loud or excited she barks and mouths my hands and jumps on me not really biting but am scared one day it might be. She sleeps at the bottom of my bed all night and if I ever go bk to bed anytime during the day she comes with me. She always wanting out but once out she wants bk in. It’s coming to winter I can’t leave the door open for her as much now. Is normal behaviour or is there something more ???also very protective no one in the family can hug or touch each other or she will get upset and jump and bark Please help xox
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  13. LOL so what was his reply when you asked him..... as so far 2 other males have said they can be an issue lol
  14. Welcome to the forum. Any questions just ask, someone on here will have the answer.
  15. So he is "collar smart"... If you want to be free of needing the prong to make your dog comply, I'm afraid the only solution would be obedience training, and lots of it (daily practice i.e. 5-10 min daily). Training the "Heel" and "Sit" for instance will put a stop to crazy lunging in the presence of people and other dogs. You need to train at first in the quiet of your home, then outside in quiet street, then on quiet parts of walk, before using the "cues" in high-distraction situations like other dogs, other people. My dog used to act crazy when passing other dogs. When he got the hang of the "Stay Close" cue (I use in place of a formal Heel), we were finally able to pass calmly. I also see people block the view of the passing dog or passing person with their body while putting their dog in a "Sit" - that seems to work well too. I know huskies are not the easiest breed to train! I suspect my dog may be unusually trainable since he is half shepherd...but training worked for us. For pulling, our obedience teacher did recommend the front-clip harness. I bought one but could never get it to fit right! Eventually i trained him out of pulling and he still just wears a martingale (nothing fancy...I would either stop or do a 90 degree turn if he pulled. What he had to learn was that pulling never got him to where he wanted to go, but a loose leash did! )
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  17. Hi Everyoe, Loki is a 9 month old huski from philly. He is our 3rd dog, first husky and I hope to get some valuable tips from this site. Tom S Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Husky Owners mobile app
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  19. Hi Wolfpup, Loki was 8 weeks old when we adopted him. He had to stay with mom until he was 8 weeks old under pa state law.
  20. Did you have him from a puppy? How old was he when he left his parents and siblings?
  21. Hello, My Husky Loki is a 9 month old neutered male. He is for the most part as well behaved as husky can be. He is apt to eat most anything, and pulls on the leash sometimes. He is our first husky and can be a handful at times. I do get they have a distinct pecking order and it is evident in Loki's behavior. For the most part he will not bother with me, other than to say hello or interact when playing. Once the wife or daughter are around it seems he becomes different. He definitely asserts him self and I get the dominance thing, but he does bite Not hard but annoying) and mouth their hands. He will also start mouthing my hands when he goes into this mode. He only does it to me when others are around. He for the most part will not bother me, he will also jump up on people intermittently. I was wondering what the best way to stop the mouthing and hand biting. We have tried the assertive "no" verbal command and remove ourselves from the room when he is acting up. We were also thinking about an assertive choke collar to help get his attention when he is in wild mode. I appreciate any thought or insights as to what the best way would be to curb hi enthusiasm. Thaks in advance, Tom S
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