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  1. that'll probly be the judo
  2. great video alex looks like everyone had fun
  3. hi and welcome to the site we also have a sibe called suka
  4. siberianandy


    i would phone the bank and paypal to check it out maybe yo had hat money sat in your paypal account and they transfered it to the bank but would phone to check it out
  5. siberianandy


    have you sold anything on ebay or suchlike and accepted paypal payments
  6. lyn i tryed it before and normally they say they can't beat that i think its cus they don't want loose out on 300
  7. i'm sure every one has heard the saying but has anyone ever used the site www.confused.com now i've used it a few time when we got our current car i used it as the company i was with was to high i went direct to more than and got a quote then i went to confused and got a quote and more than was the cheapest but confused was cheaper than going direct go figure
  8. siberianandy

    ID Tags

    here is a uk based company that do the stainless steel tags http://www.pettags.co.uk/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=1
  9. never used seen or heard of this one sorry
  10. congrats val he looks gorgeous and looks like he getting on with myshka
  11. siberianandy

    ID Tags

    i also would never put the dogs name on the tag as if they did get loose and someone got hold of them they will have there name and would say oh this is my dog and there name is so and so
  12. alredy set the sky +
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