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  1. Been quite some time since I've stopped by. Want to update those of you who remember me or the girls... Ryn will be eight, yes EIGHT next month, and Tunes is approximately six and a half. Where does the time go? We've had some health issues - Tunes had elevated liver enzymes and so I now home-cook their meals. Ryn has dropped six pounds and is no longer a 'Missy Moo' - rather 'Skinny, Minny, Rynnie'! And Tunes, who rarely ate more than two meals in a row, now never misses a meal and is holding her own at 44 pounds. They are still doing therapy work and loving every minute of it. Sadly tomorrow is the funeral of one of their favorite individuals - 104 years young! Ryn will miss him so and I'm planning on taking her to the funeral so she understands what is going on when we visit the care center and he is no longer there. She will miss him dearly. Take care. Miss you all! Becky
  2. Beautiful place! Hope you're feeling better!
  3. Hiya Jos! Just poppin' in to see how things are going. Pretty quiet here these days. Missing the activity!
  4. Well, it's been a long time, but I thought I drop in to say hello.............but there aren't many here. I miss you all - gosh it used to be you'd stop in and there were 40 to 50 on at a time (or more). Sad. But I suppose people's lives change, as mine did. The girls are great. Petunia has been with us 3 1/2 years now. Precious girl that she is. Rynnie will celebrate her 6th birthday on Saturday. She's still my pRYNcess. Take care all. Miss you!
  5. Hello! Its been a while! As a few 'oldies' know, I take my huskies to various places - care centers, day cares and schools and libraries for programs. I learned recently that our home owners insurance will not cover us if there is an accident. And thought those of you who do these volunteer activities might want to check your insurance. Just a heads up. We are searching currently for another carrier. As well as looking into getting the girls certified as therapy dogs, which will help with the insurance costs. Good day and have a great holiday. Much love from Ryn, Tunes and myself.
  6. I'm laughing because while I had my phone out and even held it up to video Ryn and Tunes run with them, I neglected to push START! Dopey me!
  7. "Pet" huskies got to run with the Door County Sled Dogs. Ryn and Petunia loved it! Such a blast! Note Lance Mackey's signature on the Door County Sleddog bus....they were able to meet him AND got to dog sit his lead dog. Amazing! Still, the majority of our time was just spent being together and enjoying other crazy husky owners.
  8. These are from morning runs and our ride/trip to the SKYCONE (ice cream stand - FYI that cone is 20 foot tall!)
  9. A few of the pics of camp. So very sorry that I am so late. Dealing with newspaper contest and my mil was just diagnosed with brain cancer. Life is crazy right now.... We had a blast and planning is already underway for next year. Just me, but I'm seriously wanting two camps a year. Call me crazy, but I have sooo much fun... Thanks to HO for the challenge five years ago! Enjoy
  10. Yes that was Rohn...........with Zoya and Dave. LOL That Rohn is a handsome one. and such a talker!
  11. So sad to be reading this. My most heartfelt condolences to both you and to Ruth. I'm so sorry. Its very difficult when you can't be with them, especially when you feel like you owe them so much. I'm very sorry your heart is breaking like this. Many hugs.
  12. We had 42 huskies this year............I'm just getting back to work, but will try to add more info and pics as today/tomorrow go by. Here's a link to the tv coverage we were pleased to have had.... http://whotv.com/2015/10/02/siberian-sled-dog-training-in-hardin-county/
  13. At this point we're expecting about 45 huskies. And approximately 35 humans. Not bad for starting with 10 humans and a dozen huskies. Five years later, we're about as large as the location can hold. Crazy. The funny thing is every year it gets easier and easier to plan. So if anyone is considering hosting one, I say "Do it!" best fun you'll ever have. We're going to have a "musher meeting" as soon as everyone arrives - just to remind folks what's expected of them and to remind them that with this many personalities (both husky and human) in one place, there are bound to be some issues that should be reported to myself. I'll take care of them.
  14. 2015 Iowa Husky Camp!!!! October 1-4, 2015 Welcome to Iowa Husky Camp! This is our fifth anniversary and I couldn’t be more pleased and excited to share this time with you and your huskies! Please take note of the following: PLEASE, please, please pick up after your own huskies. No one enjoys Poop Patrol, but the job should not fall on one or two individuals at the end of camp. If you don’t have, or run out of bags, don’t be bashful – ask. Most of us have extras. If your huskies like to DIG, please be prepared to fill in those holes at the end of camp. We want to be welcomed back, and leaving holes is not how that happens. Observe QUIET hours. I know huskies are vocal, my two scream like banshees! But for the sake of those who may not find the singing quite as beautiful as we do, we need to keep it down as much as possible. YOU and only YOU are responsible for any damages done by your husky(ies). Organizers will not be responsible. YOUR PRESENCE AT THIS EVENT IS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND AGREEMENT THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THIS RESPONSIBILITY. Be sure that you pay for your cabin and/or camp site as soon as you arrive. It’s easy to forget as you hurry to get packed and on the road for home following the event. Please leave the cabins and/or sites clean when you leave. This is the only place for miles around which has this many cabins at such a reasonable rate AND that accept our dogs. Extend courtesy and that courtesy will be returned to us with a safe place for us to hold camp again next year. Three television news stations have been contacted. NONE of which have gotten back with organizers at this point. Not holding my breath, but I tried. ENOUGH of the rules! Let’s have some FUN!!!! Keep an eye on the weather! If it’s cool enough in the very early morning, you may get the opportunity to watch the dog scootering! A few of those attending scooter with their huskies and they are always willing to share tips and techniques. Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! A tentative schedule of activities for the meet: Thursday, October 1 Arrive and unpack. We’ll try to have at least one organizer at Crazy Acres to help in any way we can to get everyone settled in. I’ll be working until 5 p.m. so help others settle in, if you can. 5 to ? p.m. – (Time approximate) Hot dogs and chips will be provided for our evening meal. If you have something else you’d like to have, that’s great. This is our chance to greet old friends, meet new friends and just allow the huskies to get to know one another. Friday, October 2 Breakfast and lunch are on your own. Meanwhile: At about 10 a.m., Debbie will provide anyone interested with a Reiki demonstration. Reike is a healing technique based on the principle of channeling energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being. This is really unique and a wonderful experience. At about 4 p.m. Stephanie will be showing us how to make necklines. Necklines can be used as ‘belly-bands’ which can help keep our escape artists from backing out of their harnesses. Cool idea, huh??? 6 to 7 p.m. – (Time approximate – We’ll do this when everyone is ready!) Pizza party. We’ll order pizzas from the Ackley Recreation Club. We’ll all throw money in the pot and make it one big order. This will be followed by a campfire and drinks (if you desire). BYOB. Perhaps a walk at some point if anyone is interested. Saturday, October 3 Breakfast and lunch are again on your own. At 9 a.m. Pastor Jerry will provide a blessing on/for our huskies. This is going to be neat!!!! Please bring an item which will be sold on a silent auction. Funds generated will be split between two siberian husky rescues. The auction will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Items go to the highest bidder. 10 a.m. – We’ll take a tour of Ackley on the People Haulers (basically hay racks with seats). Huskies are welcome to ride along, just be aware that there are no sides on the racks, so if you are concerned about your huskies jumping from the rack, you may not want to ride along. We’re hoping to have two racks with two drivers. 2 to 4 p.m. – Poker walk. Entry fee $5. Winning hand will take 50 percent of the pot. The remaining 50 percent will be split between two Siberian husky rescues. We’ll have five different places that you’ll need to visit and pull a card. Treats will be at each stop for the huskies. 6 p.m. – GROUP PHOTO and POTLUCK! Bring your own meat to grill and a dish to share. Tableware will be provided. Afterwards, we’ll have a fire to sit around and just unwind. 8 p.m. (or so) – We’ll have a memorial for huskies, and other furries, that we have lost. Candles will be provided and everyone is welcome to speak if the desire, or simply light your candle. The decision is yours. Sunday, October 4 Breakfast will be provided (bagels and fruit) by Nanci and Jeff. Thanks guys! ACKLEY AMMENITIES: There is a specialty meat market (Triple T Specialty Meats) located on Sherman Ave. (Hwy. 57) Some fresh meats and a wide variety of frozen meats are available. Super Foods/True Valu Hardware – Located in Ackley on Main Street. You name it, they probably have it. A Fareway and Hy-Vee store are located in Iowa Falls, approximately 14 miles from Ackley, if you desire. Other important things to take note of: *Ackley has many churches for those wishing to take part in Sunday morning services. Let Becky know if you need assistance in locating a church or service time. *Other than Casey’s General Store, the grocery store and Kum and Go, Ackley pretty much closes up on Sundays. *We don’t really have an end time for camp to be concluded. It’s over when it’s over and everyone feels the need to begin the trip home. *Please remember that we represent this wonderful breed and are ambassadors for them. Our actions speak more loudly than our words. *This schedule, except for certain ‘field trips’ isn’t set in stone. If something comes up or more walks are desired, we’re game! Just say the word! If you or your husky need more down time, feel free to not participate in any event.
  15. I have a five foot galvanized fence. No problems with the girls getting out, but I have extraordinarily lazy huskies.............
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