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  1. Been quite some time since I've stopped by. Want to update those of you who remember me or the girls... Ryn will be eight, yes EIGHT next month, and Tunes is approximately six and a half. Where does the time go? We've had some health issues - Tunes had elevated liver enzymes and so I now home-cook their meals. Ryn has dropped six pounds and is no longer a 'Missy Moo' - rather 'Skinny, Minny, Rynnie'! And Tunes, who rarely ate more than two meals in a row, now never misses a meal and is holding her own at 44 pounds. They are still doing therapy work and loving every minute of it. Sadl
  2. Beautiful place! Hope you're feeling better!
  3. Hiya Jos! Just poppin' in to see how things are going. Pretty quiet here these days. Missing the activity!
  4. Ryn........all four feet off the ground during agility practice (with a friend during Iowa Husky Camp) I would like to see your husky with Santa Claus
  5. I had gray interior and so you didn't really see it until it got pretty thick. Now it's black and every single stray piece of fur shows up.
  6. Good to know [MENTION=7]Dunc[/MENTION]. Thank you! And yes, @Solitary Howl - I'll let you know!
  7. Do you know offhand what the brand is? I know I can purchase a pattern and make one, but really don't have the time. Having someone who has used one is beneficial so I know the quality.... Thanks in advance!
  8. I think Ryn would just wad the sheet or blanket into a ball........
  9. Thanks! I noticed that after I'd posted........has anyone used them?
  10. Just got a new (to me) car.......... Am looking for your ideas on protecting the seats. Anyone use Something like this? Does it work? What do you like/not like about them? Will her seat belt work with it? -- Link removed on request of the author --
  11. My co-worker and myself, in front of the office (I'm in blue)
  12. No, we're saving it for you....Nanci says it will have to be cooked in my camper! LOL So we should both get to "enjoy" it.

  13. Have alot of fun, Becky! Are you going to try some Lutefisk while you're up there?! :D Give Ryn a hug from Czar and us and hope she has fun playing with Nanci's 3-video perhaps!

  14. Ken, Ralf and my sweet godson Kayak, Received your package today....unfortunately, my internet is not cooperating tonight and won't allow me to post the pics (adorable ones!) I'll try to post them in the a.m. from the internet at work. Thank you so much for thinking of us! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Love, Becky and Ryn

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