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    Flame thrower is a bit harsh...but if you do must make a video....LOLOL
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    The rescue centre contacted me to say he arrived at his new home around 12.30 - they immediately took him to a secure dog park where he started to get to know the rest of his pack and he had a ball romping around and chasing them. Evidently he is already making up to the woman of the house - exactly the way he did with me ............... the tart! We packed him off with a new collar, new lead, a kilo of beef chunks, enough bones for 5 big dogs, a litre of water and a food bowl, several tins of sardines - he loves them for breakfast, and a ball on a rope. I have a feeling he is going to fit in just fine.
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    This is something I posted a looooooooong time ago. . . . Sooooo. . . . How did you name your Huskies. .(or any pet for that matter) ?? We have had cats and other dogs before getting Koda And we’ve always gone through a torturous process in finding suitable names. We always start off by getting each member of the family to write down as many names as they can come up with, fun/cute /silly/absurd/normal or just plain boring all are considered. We try to take in to account any striking physical markings or differences. We then combine all the lists and give each family member a copy of the master list. Each person then has to choose thier top 5 names. We then combine the top 5’s and go around again until we have whittled several hundred names down to 5 that we all sort of like. . . . Now we get to the SHOUTY phase. . .lol We shout the names as if calling our dogs from a distance to see how they sound. . .coz. . . When your dog manages to get away from you and is barrelling across the park with the intention of inserting something physically into another dog, nose or. . .erm. . other bits. . . . or. . .deciding that , that teacup Yorkshire terrier is the ugliest cat its ever seen and well. . .it just has to be eaten. You are gonna start bellowing its name to get it to come back, stop or otherwise distract it. It’s at this point that “Veridian Gargoyle Saccharine Snugglebunnies” sounds utterly stupid as you leg it after your dog screaming THAT at the top of your lungs. Or if you have given it what you consider to be a suitable name for your so cute puppy. . .remember when half a ton of Rottwieler is going like a frieght train away from you, and you are shouting “Peanut!!!! come back Peanut” Many really great names have been discarded at the Shouty phase. So we are now down to a couple of names and we just start saying thenm to get a feel, does the dog respond, am I comfortable with the name? At this point we end up throwing the whole lot out because one of us says a name randomly out of the blue that everone just lights up and goes. . .”Oooooh yeah” Such was the case with both Echo and Koda. LOL. . . So how do you name your dogs. . . .
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    This might help to clear up some of the confusion about diets/kibble/cooked/raw - specifically with taurine in mind. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/truth-grain-free-dog-foods-dcm/ It shows you things to look out for on the packets of dog food - and simple foods you can give to add good quality taurine into their diet. Its worth reading the whole article - but most of the info you guys need is in the second half.
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    Thanks Rob. I'm a little bit loathe to do that at the moment as it will just cause more friction. Going down the "nice" route at the moment. I f that fails then I'll be killing it all. had thought about a flame thrower though! WHAT DO YOU THINK??? 😂
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    Huskies are very stubborn and have very selective hearing! Can I just ask at you only giving treats when she does what you ask? And are you giving her the food even when she’s barking at you or do you wait for her to stop? If you are giving her food when she’s displaying the bad behaviour she will think she’s being rewarded for it. If you’ve not done already, wait for her to calm down before giving her the food. Just calmly ignore her and start doing something else like washing up until she’s calm, then make her sit and wait before she gets the food Regarding destruction, she may be bored or have separation anxiety if it happened while you were out. Huskies are working dogs and do require a lot of mental stimulation! Do you play games with her at home? Not many dogs like being patted on the head as they can’t see where your hand is. A tickle on the tummy usually goes down a lot better Recall is 0% with all huskies! They just don’t have recall, which is why they should never be let off lead unless in a secure area with high boundary fences Regarding the pulling, it is a huskies instinct to pull no matter how long the lead is! For training her not to pull I would take the long lead away as this gives her to much freedom and you can’t control a dog on an 8m lead. Get a simple slip lead and put it as high up her head as possible, just behind her ears. You’ve got control over her then, if she starts to pull tug on the lead and make a sharp ‘tsk’ noise. Don’t let her walk in front of you while you’re training her. When she’s learnt some better manners, try a walking belt as if she does pull then it’s a lot less strain on your arms & back Huskies don’t want to please humans, it’s just not their nature as a breed! They will do what they want, when they want unfortunately. They do have a what’s in it for me attitude and they are very independent. But that’s what I live about them! I’ve only ever had boys so I can’t say whether spaying will help You will get there, huskies don’t really reach adulthood until they are about 2 so she’s still a pup at the moment. Keep going with the positive reinforcement, but don’t get frustrated as she will sense it Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    I think that unless your dog is frightened for some reason, her tail will be naturally up on its own! A dogshow is an exciting and interesting place. When my dog goes on walks, his tail is almost always up (his is more like fourth picture over) so I'm sure it would be up at a place with so many other dogs and people. I have not heard of a way to "train" a dog to hold its tail up? For breed standard, you probably have to post a picture of your husky standing in the right show pose from side...? Members who know more about this stuff, could see her body structure better than a picture lying down.
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    I took pics from my go-to training book, The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller, about your issue. Hope this’ll help. Make sure Jasmine has a safe place in the house to which she can retreat when she’s overwhelmed. Both of you sound overwhelmed and you have to break that cycle. Let her relax in her safe space while you figure out her triggers If you’re committed to helping Jasmine overcome her problem you two can do it!
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    <url=“https://positively.com/contributors/5-things-i-want-anyone-with-a-fearful-dog-to-know/“> Fearful Dogs</url> Maybe this article will help you.
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    Correct me if I am wrong: Your issue is outside the house only? When you are actively working with her she is responsive, it is when you back off? If this is correct, my thoughts are; you need to step up your leadership position outside the home. If she doesn’t trust you she will do what comes natural to protect herself. *Please do not do dominance down with her* it can be making it worse. Her behavior comes from insecurity. When she acts like that you are probably talking to her and or yelling at her to stop (I have been guilty of it) and yanking her back. Anything you say at the time of her reaction is reinforcing the behavior. Do not talk to her, do not yell at her. Just turn and walk away from the trigger. Calm yourself first. She can feel your frustration and anxiety. She takes it as being weak. To show leadership is to show her you would not allow anything to happen to her. Walk during times when people or other triggers are not around to start. If you spot another dog, place her in a sit ( preferably on the opposite side of the street) and give a special command. (Example; my male is highly reactive, I taught him the “move by” command. So when we walk and I feel him just about to react, I tell him in a calm voice “move by” and we keep moving) But to start I made him set while the other dog or whatever went by. Once he sat calmly he was rewarded with a yummy treat. Then I say walk and we continue the walk. Short commands don’t make it a conversation. I had a loose dog charge at my girl and I the other day. Thank God I had the girl and not the boy.... I stepped in front of her and blocked the other dog from getting to her. Luckily she trusted me enough to stay in position while the other dog and I danced until the owner got him. Do not allow strangers to come up to her at all. She is obviously telling you she is uncomfortable. This may not be a forever thing. It is with my male, he is very protective of me on walks. But If I place him in a sit, I stop the person from approaching within a foot or two, and I am perfectly calm, the person (if my male gives me the signal) is petting him within a few minutes. But if he is uncomfortable or does a low bark/grumble then it is an absolute no. I also use Pet Corrector. Only in extreme cases though. Best thing ever!!! Do not do it towards them or by the ears. It is the quickest way to snap them out of it and completely safe. Used it once at the vet office and ALL the dogs sat at the same time and just starred at me. Some owners were not happy with me but others laughed and said they were ordering it as soon as they got home. 🤣 Don't give up on her. Just listen to what she is telling you. And don’t force her to be social, some just don’t want to be. Good luck
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    Hi— Having never heard of CCD I went to PetMD to check it out. In case anyone else is interested, it’s https://m.petmd.com/dog/conditions/neurological/5-signs-dog-dementia?page=1. Sarah is a bit younger than the article indicates but I’m going to talk to her vet about it Monday. I haven’t seen any of the DISHA symptoms other than her constant need to challenge me but the symptoms are on my Sarah Watch List. When your dog had it what were your first symptoms? Thinking about it, Sarah knows her commands and when I’m keeping on with the “I am the source of ALL good things and you MUST submit to get anything” she returns to normal. It’s only when I think she’s stable in her ideas of who is boss and let her eat her dinner like normal, etc that she returns to dominance attempts. Definitely something to add to my list for her vet. And if you happen to recall that herb please do post it. Thanks! Poor guy. I’m glad he got much more out of life than most pups with Parvo have. Other than resistant roundworms Sarah had a healthy puppyhood and has never had a high fever. The mastocyoma metastasizing into her brain is a concern though the vet doubts that since we got the entire cancer via surgery confirmed by cytology. I still worry though. Thanks and once I have this puzzle solved I’ll post the answer.
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    First she needs a vet check to make sure shes not in pain or has something neurological going on Has anything happened on a walk or around any people lately that could have triggered it If all that doesnt clear anything up like Rachael said look into getting a behaviourist
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    A lot of Huskies have a HUGE prey drive which means any small animal (including small dogs) are at risk, my girl once dived into a Bush and came out with a cat , thankfully she dropped it and the cat was fine but you cant blame the dog for what it did , it was just an accident and it happens , you can be more alert and you can train them to ignore certain animals but the prey drive never really goes away Mine can walk past birds, squirrels , cats etc but they still watch them and they still like to pounce towards certain animals occasionally Can you not avoid other dogs at all ? Not all dogs need to or want to socialise with others and they shouldn't have to . My girl was attacked as a puppy so is now fear reactive with other dogs, we walk at quiter times of the day , if we see another dog we walk another way or keep a distance away from them that shes comfortable with, any offlead dogs we turn tail and get away as quickly as possible whilst shouting the other owner to get their dog (if the offlead dog behaves and doesnt come near us shes fine)
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    My almost 9 year old Siberian has killed and eaten literally dozens of animals. If given a chance she would go after a kitten in a heartbeat. She's also obedience trained, regularly goes with me into Lowe's and other stores that allow dogs and according to my vet, is the best Siberian in the state in terms of behavior. What you're seeing isn't aggression. It's innate behavior you will NOT be able to train out of your dog. When the breed was being developed by the Chukchi tribe in far eastern Russia, the dogs were released during the summer to fend for themselves. Any dog that couldn't hunt didn't return to the tribe and therefore didn't breed or was culled. That's why Siberians are so prey-driven. They can't help it, it literally is in their genes. For the safety of all involved, one of the animals needs to be re-homed. I'm sorry, I know that isn't easy, but your dog literally cannot change that facet of her behavior.
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    Something's are just too tempting, at 8 Solo will still shred tissues and chew plastic bottles will even get them out of the re cycling have learned to live with it as he sneaks in behind our backs lol. He no longer side surfs but the noise of a plastic bottle is too hard too resist. Figure we all have our hobbies and it would be like me giving up reading .
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    I recently fostered an 8 month old Malamute puppy (already bigger than most full sized malamutes - the size of a smallish Great Dane) - and realised he had gone very quiet (always a dangerous sign) - He had taken a kitchen roll that I have to reach up for, well over my head height - and had systematically eaten his way through half of it - cardboard centre and all. Luckily no ill effects. Be thankful that he leaves your furniture alone - my husky ate an arm off my settee and another one off an armchair - much to the amusement of some members here . Puppies will be puppies - and a bored puppy will always find something to do - and it usually turns out to be expensive in one way or another.
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    Welcome to your worldwide Husky Owners family Apollo
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    I think Paul's comment was in reference to the jacket Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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    I would love to feed raw. But, my daughter’s doctors said no. 😖 @wolfpup great info and can’t wait for the pups to get their sardines. They are not fans of the raw hearts yet.... actually found a butcher that keeps fresh organs that are safe for the pups .😁
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    Personaly i will stick to my raw diet. ok its a huge out lay at first buying teh big freezer etc but once they are on it my dogs love it 2 of my 3 started off on dry food the cahnge took them as a bit of s shock they were like what is this mess once took a couple days to get used to it my husky took him a couple weeks to really get into it at first he refused to touch teh raw chicken food but now loves that My Malinois puppy was fed raw by his breeder and has never eaten anything but raw I know exactly what they are eating as i buy from a good place with full tracking on teh food. watch the netflix show PetFooled it is a coulle years old now but they were discussing these problems and others with the pet food industry and some fo teh down right lies they get away with on teh food lables. and the loose rules on addvertising and qaulity laws
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    OK, so I have done tons of research and I have decided to switch to Purina Pro Plan Focus. The vet recommended it and I had my doubts but it has excellent reviews and they have been around forever.
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    Please keep us posted. We send good thoughts.
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    Here's hoping for good news Gary. keeping fingers crossed.
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    keeping my fingers crossed amigo...
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    I haven’t actually heard of adding taurine in to be honest...I’ll look into it, thank you!
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    He did sit but his back was always arched and he couldn’t seem to sit for long. I wish we’d been more proactive in finding out what the issue was but he never complained or seemed to bothered. He didn’t seem to have any especial sensitive spot on his spine. I asked his previous owner a couple of times but apart from saying he met a guy at a service station who took 5 mins to sort him out he just wouldn’t disclose what was wrong. He was such an easy loving great boy who never fussed it was a really bad day when we had to make the decision but a dog who can’t walk isn’t a dog any more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just wanted to share some cute pics of my cuddlebug, Floki... He loves his teddy bear... Tongues out Tuesday! He is one long, lean boy!
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    Welcome to the pack
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    Not quite sure where u are in the world so I can't advise on food except to tell you that pedigree is absolute rubbish so definitely do a slow swap to something better Energy , you're walking him too much, rule of thumb is 5 mins per month of age per walk so at 5 months of age he should only be getting 25 minutes of walking per each walk ,, until a year old as his bones are still soft and developing, find a really smelly yummy treat and use that for training , this will also mentally tire him out which usually works better with sibes, that will also help with your training issue Huskies are very much independent dogs , mine are (nearly) 10 and 11 and still only like attention and fuss on their terms , they also have very selective hearing regardless lol Puppy biting a firm NO or AHAH and turn your back or remove him from the room until hes calm should help (you might need to keep a lead on him to remove him from the room) And last of all patience , you'll need ALOT of it lol
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    I have a brother and sister. Got them at 7weeks and they are now 16 months. Boy is a complete love, his sister on the other hand is a handful. Complete opposites. I could not touch her, leash her, she could have cared less about anything. Completely out of control! I have gone through 4 trainers. LOL I have gone through sooo many dog beds, I have holes in my carpet, blankets, she eats the fence and pavers, and has started on the side of my house. She busted a tooth and it had to be surgically removed. The vet bills have been completely in sane. Do not give up! There is hope. About a month ago I found a trainer that is taking me into a hole new way of dealing with her. She now loves attention❣️Wont take her eyes off me as I move around the house, has an 80% recall, and has perfect house manners. In only three training sessions. To the point were she will be starting agility in two weeks. This is how I worked with her... She was not allowed to free roam the house. Created or on a leash. She was not rewarded for bad behavior by free roaming. I stopped traditional feedings. She ate only during training and out of my hand. If kibble was dropped, she was not allowed to pick it up off the floor. She had to wait for me to pick it up and hand it to her. Training - LOTs of mental challenges. Stop the training while they want more. I did 4 training sessions about 10 minutes at a time. One is created while I work with the other. I just keep switching them out. Place training (find a spot, towel, dog bed bed, whatever you want and train her to go to that spot and stay there) door training * impulse control* (open door and they cannot go through until you allow it) creat duration (open door and they cannot come out until you give release command) heal (walking by your side no sniffing or pulling) You can google all these for step by step. Then there is proper play. This helps with destructive behavior. Have a toy, once she grabs reward by letting her have it. Once she goes to “chew” take it away and play again until she fully grabs it. Do this a couple of times and when done you keep the toy. The grab is the reward, the chewing is the take away. But not keep it away. Hard to explain.... I didn’t see how it would work but what a huge difference it has made... Stay consistent. Lots of praise when she has earned it. Impulse control Training will help with the bossy vocalness during feeding.
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    Testing boundaries all seems part of the fun. We adopted Solo when he was approx 2 yrs old and it has taken time, 3 years on a head collar with double ended lead to get him to be pleasant to walk with but we got there X he still has moments when he's a complete pain but mostly he is a lovable rogue with great personality xx it will get better x
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    That is scary! So happy they caught it. I actually cried when they said I had PVC (Premature Ventricular Contractions). I was so happy to finally have a name to what was going on. After a complete life style change, I was able to get off all meds and on my last stress test, blood work, and imaging scans, I got the all good. So do not stress and take care of you!!! Poor boys. It’s sad but at least Bandit will be going to a good home and I am sure Marley will be spoiled.
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    Sorry to hear you’ve had a hard time with your husky. I’ve only had mine for 6 months and I’ll admit that I felt the same way as you for a while. It will get better but you have to put in the work. One thing I think that works in your favour is having another dog. Huskies are pack animals. It sounds like your husky may need some more mental stimulation. Do you spend time at home every day doing ‘training sessions’? 5 minutes (if that), here and there with treats that she loves is a good start. The treats are super important - if they’re not high value to her then she won’t be interested in listening to you. I make my own treats because of my pup’s allergies - they’re super easy to make and he loves them. Recall-wise - I agree with the others. Huskies have terrible recall! It can be improved but it starts at home. For example, I always call mine in from the garden with some kind of reward. Also, is she left alone a lot? I’ve heard that some huskies need more supervision than other breeds during the first year or so of their lives. It could be a separation anxiety thing so to keep her busy when you’re not around, you could leave Kongs for her filled with interesting treats. It also sounds like she likes to chew - mine is an aggressive chewer and the only thing that stems this is giving him a deer antler, so you could try that perhaps? With regards to pulling, i’m sorry to say but that’s a long road. Because huskies were bred for that purpose it takes a lot to train it out of them. I would suggest a double-ended leash (one end goes on the harness and other end on the collar) and perhaps even a Halti if it gets really bad (you will have to positively reinforce the Halti as some don’t like this). In the mornings my dog will have a ‘training walk’. So he will be taught to walk on ‘side’ which is walking next to me. Every time he pulls or goes ahead of me, I turn and go in the opposite direction, or pull the Halti slightly to the side to correct. Huskies always look up to the Alpha. At the moment she doesn’t see you as the Alpha. That walking exercise is good as it reminds her who is in control. Huskies are hard work but they say if you put all the work in now, it really pays off. Sorry for the essay! Be reassured that I have experienced your feelings. You’re doing the right things in being patient with her and reinforcing positively, but huskies need someone firm and who doesn’t take any nonsense. Be confident. You can do it. Good luck
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    Agree with Rachael... get her mentally tired as well with games or training...
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    i love the guilty look.
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    I am able to to just pull big clumps of fur out with my fingers...made a big pile today!! Don’t be alarmed. The soft undercoat all has gotta go....and there will be bagfuls of it...😮 Small side note: when I switched my dog from cheap grocery store dog food ( he was fed on this at rescue) to a more highly rated brand, his fur got a lot softer. So nutrition does make a difference.
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    We tend to name our pets after our favorite characters from tv and movies. We named our boy Floki after a character in the show Vikings, because of the mask around his eyes (and he was a really cool character).
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    How about Lucifer ..... the pics with him sitting and looking at the cam and in your arms has a devilish quality could go the whole way and call him Lucifer Morningstar
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    Everybody was Kunfu Fighting!
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    My pups start looking dual, patchy, and like they have some weird sickness. LOL It is very corse and they itch a lot. Normally it only last a month or two. Lots of brushing and a really good Omega 3 helps a lot.
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    Welcome to the pack, over feeding is the most common cause of diahorrea in puppies so have a look at how much your feeding, and If you're giving treats then cut back slightly on the food
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    Hes losing all the soft undercoat so it will feel a bit different now but as it gets colder the winter coat will grow back in
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    You yourself should actually be perfect for your subject matter, write about your own personal behavior and how it and the economics of getting someone else to do what you should be doing yourself intertwine to affect your future.
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    In photo #2 Marley is like, "Whew! That guy is heavy! I guess I'll just fall asleep right here..." 😁
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    Not quite so frenzied today - both dogs are unconscious - they have both been for long walks separately - hubby took Marley out and then 5 mins later our dog trainer arrived to take BANDIT out for assessment (officially renamed - it was the only name I could think of seeing his mask - and just could not really get the name Storm to stick in my mind) . Trainer impressed with him - he was non reactive to two barking dogs in a front garden - then he saw a cat walking across the road about 50ft in front of him. He was very intrerested but did not pull the lead to get to it. Last night Socks, our cat, came downstairs and complained loudly as he could not get through the gate - Bandit immediately rushed to the hallway to see what was making the strange noise - skidded to a halt by the gate looked at socks, sniffed through the bars - socks just sat there about 2 ft away and miowed at him - and Bandit backed off - walking backwards away from the gate. We are slightly encouraged by this - but will see how he is in a couple of weeks before trying to bring the two together within touching distance on either side of the gate. Today the dogs came up to me side by side - and I got the true height difference between them - Bandit is nearer 4 inches taller than Marley at the shoulders - and he is only 8 months old - time enough to grow more. After a play session I fed them both - bowls 1ft apart on either side of the large gate - absolutely no resource guarding whatsoever. They then both flopped in the lounge for a nap - Bandit falling alseep resting his head on Marleys hips and back legs as you can see. All in all we are very pleased with how things are progressing (despite him still using our house as a toilet). Providing he does not change over the next few weeks as he gets more used to us and more confident - we have decided we will adopt him when he is 12 months old - the rescue centre will not allow him to be adopted before he is neutered - and I refuse to neuter him under 12 months old because his growth plates are still active and I dont want to store up trouble for myself with hip/elbow displaysia.
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    OMG. It took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at. 🤣😂😅. I love his tail!!! My boy got his tip bit off about a 2 months ago. It hasn't grown back yet. 😩 He doesn't like me talking about it 🙃
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    Thank you for this. I am gonna do a dna test to make sure. I judt have had many husky owners tell me that if the ear isnt up by 12 weeks. Shes either a mixed breed. Or has a genetic defect. So that's why i took it to the forums. She looks alot like my boy when he was a puppy. But she does have a smaller head 😁

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