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    Timba fast asleep. I don't know how he is comfortable sleeping in this position but he does.
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    Do not attempt to walk pups on even a slightly windy day. 🤣 With every leaf that blow by... off I went. One pup going after one in one direction and the other going the other way after a different leaf. I think we were outside for 15 minutes and both pups are exhausted and I am ready for a drink. Hehheee
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    Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Thought I would put this in diet and health, as its ... well ....... kinda diet lol This was 3 tubs of bonfire lollies And of course, Koda is the guilty party here
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    Happy 10th birthday husky owners! Thats right, today we are 10 years old. Hard to believe this place was started so long ago. Starting from Sarah saying she wanted to be able to "Meet a couple of people with huskies" we have achieved in the past 10 years Becoming the largest husky forum Funded members coming here from the US and the netherlands with competitions Been featured in national and local newspapers Been mentioned in radio broadcasts Held camps for 100+ people Ran meets in every corner of England, and had meets organised by others around the world Been through 4 different bits of software to get to where we are today Been through over a million posts Seen people get married and divorced Had people meet parners on the forum Seen people come from being at school, to being at work and in their own houses And much much more besides. All of this due to our members around the world making this place the great place it is.
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    This is Lucy Anne, she is a purebred Siberian Husky, and is almost 2 years old. We got her when she was only 7 weeks old, and she is just the sweetest little love bug!
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    Echo is 3, Sailor is 8 weeks today! echo is black and white with parti eyes. Sailor is fully white with gray/green eyes
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    . Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Movie based on true story of female amarican Marine Dog Handler and her dog. Good movie
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    Condoms Sent from my iPad using Husky Owners
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    yup, I've got a pretzel dog too, lol!
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    The topic for November's Husky of the Month Competition is....Broken Huskies! Post a pic of your husky in the most unusual positions. Does your husky curl up, or rest in a crazy position? Does it look like they are broken? The rules are simple, one post per dog (or you can post a group shot). Entries will be accepted through Sunday, November 11th. I will start out with Nikko Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    ALINAH's 2nd birthday was 27 October!! Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl!! I Love You!! (This is our very first photo of ALINAH after we adopted her from the Animal Shelter!!) [emoji191][emoji171][emoji146][emoji322][emoji252][emoji491][emoji491] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Husky Owners mobile app
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    It is Direct Line I chose the middle option £13.50 a month for up to £4,000 of cover for each condition and 24/7 telephone access to emergency vet. I paid the £95 'my contribution' fee and now the vets charge the company I don't pay anything else.
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    Thanks guys. I know what you mean 2HF - Marley is the first dog I have ever gotten insurance for - and I have so far paid £133.94 for Lunar's medication since 17.9.18 - and will be doing so for the rest of his life. Today cost me £95 - but it should be all I pay now until it is resolved no matter what else they do (the endoscopy alone will run to around £250 plus all the other tests) so I am really glad I decided to insure him last July. He is a little subdued now he is back home - and wants to just sit outside (its a beautiful sunny day here with a light breeze). However he has not been sick again and has even had a lamb's rib. My normal vet is back on Monday after a 3 week holiday so at least I know he will be the one doing the endoscope etc.
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    My father is stage 4 colorectal cancer... I will get a tat for him as well... just not sure what yet
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    How about fox and the hound lol, (I brought kofu a fox with no stuffing in it and they became best friends)
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    Cheeeeeese Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    The problem with some people and macs is that they try to do what they were doing on a windows PC. Its not a windows PC, its a mac. Its like getting into an automatic car and trying to find the gear lever. The whole idea behind using a mac is to log in and just use it, rather than trying to tinker with it. If you just get used to the way it works rather than trying to change it (which is what most peoples instinct is to do when moving from windows) then it's actually a lot easier to use than windows. It doesnt break as often, it doesnt slow down in the same manner, its not as susceptible to viruses and malware (purely as they will tend to target the larger amount of people, and thats windows). Would love to know about these ''limitations" and "trapped" things to be honest, as Im not sure where they come from. Are they actual problems you have seen yourself, or just perceptions?
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    thank you all for the kind comments ❤️ Oh he is a little devil! I love him 😂😂😂 (the joke almost flew over my head, thought bandit was an actual breed!)
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    Hi, my name is Roxy and I just turned two, a week ago. I am a full grown miniature Siberian Husky (not Klee Kai or Pomsky). I weigh 21.5 lbs. and I am approximately 15.5 - 16 inches in height. I love people, but my favorite is my human dad, who I constantly follow all over the house. I also love other dogs. The humans tell me that I am very sweet. And, I have never gotten upset or growled at anyone. My favorite hobby is running around and play fighting with my human dad, etc. And, I am very spoiled: I get to sleep with my human parents every night and in the morning I like to get at least a 15 minute belly rub rub. I also like to be well groomed so I enjoy taking a shower every week. And, I expect that my nails get cut often. When they are too long, I bite them. According to my human parents and siblings, I have one annoying habit which is I tend to bark too much, especially when someone is knocking at the door. They say I have this loud ear piercing bark that bounces off the walls. My human family wishes that I would howl like a normal husky but I can't help it. Perhaps, I don't have enough wolf blood in me! Well, I have to go now! Time for bed! Roxy I forgot to add a photo of me!
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    judo cat. second picture is how my sarah rolls too.

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