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    She just can’t seem to figure it out 🤣 And these are just too cute not to post. ❤️
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    so you are gping tp pay some one to write ypur paper for you. you do know that most of thiese paper writing sites are well known and when turning in the papers the graders will see its a fake paper and fail you the idea behind education is that YOU learn the subject then write your own paper when you finnish your studies and try to do the job you went to collage/Uni for your employers will quickly work out you are not qualified for the job and fire you
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    ok years ago i used to get that purple spray on my hands all the time working with sheep and cows, the only thing we found that got rid of it by accident was Brut 33 the aftershave seemed to work best but being a dye it on teh fur, it will be hard to get off but a few dabs with a soaked cotten ball should get a lot off we tried everything the green slimey swarfega soap for engineers the pink one with micro beads all sorts of bar and liquid soap and washing up liquids but the brut 33 seemed to loosen the stuff up and then the soap after seemed to work a bit so a fewsplashes of brut got most off
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    Beautiful xxxx welcome Storm. I'm sure it will settle just takes time for them to adjust to each other.
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    She popped out of it about an hour ago. Like nothing even happened. Chasing the cats and harassing her brother. 🤣 Brother stopped playing suddenly, came over to me, and started vomiting. And wouldn’t you know the missing pieces we couldn’t find in sissy was no longer missing. 🤦🏽‍♀️ At least he was smart enough to not get stained purple. Unbelievable Everyone is good. No more vomit and poops are solid. Does anyone know how to get the purple off her??? LOL I tried hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and dawn soap. Vet says it should wear off in about a week. But everyone that sees her starts laughing and says “o my is that normal for that breed?” I say with the biggest smile “yep!” Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It has been a long last 30 sum odd hours.
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    Awww Andy, congrats on your new fur baby, he’s a gorgeous boy. 😍
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    We’ve had walking belts for years and I honestly can’t say I’d even considered this possibility before. You learn something new every day! I’ll have to ask my Paul if he’s ever been beaten in a sensitive area by the karabiner before. 😂
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    My guys have got their paws crossed for her - my fingers are also crossed. Please keep us informed.
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    Good that she's eating / drinking! ( Mine did the same thing when he had liquidy diarrhea...he asked to go out, then laid down outside and refused to come back in. ( Normally he likes to lay in our bedroom or the hall right outside the bedroom!) So, they are clean and they have a strong instinct to not soil in the house... I am not as good as you, though! I dragged his dog bed outside for him (the ground seemed so hard) and went to bed! Morning came and he came in the house like nothing happened...couple more days of soft poo, and then life went back to normal... I guess I would probably have stayed out to watch him if I thought he ate his dog bed though!! I never did figure out what he ate.)
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    Oh bless her , glad she's ok though
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    I have eliminated the blockage theory. Has held down the rest of breakfast and water. Her poop is trying to take on some form. Also eliminating bad canned food and CBD as a cause. Brother was exposed to the same amount of both and hasn’t had any issues. She had to have picked something up during one of the walks my daughter or husband took her on. Keeping her on a quarter cup of food every 4 hours for the next 24 hours and Pedialyte water mixture. Fingers crossed she continues to show signs of improvement. How sweet is this ❤️ Tired. LOL I believe she has nothing left in her. At least she is sleeping now. She couldn’t get comfortable last night at all.
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    lol only upgrade i would recomend for us guys is swapping out the heavy steel Karabiner for a lightweight Alloy one as the steel one is eye watering if it hits us guys in the crotch area other than that i love my new belt i just got.
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    might want to ask Sid to swap to lightweight for us guys I was looking at amazon but i have seen some of those so called climbing quality ones break, thanks to them being cheap chinese knockoffs but now i have a make/type/style i can look around better in climbing stores when i find one local to me they all seem to by in north wales london or the costwold
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    sounds like she is glad your home and wants attention next time get her to sit and rub her ears and huve a cuddle to say hello but make sure she is sitting as jumping on people is not nice
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    Well I'm not sure because my dog is a boy!? But to me, it sounds like playful behavior. Leaping on people (even mounting) can be playful. Is she doing a play bow (front legs low, rear held high) to you? And, if rolling over with ears back to present her belly in front of you, she is probably asking for a belly rub or just showing her submissiveness. She sounds like a nice dog! Hopefully you'll exercise her a lot, because she sounds like she has a lot of energy to burn!
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    Welcome. He looks a lot like my boy. Thank you for adopting.
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    A really nice looking dog. So happy it is working out for you all. My new rescue Mikey is also settling in (eventually) its taken 7 weeks - he and Marley have been getting on really well since Marley has been poorly - Mikey has respected the fact that Marley does not want to play boistrously - and this has been limited to them both laying on the floor together - usually both on their backs and mouthing each other, gnawing on legs etc. Mikey's possessiveness has gone down by around 80% - he is still head shy but this is improving - even let a stranger stroke his head (on second time of asking) - he went up to the man himself the second time. He is nowhere near as scared of me as he used to be, but still avoids female strangers. He has settled in very well and we could not imagine life without him now, ......... yes there are still things to be worked on, and he will forever, I believe, be looking for an opportunity to kill my cat, but I knew the possibility of this before we took him on, - he is a husky after all. Hoping Storm continues to settle in his new home and both dogs become firm friends.
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    know the breed I have a Malinois Lakenois cross
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    welcome Storm...you sure are a beaut...
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    I totally agree with @robke. Every since my boy (18 months) has been diagnosed with GI disease, I had to constantly switch up his food, he has become so picky. Would go 2 or 3 days without eating. Which for us is a medical concern because of leaky gut. If you try enticing him with yummy stuff then he will expect it every time. Then protest when he doesn’t get it. From the research I have done this seems to be very common. My vet says it is actually good for them to purge their system. As long as they are healthy and it’s not do to a blockage or something I would keep offering his meals 15 minutes down then pull it. Don’t stress over it.
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    So it will eat....I am simple with things like this Feed what you want your dog to have, leave it for 15 mins then take it away repeat next feeding time...do not over do it with the yummy treats during this time or even any treats as they then become treat eating only pups... All the fussing about with different foods makes them funny and fussy eaters....
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    I have two rescued huskies - one is hyper, loves everybody, and everything - wants to greet every dog, cat, child, person he meets, lovely gentle personality but a 'frustrated greeter' and no doggie manners - despite nearly three years of training. The other is far calmer, seemingly well trained, walks nicely on lead, is responsive to commands, calm when meeting other dogs etc ............. his one mission in life is to kill my cat. He ignores cats in the street, just looks at them, but when he sees our cat he goes into a rigid, deaf, seathing, trembling mass of pure evil. These guys are different to other dogs, and are different from each other, and as 2Huskyfun says above what works for one will not work for another. You say your pup is anxious - start there. Build his confidence, get him to really trust you, so that he knows you will protect him (just know he will not return the favour) - once he has confidence then you can start to try and get him to do the things you want - but he wont always do it - its not that he is a bad dog - he is just a husky - they had a brain of their own, and as he gets older he will use it more and more.
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    You better believe it - ex nurses always make the worst patients!
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    I remember the second time we took Luna out while she was still in vet hospital, I nearly cried! She wobbled, she fell over, she swayed about, I’m sure it bothered me more than her but I honestly thought she was a goner because she was so unstable. The vet told me it was because she had been mostly lying down for nearly a week, I have to say I didn’t believe them lol. Anyway once she was back on her feet even indoors there was a big improvement and now she runs! Dogs are just amazing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Unless you're holding her she shouldn't be down on the ground outside before all her injections (Fine in your garden)
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    14 years ago I brought her home as a gift to my now x-husband. She was thrown out the window of a vehicle on the Highway. A young couple stopped and picked her up. They were not able to keep her so they brought her into my work. Over the years I have had the privilege of helping with babysitting and seeing her on a regular basis. Run free my little golden girl. You are now free from pain. Go run in the fields with your buddy Buzz like you guys used to as pups. He has been waiting for you.
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    Welcome to the pack
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    This is how Marley changed over his first year.
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    I have found that trainers seem to have stereotypes about huskies. Our obedience teacher came up to me and literally said, ”well, with his breed, it is what it is.” Another lady pulled her car up alongside us and said, “I am a dog trainer, I know that breed*, and I’m amazed at how well your dog walks on leash!” Anyway, what use is it to prejudge? Just work a little with your dog every day, and teach your dog to be the best she can be. Maybe she won’t be a Lab with a string of titles, but at least she can learn to walk nicely on leash, come when called, have basic house manners, etc. * actually she doesn’t know the breed, because he is half white GSD, ha ha...
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    Sorry but I know husky have a high pray drive as kiera will kill any bird or duck that she can get old of but she will not go for live stock she trained not too I work on a farm and live in a small village where there are all sort of live stock she loves horses and will go to them an kiss them. So I do disagree that all husky are killers depends on the training and were u live I suppose. Kiera in the woods and kiera with jess on the beach.
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    Neutering will stop him becoming erect assuming you're on about his red rocket lol , even neutered dogs have this happen maybe not as much but it definitely doesnt stop it
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    Most of you will have read the piece I wrote about Nishka. It was titled Husky Won't Eat. It turned out that the problem was a rare form of bowel cancer. Unfortunately Nishka tonight lost her fight against this horrible disease. She was my daughters dog and the mother to my boy Charlie. We are all totally devastated but know in our hearts that she is no longer in pain. Run free over Rainbow Bridge sweet girl, Holly, Griff and Skye are waiting for you.
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    Poor boy I hope hes ok soon
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    Double check %s . Mine are proportioned for working Huskies. My male has GI disease and both have food intolerance. And they are 18 months old. You will need to check with a Holistic vet (that knows Huskies) for YOUR pups %s (This is good for feeding two for 3 days- cooked in crockpot) 3lbs of Turkey, 2 red bell peppers, 4 celery, 1 apple skinned), 3 cups spinach, 1 to 3 cups butternut squash (depending on stomach issues) 1 zucchini, You can add carrots, Quinoa, beans. Summer feeding 1 lb Elk (or venison, Wild Boar, Mt. Sheep, and Buffalo). 3 cups Kale (Not with Elk it is already a hot meat you can do spinach - best with Wild Boar) 1/4 cups Portabella mushrooms, 1 summer squash, 1/4 cranberry's, 1/4 green red yellow peppers each, 1/2 banana (mushed in last), 1 cup green beans. I change and substitute Instead of peppers I use beats instead of banana I use mango instead of kale I use spinach instead of cranberry I use blueberries or strawberry Winter feedings I switch to fish Fall and spring Fowl What I use in my meal plans are geared around my pups. It all depends on how my male is doing, if he is recovering from a blowout, energy spent that day, are they going to be running the next day, if they ate something they shouldn’t have while out, and are they taking meds. For treats I feed Beef hearts. I cook mine and the slice it up and then dry it out. I can give a higher amount because the processing takes out some nutrition. Keep in mind HEALTHY dogs can have grains Brown rice, quinoa, barley. What works for mine may not work for yours. There are a ton of recipes on YouTube. Including some awesome fun stuff for breakfast and treats.There is a ton of info about what to mix what shouldn’t be mixed. How much to feed. Always introduce new feeds slowly. Pay attention to their stool. NEVER feed cooked bones. 10% of their diet needs to be organ meat. I posted all the %s on the forum under Health and diet if you want a full breakdown.
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    if you look online you can buy Milatary bandages that have a dressing pad attached use one and wrap the long bandage it comes with around him, you can then use VetWrap that only sticks to its self
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    Welcome to the forum - she's lovely. Huskies ARE stubborn - as she gets older you will come across the well known "you want me to do that? What's in it for me?" attitude - that, and every other attitude you can think of. Its what makes them so challenging, and rewarding. There's no other breed like them. My two are completely different from each other (the other thing about being owned by a husky is that you will soon discover that one is not enough) Never under-estimate her intelligence, and dont let her get bored, ........................... if you don't keep her occupied she will find something to occupy herself - and it usually turns out to be very very expensive - as I know to my cost
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    That is sooo awesome. It is worrisome when they are not active. Total red flag if there is not a good zoomy session first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Or if I am not having to constantly tell them to stop getting into something. I am so happy that he is bouncing back. 😁
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    Would you give your children dried food for most of their meals and expect them to eat it? If you’ve just adopted her she will take time to settle in and you may unwittingly have changed her diet which can upset the gut. Could you not feed at least some raw to encourage her gut bacteria? Kibble varies hugely and most is cheap rubbish full of cereal and not enough protein, a good quality dog food, not Pedigree anything tbh, Aatu, Barking Heads and similar tray or tinned foods would be infinitely better for her. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Maybe think about a rehome or rescue, then at least you’re more likely to be able to pick one that is healthy and has been checked by the rescue. Just the thought that you have to pay to put your name on a waiting list for a puppy conjures up an image of a place where huskies are bred purely for profit, it saddens me to be honest. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Two nights ago I tried rebandaging a different way to the way done by the vets - and it has stayed on (thank you my old nursing tutor) - Marley has not had a serious go at it for 36 hours so its now getting a chance to heal (where is some wood)! He gets his antibiotic and pain meds in the morning - no problem - he is very hungry. However he always manages to find the small antibiotic capsule in his dinner and daintily leaves it by his bowl - and as for getting the two larger pain meds and antibiotic in the evening ......................... well, lets just say I am going through an awful lot of Cathedral City cheddar! I usually get one down at the third time of asking - he normally eats the cheese and spits out the meds. Have him booked in for 8.30am on Friday to take out the stitches - they dont do sedation on Saturdays which is when his 10 days are up - fingers crossed we get there without any more dramas.
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    Just a thought on how to protect his wound, how about a life jacket? They’re pretty tough? Tablets are a night mare, when Luna was so sick and they sent me home with 2 lots of tablets to give her I just thought, what are they expecting me to do with tablets, I’ve just told them she hasn’t eaten or drunk anything in over 24 hours? I actually got 2 down her by syringing water in after them, then of course she vomited and up the capsule came. She was so sick by the next day that we took her back and they admitted her thank god, she’d be dead if they hadn’t. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thanks. Have ordered the highest quality of colloidal silver in a spray and the doggie one - Prime will deliver it tomorrow so I can start him on it then. Mikey is just as interested in Marleys back as he is - but I separate them at night so all the damage done is by Marley himself. I am happy that your lad's rear end is better and I hope you manage to get his tummy issues sorted. When Marley had a hot spot I used (alternately) either a calendula tincture or a strong black tea - it healed over in 24 hours and he stopped gnawing at it.
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    Hi! Alaska is really cute. 🙂 I agree on the specific breed info being so useful. For example...where else could you find people who know so much about how to deal with so much fur!!! 😁

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