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    Luka blue, he thinks I’m crashing his bed! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app Cai, this is now HIS chair. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
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    Happy Hounds Pet Food on facebook sell bags of half rib cages for a few quid, they probably an hour or so drive from you to collect, they also do delivery
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    Yep v understandable. In my case my shop round the corner (0.8m from me) has everything! If you are desperate, I can ask if he will post a bag or two to you He has Natural Dark Gravy bones; small or large marrow bones; fluffy rabbit ears or dried nonfluff ones; various chews; natural dried chicken feet, or turkey feet; LoveJoys & Forthglade vac-packs, sealed. And lots more. I'm very fortunate to have free bones too, from my butcher in town. Just rang: Nigel - Animals Only: animal feed, tack, bedding leads, harnesses, toys etc etc from equine to dogs, cats, birds, fish.. 01684273050 Nigel Sligh does already post out dog supplies/feed/treats from ebay, but has said he can find cheapest courier/posting options for you. If no answer leave message or try again - he is pretty busy.. From GL20 (Tewkesbury). ❤👍🤗
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    LOL this high energy breed is just so hard to contain
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    Thanks very much I made a pen for him and he seems to be enjoying it with the company of our other dog very much! I don’t think I will be neutering anytime soon, if at all. Thanks to both of you for the information and help!
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    Thanks Chelseafan. Most places are on lockdown. Will try them out as soon as they reopen
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    For what its worth I agree totally with cheaseafan. Giving them the chop before they are fully grown interferes with the growth plates and is intimated in more likelyhood of cruciat ligament problems etc. For a husky I would leave him to at least 18 months if you want to go down that route. I have one rescued husky who was neutered before I got him and another that was not - and still is not 4 years later. No difference whatsoever in their temperatments - in fact the neutered one is more likely to make a dash 'for freedom' than the un-neutered one. Both are complete lunatics. The prey-drive of the neutered one is far higher than the un-neutered one - but that is more likely to be just down the the individual dog than anything to do with his 'bits' A happy care-free husky owner has high fences and secure gates - we have expert level Houdinis for companions.
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    Hi, the age that he is now is the time his prey drive is kicking in, he’ll take every opportunity he can to escape and hunt for prey. If he’s tied up for long periods of time he will become very bored and this can lead to separation anxiety, husky’s are an intelligent breed and as much as they love to be with us they are independent. Shock collars, in my opinion, are cruel and can lead to fear and aggression, using one of these will hinder your bonding with him. Neutering is a personal preference, for some dogs who’ve had the chop they can become overweight and lazy and for some it has made no difference to their behaviour at all. I’d do more research before you decide, there’s evidence to suggest it’s not as healthy for them to have it done as vets lead us to believe. I have 2 males and I decided against it after researching, one of mine had an undescended testicle and a vet I saw was badgering me to have both testes removed as she said the other one wouldn’t drop. I didn’t agree to it and it did drop. Neutering him would not stop him running off either, he was bred to run, it’s in their DNA, plenty of exercise, physical and mental is the only way forward. A fenced area is the way to go for safety and a chance for him to run his energy off, it would need to be at least 6 foot high and a horse wired fence is very strong. Husky’s can dig and are really good at it, you’d need to ensure he couldn’t dig his way out underneath the fence, they are Houdini’s! Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    Hi all! I am Gian and my husky's name is Didi. We are from Manila, Philippines. I'm glad to see a forum dedicated for raising these huskies. I am an avid fan of this breed. Didi is born on Jan. 21, 2020. Right now, she is 9 weeks old and weighs 5.53 KG. Here are some pics of her 😃 She is actually my second husky. Unfortunately, my first one, Sean, passed away. Didi is delight to have and thank you in advance for welcoming us here!
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    Nap time after a good run. Waiting for the cat to slide onto the girls head. He’s lucky they like him. LOL
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    aww damn just checked for you and most of the bones are nit availabe but you can get chickens fed raw the bones are ok if you feed the wings i recomend you snip the tips of teh wings off as that bone is sharp and pointed the link to them phone and see what they have also has the address https://www.facebook.com/pg/happyhoundswales2014/about/?ref=page_internal if you are really short i could let you have a bag of turkey necks i do have 3 right now you would just have to get Pontypridd with an ice box could also let you have some ribs as i have half a pack
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    While I know its pretty obvious, I feel a responsibility as one of the people who run the site to state the position we currently are in. Parkdean Resorts have closed all facilities at the park, other than accommodation so far. So there will be no food facilities there, no toilet facilities for people who are camping, or showers etc. The situation with supermarkets at the moment is a pain in the arse just shopping for ourselves, with us being only allowed to purchase 3 items of any product line in most supermarkets. So bulk purchasing for camp is simply going to be impossible to do. Pubs and restaurants are closed for the foreseeable. So when out and about, we simply will not have anywhere we can stop to eat, drink etc. Not only for us, but for the dogs. No places to stop even to go to the toilet, as all public toilets are closed We have people within our group that will be in the 'at risk' groups I think the likelihood of them not closing the park entirely at some point is pretty close to zero. The cases of covid 19 at present are following, pretty much identically, cases in Italy as they were 2 weeks ago, with no real end in sight. To that end, while its not confirmed, I think we can safely say that camp is becoming increasingly unlikely to happen in any form at all. In addition, we have to look at our own social responsibility. I'm posting this because once it is confirmed, and I believe at some point it will be, we are inevitably going to be asked what we do next. Obviously we don't know what is going to happen, and when all this will be a distant memory. People are going to ask what the camp is doing about what we have already booked, and we dont know the answer to that question. All I can say at the moment is when/if camp is cancelled, and once things are over, we will re-evaluate at that point and see if we can get camp rearranged, once we know all the details and its viable. We have to bear in mind that people need to book holidays, and usually do so well in advance of this. Some will have had to take holidays already, and others are going to be in a position where they cant get them at shorter notice. Sorry for the doom and gloom post guys. But just getting ahead of it before it happens. We have to be realistic.
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    [emoji23] it’s lovely weather here in mid-wales and my 2 are loving the garden. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    “One should just chill like a husky and avoid the madness”
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    National puppy day in our house everyday.....lolol
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    That's my caravan and pitch all paid up today, don't forget everyone that's booked with the park it's to be paid up by the 6th
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    I’m of the same opinion, that puppy shots and first booster are necessary after that I feel, in my opinion, that any other booster shots are unnecessary. There are so many articles around telling us we need this and that for our pets, but i think it’s about financial gain for company’s that sell them and the vets. Pet company’s are well aware of what we’re willing to spend on our beloved fur babies but the majority of it is unnecessary, lots of research is needed before we buy into what they tell us is best. Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
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    We aren’t new to Huskies, but when our last one died (14 years ago) he took part of my husband’s heart. We now have a bonded pair who are almost 10 months old. Thor and Loki. Plus we have an 11 yo Aussie named Pippa who hates their guts... She was mourning her brother’s death when we got the pups so we thought she’d bond with them, but sadly she hasn’t. I guess I don’t have a lot of questions - just introducing myself. ☺️
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    Google your local rescue centre. as there are lots of huskys that have been dumped because people thought the cute litte puppy fluff ball would be the oerfect dog for them. a short time later they are dumped on gumtree pets4home with the same over used stories We are having a baby we suddenly moving house and cant take dog with us we now work different hours to name a few

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