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  1. Cute girl , definitely agree with wolfpup on the offlead thing
  2. when is her last meal of the day ? It could just be hunger bile My boy occasionally throws up in the mornings if he decides to skip his dinner
  3. Any sign of irritation? Any noticable change in behaviour ? She could just be a chilled out sleepy pooch one of my dogs (not husky) used to fall asleep sitting up
  4. As a puppy their eyes can change but it is not normal for a 8 month old pups eyes to change that dramatically so , it sounds like there may be a kidney issue going on
  5. So cute! Make sure you research littermate syndrome and get them used to being separated at times also
  6. Sounds like it could be leash aggression or frustrated greeter , your better off finding a behaviourist who can help you
  7. As soon as he nips Yelp and ignore or redirect with a toy , it will take time but he'll soon learn
  8. Are you meeting on neutral ground ? Somewhere both your dogs and the rescue have never been before ?
  9. Sounds like they could have separation anxiety which can be common in sibes
  10. Gorgeous pup , and a wooly coat too ! Hes gonna be a stunner when hes older
  11. So sorry for your loss R.I.P Jada
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