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  1. I would get a second opinion if it was me
  2. Do you have any clearer pics from all different angles? That will help us see if he might be a cross The not being kc reg due to covid is an absolute lie so either the parents weren't kc reg or they had restrictions placed upon them
  3. Is it always when she's standing? My girl has arthritis and her leg trembles when she's stood too long
  4. Update! Skyla went for another blood test yesterday, she also had a bile acid test , vets rang today with the results and shes fine ! Bile acid results are absolutely fine which means no liver failure, her liver level is still increased but not to the point where we need to stress about it, she doesn't have to go back now until June , so rather than every 2 months we're back to 4 months between tests , I am so happy They shaved her neck more than i expected them to 😱 luckily she is fluffy enough that you cant really tell lol
  5. Hard to tell , pics aren't the best to see his eyes either but it's possible
  6. Anything to do with eyes definitely needs checking over just to be safe so I would say yes definitely get her seen by a vet, definitely not normal at 7 years of age for her eye to change colour like that Keep us posted , hope she's ok
  7. Could be a coat blow , my girl looses some guard hairs during a coat blow too , is her skin otherwise OK?
  8. Without pics its hard to even guess at what something could be , we can guess as much as possible but we could be wrong and then if that dog suffers because we said 'oh with THINK it might be this' then we get blamed, if you're ever worried then yes vets should be your first port of call even if it does turn out to be nothing , we aren't vets just dog owners , some with years and years of experience some new to dogs and we won't risk any dogs health on a thought
  9. Depends on your dog, I know my female would never tolerate another female in the house
  10. Poor pup , no experience but hope he's better soon even if his eyes stay brown I wouldnt worry so long as he's healthy
  11. Our first dog was a staffy cross , we had no experience with dogs when we got him, he was a rescue dog at 3 years old , when he was about 10 we decided to get our first husky , a year and a few months later we got our second husky , we had some difficult times but nothing we couldn't handle, I like you did a ton of research first (I was only 5 years older than you are now) and didn't have years of training experience and definitely no dog sledding experience, they do have a high prey drive with small animals so that is something to be aware of , mine absolutely love kids but no dog should e
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