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  1. Yeah, the vets have now moved her off tramadol to tralieve which is still basically tramadol but its pet medication and more effective apparently so hopefully that helps too once it arrives
  2. It usually happens with a bump to the head , but if it happened in the garden and she hasnt hit her head I would want her seeing an eye specialist
  3. Thanks I'll check that out too, shes doing amazing on the tramadol too , like a brand new dog lol
  4. Looks like a standard plush coat , do you have amy other pics ? Maybe a side view
  5. Hard to say she almost looks possibly cross breed
  6. Could just be a dirty faced (markings) dilute black and white (colouring) hard to say till hes a little older , they change so much as pups
  7. Welcome, he looks more like a malamute in that picture lol
  8. She is, I've just moved her to the extra strength yumove , I'll look into the riaflex tho thanks The tramadol has already made a difference but if anything else helps I'm willing to give it a go
  9. Back to the vets today, noticed the past couple of weeks her leg has started shaking , at first put it down to being cold and having a flare up but wanted to get her checked to be safe , turns out she now has degenerative bone disease shes now on tramadol to see how she gets on (low dose to start) feel so bad for my girl , yet despite everything she is always smiling
  10. Where are you based ? There are a lot in the uk i can point you to but I wouldnt know any elsewhere in the world
  11. I've never head of vaccinations causing arthritis, this definitely isnt the case with Skyla hers I'm pretty sure is genetic , she was a big dog even as a pup and her parents didn't have health tests (shes a rehome pup)
  12. Hard to say , do you have pictures of any of the other pups? It is rare but it can happen that if a dog is mates with 2 different breeds it can have pure bred and cross bred pups in the same litter
  13. I am in the same boat as you, my 2 have had their puppy vaccs and their first year boosters and thats it , bings also never had any vaccs when we had him and all have not had an illness that vaccs could have prevented , bings lived till 17 and blaze and skyla are 10 and 11 years young , healthy dogs
  14. My boys eye was the same as a pup it's now brown
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