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  1. Puppies ears can take up to 5 months or so to stand up
  2. Personally I hate that people cross everything with a poodle these days, either get a bernese or get a poodle and research each breed to see which is a better fit and what would suit your lifestyle more , with a cross breed you never know 100% what traits you'll get from each side
  3. Welcome!
  4. Skyla was around a year old too , turned into a right terror
  5. Some people say a thundershirt helps their dogs , making sure curtains etc are shut and also having music/tv on loud to help drown out the noise, if shes really bad the vets could maybe prescribe something
  6. Any change in behaviour is best checked over by a vet just to be on the safe side
  7. Do you have any better pics, that pup looks younger than 8weeks imo , hard to tell tho
  8. Give him something with your scent on see if that helps settle him down
  9. Id say wolf Grey , agouti doesn't have the white undercoat but more cream and the fur is banded
  10. Welcome ! Gorgeous dogs
  11. Yeah I'd just keep an eye on her for now and see how she goes
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