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  1. Have a look at some of the husky specific rescues, 8 below , shwa , heart welfare etc
  2. Hard to say but looks more standard coat then wooly
  3. Welcome to the site, have you looked at a slow feeder bowl also feeding him in his own space alone will help , I also had a mistreated dog and whilst it took time he soon settled and realised we weren't going to hurt him Who told you, you need specialist training ? The rescue should cover this if that's the case
  4. Is he neutered? I know with females they can get spay incontinence i wonder if its the same for males also
  5. I use a spot on treatment but only if my 2 actually catch fleas otherwise I dont bother
  6. Is he being walked at all? Huskies do self regulate and skip days of food if theyre not hungry , my boy even the gets walked 2 , 3 times a day (depending on the day/length of walk) and still sometimes skips several days of food , if hes low energy then he won't need as much food/calories so he won't eat
  7. At 7 months old he should only be going out for about 35 mins per walk (5 mins per month of age per walk until a year old), has anything happened to him recently in or out of the house that could have scared him?
  8. Hard to say re weight as the pics aren't the best but if you Google dog body condition score that should help you , you should be able to feel the ribs but not be able to dip you fingers between each rib huskies have very sensitive stomachs and a straight swap with food will be causing loose stools , given his past he would have got used to just eating whatever he was given , a lot of sibes do better on a raw (barf) diet so that might be worth looking into Also have a look at 100ft dog leads on ebay aswell or a horse lunge line to let him have a run around safely
  9. I made sure to take them out individually aswell as together to work on their training and slowly transitioned from him wearing the harness and a semi-slip to just the semi-slip , then I was able to put him in a normal harness and the only time I used it after that was when it was icy out but don't need it for that now either
  10. I'm on there under @skyla_bear but post everything aswell as my dogs so its not dog specific
  11. Looks a lot smoother on the mobile site
  12. I agree that the moving around has unsettled him, they don't like change , they thrive on routine
  13. I used a walkyourdogwithlove non pull harness (mine didn't get on with head collars) walking belt and their own lead each now we no longer need the non pull harness , walking separately and together to get the commands down to train
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