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  1. Tails look fine the way they're holding them , when relaxed their tail will be down, when on the move it curves
  2. Welcome to the pack! Huskies do tend to get more hassle than others due to their looks , ears held up and forward plus tail held up is dominance/aggression in doggy body language He does look part gsd but that's not to say Huskies CANT be obedient too , my girl is an angel has never pulled on the lead and is very obedient, she however doesn't like other dogs due to being attacked when she was younger
  3. It's hard to tell sometimes whilst they're still growing and developing Welcome to the pack
  4. Welcome to the pack , she looks fine to me , especially as shes still growing , they do go through a tall skinny stage
  5. First she needs a vet check to make sure shes not in pain or has something neurological going on Has anything happened on a walk or around any people lately that could have triggered it If all that doesnt clear anything up like Rachael said look into getting a behaviourist
  6. A lot of Huskies have a HUGE prey drive which means any small animal (including small dogs) are at risk, my girl once dived into a Bush and came out with a cat , thankfully she dropped it and the cat was fine but you cant blame the dog for what it did , it was just an accident and it happens , you can be more alert and you can train them to ignore certain animals but the prey drive never really goes away Mine can walk past birds, squirrels , cats etc but they still watch them and they still like to pounce towards certain animals occasionally Can you not avoid other dogs at all ? Not all dogs need to or want to socialise with others and they shouldn't have to . My girl was attacked as a puppy so is now fear reactive with other dogs, we walk at quiter times of the day , if we see another dog we walk another way or keep a distance away from them that shes comfortable with, any offlead dogs we turn tail and get away as quickly as possible whilst shouting the other owner to get their dog (if the offlead dog behaves and doesnt come near us shes fine)
  7. It can happen having pure bred and cross breeds in the same litter if the bitch was caught by two dogs so he could be right but it wasnt good to lie about it
  8. I use a mikki undercoat rake on mine , buy a soft brush or grooming mit for now to get him used to it
  9. Hard to tell with the pics , could be a blocked tear duct , a bite/sting from a bug , something irritated it , conjunctivitis, only your vet can tell you , please let us know how u get on tho hope it all goes well
  10. You can give them piriton but if it doesnt help it it'll need to be checked out
  11. It's a husky thing , make sure he cant get out again is pretty much all you can do , they're known to turn deaf once they've escaped , it's why its not advised to let them off the lead either
  12. I personally dont think theyd be much help , even when people say to put a wet towel to cool your dog down your not supposed to put it OVER the dog but underneath to lie on
  13. Hard to tell if these arent recent pics , but in those they look fine , they tend to go through a lanky leggy stage as they're growing anyway
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