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  1. Probably not most dog outfits even tbr XXXL ones are more likely to fit a westie than a husky
  2. Honestly If your new to dogs I wouldnt recommend two pups at the same time, I'd focus on your husky then when hes a bit older , past the teenage stage and where you want him in regards to training then I would think about adding another dog
  3. Welcome to the pack, he sounds like an amazing dog and you were lucky to have each other
  4. Have you looked at coyote rollers or something similar , invisible fences dont always work with Huskies as the prey drive overrules anything else then once (if) they decide to come back the shock stops them getting back in
  5. So sorry for your loss
  6. Google coyote rollers, they're obviously not really a uk thing but I'm sure you could make them here aswell
  7. So sorry for your loss
  8. I ride it out , it does seem to just stop, shes not shedding atm and it seems to have stopped
  9. Yes my girl gets it ALOT , it comes and goes but does seem to happen more often when shes shedding It's just excess oils and nothing to worry about (mine only get bathed like once or twice a year , my male never gets the excess oil tho) My girl is a pure white too
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