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  1. About 80lbs (she's on a bit of a diet and hasn't been weighed for a while so she's probably a bit less than that now) , shes an adult aswell my male is around 66/70lbs
  2. I would also get a vet check done, maybe check his thyroid levels
  3. I completely agree , my girl is actually bigger than my male , you're best getting a small/medium for a pup i would think (been a while since I had a puppy)
  4. Just skin pigmentation , completely normal
  5. Welcome to the site, she really is a beauty
  6. Welcome to the site, its still going sometimes people reply to older threads which has happened recently
  7. They do go through fear stages throughout their puppyhood whilst they grow up , she could be experiencing one now , anything else that happened around that area at all ?
  8. Shes a teenager, what do you.do when you leave her? What is she left with ? She's actually.too young to be taken out on bike rides until a year old
  9. Do you have pics/vids ? It could just be puppy clumsiness
  10. How old is he ? My girl was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 7 , her dbd came a bit later
  11. my girl has degenerative bone disease in her spine and she's on medication for it , whilst she'll never be cured of it the pain medication is helping
  12. Walks together will help , how did u initially introduce them?
  13. Unless he's loosing weight or seems otherwise unwell I wouldn't worry , my boy often goes days where he won't eat his dinners, they're known to self regulate
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