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  1. Oh rob I'm so sorry! R.i.p bindi
  2. Could be a purebred just from working lines
  3. Welcome! Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog
  4. I just clip the lead to my dogs ear........ 😂
  5. Might possibly be worth asking in some uk based husky groups on Facebook see if anyone local could help , there's siberian husky owners uk and huskies of the Midlands which might be of help
  6. Welcome to the forum , I've had to remove your link as it has a link to breeders in it which isn't allowed per forum rules My cousin owns a purebred pomeranian so I know a small amount about that breed and they're quite similar to huskies in that their double coated and their coat needs a lot of care , they can also be very vocal tho are possibly a bit easier to train than a husky , I don't know too much about chihuahuas as they're not a breed I'm a fan off but I don't believe crossing a pom and a chi is the best breeding practice , you have no idea which traits from either breed you're going to get and you could end up with a very high strung dog , id recommend researching each breed separately to learn their good traits and bad traits plus any common health issues each breed might inherit and then work out if you could cope with a dog that ends up with any or all of those bad traits and/or health issues
  7. Welcome ! Is there anywhere you can rent a private fenced in field to let him off ?
  8. Looks wooly to me , what did parents look like ?
  9. Both parents look like wooly huskies to me so pup would be husky too
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