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  1. Welcome to the pack, hes doing it to cool down , maybe get him a paddling pool or something in your garden for him to splash in instead My girl is 9 and still does it lol
  2. Has he been checked by a vet for a urinary infection ? Also at 3 months old he wont have full control of his bladder and will still have set backs, patience is your friend but definitely get him checked out first
  3. Go back to basics , straight out after eating, drinking sleeping etc , and every hour or 2 , she'll soon realise , this is why I hate pee pads , just teaches bad habits I hope you dont mind me asking aswell but why do u not crate train etc from the day pup comes home? Why wait till they're a certain number of weeks old ?
  4. Agree with wolf pup, too much swapping will just teach your girl to wait for something better Raw and dry food shouldn't be mixed either it digests at different rates which could be why she's turning her nose up as she's just not hungry If u do feed both I'd do separate meals , mine get dry in the morning (if they ask for it ) and meat in the evenings
  5. Welcome to the pack Gorgeous dogs, I cant see any wolf in the pup tho
  6. I hate those the breeder said mum stopped looking after them comments , of course she did at that age they should be weaned onto puppy food but mum and siblings still teach them valuable lessons as they grow older , too late now but next time never trust a breeder that says this Some Huskies are generally quieter then others , a video might help? Mine rarely make any noises until they want something lol
  7. Yeah get a house line to help lead her into the kitchen the more u stick with one method the quicker she'll learn
  8. Did you find there was one method that seemed to work better than others? Even just slightly? If so stick with it , constantly changing how you're teaching her will just confuse her and she won't know what you're asking of her
  9. Sounds like a typical husky , mine are 9 and 10 and majority of the time unless they want food or it's time for a walk you wouldn't even know we had dogs lol
  10. Totally normal for huskies to have2 colour eyes 6 weeks is too young really to be away from mum so u might have a few issues with him , make sure u research bite inhibition and separation anxiety Here's my boy with his bi-eyes (he's 10 now )
  11. Fish4dogs have a coupon code PUP1 available atm , I think it's UK only though But I managed to get 10 bags of their favourite treats for £14.70 instead of £42 and it had free delivery
  12. How crap , glad I only buy a bag of food twice a year
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