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  1. Oh no poor Luna that sounds so painful the poor baby I hope shes ok Hope you're ok too , must be so upsetting and stressful, hugs for u both
  2. Is the incision hot to touch ? Dont forget her hormones are now out of whack making her feel vulnerable too
  3. Of course u can teach her, find something she loves and use that as motivation (a favourite toy or treat) I found the book 101 dog tricks by kyra Sundance to be a great help it has step by step instructions and pictures for each trick ranging from easy to more difficult
  4. Probably just pigmentation, pics would help , my boy has a black spot on his tongue too
  5. I know sid has been having issues with her messages lately I'll let her know about this post for u
  6. Has he had any scans or xrays of his spine?
  7. Yeah standard coat , the longer fur is normal the coat is just growing in
  8. Hi Marc , nice to see u around :)
  9. Sadly even most supermarkets and even pets at home sell these
  10. Yep like shepsky said , yelping can help , its what their siblings would do if they bit each other too hard to let them know
  11. Welcome to the pack , I had a whippet cross too and he absolutely loved to run but he always came back, Huskies also love to run but are a hell of a lot less obedient , best to keep them on the lead , you can get 100ft leads off Amazon or Ebay so they can still have a run around but are kept safe at the same time
  12. Shes resource guarding, I would move it somewhere she cant see it or get to it , maybe a glass cabinet so you can still see it but its higher up so she cant
  13. Keep her away from other dogs , as shes still recovering she could be feeling vulnerable and the pent up energy from not being walked as much could be turning into frustration also , if it carries on once shes healed and back to full exercise I'd look into a behaviourist Is she on any pain relief?
  14. Welcome to the pack my white is called skyla too
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