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  1. I havent dealt with it personally so I couldn't advise but I think some training and certain plans in place could help , muzzle training would maybe be a good idea too , find one that they cant bite through as she'd still be able to eat otherwise
  2. She very well could have , has she been checked over by a vet , full blood panel etc ? And possibly by a behaviourist aswell , if it was non food items I would have definitely thought it would be pica but that doesnt usually relate to food only
  3. Are you on Facebook? Theres a couple of raw feeding groups that can give you advice on what ratios you need, mine arent raw fed as their main diet
  4. Raw generally shouldn't be mixed with kibble , some dogs cant tolerate it as it digests at different rates
  5. Stop free feeding , give her set meal times and if it's not eaten within half hour take it up until her next meal time , free feeding mean they just pick at it throughout the day
  6. It could be a seizure , even tho hes not showing signs of one (shaking etc.) I would definitely get him checked out by a different vet, maybe some scans to see if it's a neurological issue
  7. She'll take it in something for a couple of days before she gets wise to it and refuses 🙄 I totally understand what you mean about the choice , I wonder if cadbury caramel would work with skyla , she really hates the taste tho so not sure if it'll hide it enough
  8. She seems to be doing well , not happy about the pills tho , I guess they dont taste very nice so we have to keep trying new things to hide them in lol
  9. Yeah, the vets have now moved her off tramadol to tralieve which is still basically tramadol but its pet medication and more effective apparently so hopefully that helps too once it arrives
  10. It usually happens with a bump to the head , but if it happened in the garden and she hasnt hit her head I would want her seeing an eye specialist
  11. Thanks I'll check that out too, shes doing amazing on the tramadol too , like a brand new dog lol
  12. Looks like a standard plush coat , do you have amy other pics ? Maybe a side view
  13. Hard to say she almost looks possibly cross breed
  14. Could just be a dirty faced (markings) dilute black and white (colouring) hard to say till hes a little older , they change so much as pups
  15. Welcome, he looks more like a malamute in that picture lol
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