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  1. So another update , Wednesday last week skyla slipped/collapsed and couldnt get back up again , I rushed to her and managed to get her up using a towel like a sling under her belly , rushed her to the vets who checked her over (by then she's walking but very stiff) was told to rest her for a few days and also get some blood work done to be safe , well by the next day she was acting like a puppy like nothing was wrong at all , then Monday came and the vets finally rang me back after promising they'd call me Friday when I chased it up and it's not the best news we could have got , despite her being absolutely fine after her fall on Wednesday her blood results have shown up with some abnormalities that without a ton of tests (more blood works , ultrasounds under sedation etc, etc) they can't narrow it down and honestly given her age and existing health issues we don't feel it's fair to put her through all of that , so we've decided to just enjoy however long left with her we have. I just hope she continues to be the fighter she always has been and gives us a good while longer yet 💜
  2. The ears can flop when teething but soon stand up again
  3. Gutted we never got chance to come to a main camp , but I've loved all the meet ups over the years too
  4. They can flop again when pups teethe so that could be what it is , is your pup purebred?
  5. Id keep her on what she's used to , at that age you don't want to upset her stomach , as a special treat you can't go wrong with meat , just not pork
  6. She looks pure , huskies are supposed to be slim
  7. Welcome, he is absolutely a red and gorgeous to boot
  8. What are the circumstances around her attacking? Has she been vet checked?
  9. Shes on anti-inflammatory medication for the arthritis, she also has degenerative bone disease in her spine that she takes tralieve for (dog tramadol) and still goes for her walks every day tho she's 12 now and weve only just started to make her walks a bit shorter now as she can't go for quite as long anymore
  10. My girl was diagnosed with arthritis at 7 , you wouldn't know it to look at her
  11. The more you swap foods the fussier you'll make her , my boy will sometimes go days without eating , then he will eat , so long as she's not loosing weight/condition and acting fine (not lethargic etc) then try not to worry , she'll eat when she's hungry
  12. Like robke said so sounds like you're doing the right amount
  13. There is a Facebook group called zrd in sled dogs that might be useful for you
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