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  1. well i am going to say one thing at this moment , how dare any off you call people back yard breeders without knowing anything about them. as this would inclue me................. my maya is not registered but koda is and yes an accident happened but what a lovely accident as i would not be without my puppies and tip which i kept. richard has had a pup of me knowing this and tikaani is the most beautiful thing. i no everyone has there own opinion on things but keep it to your self .sorry but i love my dogs and do everything i can for them and feel very hurt at this moment. my dogs are my world and i never throught anyone on hear would be so short sited.
  2. maya hates it if we pet the other dogs , we are hers in her eyes.
  3. i need one permission to date your son's lol
  4. jackie62

    Doggy Door

    yeah it's called brian lol , if dogs want out at night i shout at brian to let them out
  5. Master Card Wedding You got to love this guy... This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University . It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it. It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage with a microphone to talk to the crowd. He said he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and his family and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a lavish reception. As a token of his deep appreciation he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair, including the wedding party was an envelope. He said this was his gift to everyone, and asked them to open their envelope Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 glossy of his bride having sex with the best man. The groom had gotten suspicious of them weeks earlier and had hired a private detective to tail them. After just standing there, just watching the guests' reactions for a couple of minutes, he turned to the best man and said, 'F---you!' Then he turned to his bride and said, 'F--- you!' Then he turned to the dumbfounded crowd and said, 'I'm outta here.' He had the marriage annulled first thing in the morning. While most people would have canceled the wedding immediately after finding out about the affair, this guy goes through with the charade, as if nothing were wrong. His revenge--making the bride's parents pay over $32,000 for a 300-guest wedding and reception, and best of all, trashing the bride's and best man's reputations in front of 300 friends and family members. This guy has balls the size of church bells. Do you think we might get a MasterCard 'priceless' commercial out of this? Elegant wedding reception for 300 family members and friends: $32,000. Wedding photographs commemorating the Occasion: $3,000 Deluxe two-week honeymoon accommodations in Maui : $8,500. The look on everyone's face when they see the 8x10 glossy of the bride humping the best man: Priceless. There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's MASTERCARD A Mastercard Wedding 'Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches, it's more like a jar of Jalapenos--what you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow......'
  6. oh sandy cant wait for your website our mum can order us some more yummy biscuits , got to go mums coming xxxx maya koda diesel honey tip xxxx
  7. sorry i missed your birthday ............................ happy birthday amy .....
  8. all dogs look nice and clean and white in pictures lol. but just good brushing and i buy the dog wipes for mine . yours dont look dirty in any pics , its just you sarah lol.
  9. Thank you sarah lmao xxxxxxxxx
  11. Sandy , they loved them ..........a big yummy yummy from the gang xxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. jackie62


    recent pics some more recent pics of babies sleeping
  13. i totally agree with you mick . it is lovely to hear your stories about how well they are doing off lead but does worry me . not saying dont do it as everyone does things differently but you can never be 100% with them , care at all times ,you never no what is round the corner as they say ..xx
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