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  1. I've got patches on - and just don't want one, it's weird, i didn't think it'd work for me but it has
  2. Why thank you I'm 7 days and 22 hours without having a cigarette and doing great! Might put a couple of lbs back on but I can loose them again
  3. Got to have power for the beer fridge!! Plus there are 2 fields - 1 for elec hook up, one without - we're all on the one with hook up so - hmmmm you may want peace and quiet or you may want insane husky owners
  4. love all my stuff - walking belt easily takes all 3 of my huskies
  5. That's fantastic!!!!! Just watched a bit of the vid on mute as my 3 are sleeping and you know all hell will break loose lol They really shoot off at the start don't they!
  6. It's like it's snowing when i use mine on the boys when they're blowing their coats lol neighbours must love me!

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