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  1. Some piccies of our walk this morning, enjoy...
  2. You didn't say where to get them from, or how much they cost. I want one...
  3. Smithy with a bone, o.k. it's a rawhide, but still a bone... Now a pic of your Husky digging the garden...
  4. I did nuffin' Dad, honest, Right a pic of your Husky with all 4 paws off the ground (should be an easy one this)...
  5. Here ya go one husky playing footie, he killed it though... Right next a pic of your husky next to a gnome...
  6. Yep that was the one middle of nowhere, no longer there, had quite a few problems towards the end, so I've read...
  7. That's where I found it:eek: I actually googled Follytails as that's where Smithy and Noushka were from...
  8. Smithy


    Another barfer here. We have tried Smithy on most of the kibble makes but alas could only pick up the poo on a frosty morning, then went on to tinned meat, ok for a few months then he stopped eating, then we found out about barf and have not looked back.
  9. Smithy


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