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  1. Andy


    Just look through the members media section and see all the different types of Husky. I'm sure you'll see some that look like moon. Sarah and Marc (owners of the forum) currently are fostering Kevin/Khaos (we call him Kevin they call him Khaos lol) he looks similar to Moon and member Guinnesman (Phil) had a young boy named Logan (RIP) who was a short haired white like moon
  2. Andy


    Welcome to the forum From the photo looks full Husky. The people telling you that Moon isn't a full husky do they own Huskies? If not then they are talking from a position of Zero knowledge about the breed. Huskies come in many shapes, sizes, colours of coat and eyes and different fur lengths. They are all full pure bred huskies.
  3. Andy

    Hi all!

    Hey Marc Long time. . .. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  4. Andy

    Camp weather

    Awesome it's looking like another epic camp, good weather always helps
  5. I've messaged Gary to let him know you're interested
  6. Welcome to the forum. As people seem to have advised you. First rule of Husky ownership : NEVER let your Husky (cross or not) off lead in an unsecured area. Second rule of |Husky ownership : See rule No. 1 people who have had other breeds always remember that you can train a dog to respond and do what you want. Huskies can be trained in a closed safe environment to do all the same tricks, once outside in a wide open unsecured space all that training is completely ignored and you will be chasing your dog for hours, if your are even lucky enough to keep it in sight. This isn't just my opinion, this is what EVERY Husky owner discovers when they think they have the one Husky who will respond. On top of that they are escape artistes extraordinaire, if you have a half inch gap in your garden fence they will exploit it to get out. They will open doors and windows. You have to make your home into Fort Knox. You never open an exterior door without first checking that your husky is first locked away behind an interior door or baby gate. They will talk back to you, and ignore you, And they will shed constantly and blow their undercoat twice per year. Other than that they are a Joy to be owned by. Good luck
  7. Hmmmm, I think that wherever you are in this country, at any time of the day, we can always find you sat outside in the sun with a can of beer in your hand
  8. Yep we're good with that
  9. Darwins previous owners used to let him sleep on their bed. It took me a few weeks of "Off" to get him to sleep on the bedroom floor, I then left it a month or so to let that behaviour bed in. Then a few weeks of "wait" to get him to wait outside the bedroom with the door open so he could see and smell and hear me breathing. (he would still sneak in and lay on the floor) then as he got used to the fact I wasn't going anywhere during the night he started sleeping on the landing floor. It took a few months in total, but all training with Huskies is slow and gradual. 9 years later he rarely ever even comes upstairs at night, if he does it's because my granddaughter is staying over and he just lays on the landing outside the door.
  10. Oh Yeah, Echo was a rescue, she did not like strangers or other dogs coming near. If you were part of her pack then she loved you, but she took the protection seriously and wanted to back other people and dogs away. It was never aggressive just barking and noise. We had that for 8 years 'till she passed.
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