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  1. We want to go next year, however we're going to wait until a couple of months before the date to see if Wales relaxes some of the lockdown rules. We will just have see what the conditions are in early April. This year is the first year in 10 years we haven't been to Husky Camp. When the conditions are safe, we'll be back. . . . We miss you guys.
  2. Go to the Pita Pata website https://pitapata.com/index.html and sign in to your account. Click on the far right tab "My Pita Pata". This will give you a list of your tickers. Hover over the ticker you want to insert and click on "Get clicker code" There are a series of Tabs click on Image URL and copy the "Ticker URL". Now you have to go to your settings in your Husky Owners profile. Go to Signature. and paste the ticker, (if it says you have pasted in Rich text format change it to plain text) and your Pita Pata ticker should be there.
  3. Very nice, Thanks for all the hard work Marc
  4. Thanks Marc for the update. I want to go to many more Husky Camps. (been going since 2010) However if we have to sacrifice a few to get it right and make it safe, so be it.
  5. Andy


    Run free Jada
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