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    Owned by two Huskies and a White german shepherd.
    Work at the Mini factory in Oxford, as a Sequence Analyst.
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  1. Fantastic Pics, thanks for sharing
  2. Sorry I have no suggestions as I don't crate mine, but welcome to the world of the world of the Husky that thinks.
  3. Before we domesticated dogs 10,000 years ago all dogs had to hunt and catch their own food. So they are designed to eat raw, bones and all.
  4. My boy Darwin will always go and stand in the kids paddling pool when we get back from a walk. All quite normal.
  5. Welcome, to Husky-Owners
  6. I'm an olympic recurve outdoor Archer. (that means I shoot an Olympic Recurve bow, not that I shoot for england in the olympics (I wish I was that good LOL))
  7. Andy

    Camp pitch

    Yep let me know how much
  8. Booking the dates off at work Me Kells and Eden +Darwin for definate and maybe eldest son Gary too
  9. Whoop whoop . . Caravan booked. . . Husky camp here we come !!!
  10. Andy

    9 years

    This place wouldn't be the same without you Nix
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