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  1. I am a Sequence Analyst in Production Control at an Automotive plant in the UK, Sounds way more technical than it is. I ensure that the flow of car bodies throughout the plant is occurring at the correct time, and chase up any bodies that may be potentially late are chased up in the various areas of the plant, to get them back on track.
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    R I P Iwan...

    RIP Iwan, Run free. You have so many friends to guide you. Rob & Di, you are in our thoughts.
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    Run Free flash, you'll have plenty of new freinds to show you the ropes
  4. They are tools and any tool used badly will cause damage. However tools used by trainers properly versed in the correct use can get amazing results. There is a lot of bad press that highlights how when used by people with certain types of dogs, shows the harm that can be done. Something we say to everyone thinking of getting a Husky for the first time and that is Do your Research first. The same applies to Prongs and E-Collars, they are not torture devices, they are training aids when used correctly can very quickly without pain or discomfort take a dog with appalling behaviour and dampen down the bad behaviour When the behaviour is under control you then discontinue them, and continue training your dog with more traditional methods. Unfortunately people get second hand information and only hear one side of the story Google a trainer in American named Larry Krohn and watch some of his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCortXxJdZYbHCrOa3nddr6g
  5. Not many of us have been successful training the pull out of Huskies, it is a long and thankless task of going exactly nowhere. They reach the end of the lead, you stop and turn, they'll run ahead, reach the end of the lead. You stop and turn repeat forever. Eventually they will start watching you for the turn and so you get to go a little further . A trainer has mentioed to me that making them wait at the door before you leave, make them wait until they are calm and not amped up then start out, watch for the signs that they are about to get excited and distract them so bringing the state of excitement down. makes them easier to control. again there is no quick fix it is a very long, months even years of this to get them "walking nicely" If this doesn't work then you may have to go the route of E-Collars and /or prong collars both used in a proper and humane way to slow them down
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