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Husky camp pictures Beach Walk...
Husky camp pictures Beach Walk...
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Husky camp pictures Free Run...
We always miss our annual camp not being every day here at husky owners. Luckily we ways have pics to look back on. Thank you to Di for taking these ones at the annual off lead run at camp, and Rob for sharing with us.

Want to join us at the 2019 camp? You can see more information about it here!

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Maya and I
Hi 😊

My name is Julie and I'm from Quebec city. I'm the proud owner of a wonderful girl, Maya, who is about 4 years old. My boyfriend  and I got her one year ago. Her previous owner got her for a breeding purpose. Maya wouldn't let any male huskies near her, so he decided to give her away. He didn't wanted a pet, he wanted a baby machine! 

According to her previous owner, she is a pure race Husky. There is no way for us to know if it's true. She is quite small for a husky. Her weight is approximately 18kg. Also, her fur is really soft all year long. People often tell us that she's not a pure husky.

Of course, we love her anyway and forever will 😊 Here are some pictures!

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New Here!
My name is Nicole! I have a Siberian Husky named Jed, he's been with me since 10 weeks old. I drove from CT down to MD to get him and we've pretty much been inseparable ever since.

Jed and I enjoy hiking, cuddling, and Jed loves when I let him adventure off-leash in the woods! He recently went from being in an outdoor, electric fenced in yard setting to being in a condo (my boyfriend and I just moved in together) and he has been adjusting very well! (it just means more hikes for him).

I'm looking forward to joining in on discussions and such! Nice to be apart of the forums!
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We got a Husky Puppy! But people think we actually got a Bear Cub? Lol
We got a Husky Puppy! But people think we actually got a Bear Cub? Lol
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Thanks for letting me join.

We adopted Milo, a 4 1/2 year old dog in November. The shelter told us he has some husky in him. We have been working with a trainer that recommended we have his DNA tested, to see what we’re working with. Milo’s DNA results came in last night and he’s 50% Siberian Husky and 50% Labrador. Hopefully now, it will be easier to work on some Milo’s quirks.

Does anyone have a dog that screams like he’s being killed??? He only screams when he sees another dog. He not being aggressive just very excited. But it can be intimidating to others when a 80 pound is screaming at their dog. 

Anyone ever deal with an issue like this? Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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Hello everyone 😊
I thought this looked like a really cool website. Didn't know that they had this or I probably would have joined a long time ago.  I had a question and was wondering if someone could help me out? I have 3 huskies and was thinking about putting up a good sized fenced in area for them so they can run. I have a kennel and haven't had any  problem with my other two, but I recently got a new pup. I was wondering if anyone has had a husky scale an eight foot chain link fence? I know they can go over a six foot if they are determined enough, but I couldn't really find anything on an eight. 
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I'm a new Husky owner in Sidney, MI and look forward to better interacting with & training Jackson from tips that I read on the site. Thanks in advance!
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Hello I'm Athena and and I have a 9week old wooly Husky her name is Saphyra. I'm courious if anyone knows if it's normal for her ears to flop at the tips? I've read the floppy ears thread but still confused.
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Dr Crazy & Angel & Winter
Hi dear members and administrators

im Elia Torrent (Ali Mirakhori) from IR-Iran

this is Winter born at 2017-12-30

first photo :


first hiking (Draband from IR-Iran tehran ... place on google map "35.836575, 51.422459")


AnD our family of three : (Angel , Elia , Winter)

be happy and free ... ❤️💕
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Neo the Husky 🐶
Hi everyone!

This is our 4 month old husky puppy Neo! Looking forward to chatting to you all and finding out some tips 😀

We are a new husky family so any support/ help is appreciated. The two main topics on the agenda at the moment are: 1. sleeping through the night....mainly will I ever sleep through the night? 😂😂we are crate training our adorable boy but likes to cry every hour or so. He gets walked loads and lots of playtime but he definitely seems to be nocturnal. Hoping next week will be different as he starts doggy daycare.

2. Biting....he likes to have a wee nibble on our arms and clothing. Appreciate it’s normal for a teething puppy but any other tricks would be most welcome, my partner does look like he might be cutting himself with Neo’s teeth at the moment 🤦🏼‍♀️And when he is out he’s not taken to playbiting/ tug of war with the lead...thinking it may be time for a harness?

We absolutely love our boy and as you see from the photo he’s a ball of white fluff and what you don’t see is his mischievous attitude 😉❣️

Thanks in advance all!

Hope to speak to you all soon/ get some tips and on behalf of Neo...woof 🐶🐾

Sam x
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this is sarah. she was born sept. 11. i got her nov. 11.
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Anybody have a coyote looking husky?
Our dog gets a lot of compliments because of how she looks. For some reason people say she looks like a fox, coyote or baby wolf. I had two people ask how much would it cost for her. I said I don't give family away, but my uncle loves her a lot too. While she does look like a coyote (she's not)  she had a very beautiful white brother back in her sleddog facility upnorth. She's a bit smaller now, but. I don't see all the fuss, I think she's beautiful even though I know some people are scared of her at first glance since they think she is a wolf or coyote. But she's the sweetest thing, a bit stubborn although!
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new puppy
after having german shepherds daughter has purchased a husky he is adorable seems to need a little more time for training he is already getting to understand basic commands I am looking forward to being able to take him on walks 2nd injection then 2 weeks so we will be able exercise together in 3weeks time 
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Couch destroyer
We’ve had our husky for about 9 months. My daughter got her and realized she couldn’t take care of her. So now we have her. She is very sweet but in typical husky fashion thought my couch must be destroyed. 
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hi from myla
just thought id join here and say hello my name is terry im a first time husky owner she is 10month old shes fun loving and very talkative lol ( only when she meets new people
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Velcro Husky and Heat
Hello all! 

I'm new to this forum and a first time husky owner. My husky will be three this coming July and currently in heat. From what I'm reading in previous chats she is going through everything in the book. She marks the lawn, moody, non stop whining, restless, panting; however I have read they can be overly affectionate as well. As of yesterday she has become overly affectionate, but what i find strange is its only with me. I am a woman and my little Quinny has always clung to my husband but now she won't stop crawling on me like she's a mountain goat, licking nonstop any exposed skin. I thought maybe it was a mood yesterday but as of today same deal practically ignores my husband and our two room mates and keeps licking my face, hands, feet, belly is new one today; crawling on me. This am i faked being asleep to get her to stop whining for pets/licking me-her response was to stop but then lay on top of me and pretty much wait till i got up. Any one have any idea what's going on with my goofball? Thanks guys!! 
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Proud Momma of Husky named Jasmine
Hello, my name is Tracy and I am from Bakersfield California. I live here with my baby girl husky named Jasmine. I have only had her since last mothers day but she is my best friend and my partner in crime, so to speak! Lol! Jasmine has made me realize that there is more to life then just working, there is play time too. Of course for her play time is all the time!! I love her so much and wanted to join this site to make sure if there arr any questions that I may have, I have the right people to come too. And it looks like I have found the right place. Thank you! 

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Hello everyone, with the purchase of our first home we decided to make our family of two bigger and we got Loki (male 11 weeks black&white/brown eyes 14.5lbs) and Leila (female 8 weeks tan&white/blue eyes 9.6lbs). We're not new to owning a husky we owned one before but unfortunately he passed away a couple years ago:( but we are now ready to be paw parents again!
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And this is Jax!
Hello to all! I'm a first-timer with an almost 7 month old pup named Jax.  He is actually 3/4 Husky - 1/4 Lab mix, and I'm hoping that's allowed on this site? He's a wonderful boy and we're learning every day... I say "we" since I need as much training as he does   
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Proud Husky Mom of 3 ❤️
Hi everyone!! 

I’m Miranda and from Montana (USA) so we get plenty of snow for our snow babies to play in all year- including summer! You can always find snow somewhere in Montana! We have three beautiful huskies in our family: Kai Merrah who turns 9 next month, Nya Mae who is 5, and our newest Laika Jayne who is 12 weeks. Merr-bear (Kai) is your stereotypical energetic husky who is quite sassy- she will follow my husband around after he comes home from work and stomp her front paws and howl at him until he gives her what she deems is the appropriate amount of tummy scratchings. Chub-a-lubbs (Nya) is our rescue and is definitely not your usual husky- she prefers to lay in my lap or under my feet all day and eat. She’s quite lazy and has a lot of anxiety from her past (we got her at 9 months old and were her 5th home). She’s quite large however and weighs over 100lbs so she is now on a diet and I have to drag her off the couch to go for walks because if she had it her way she would stay there all day. She’s one giant cuddle bug though and I’m so happy we were able to rescue her. And lastly, our newest addition is Laika Jayne who is now 12 weeks old. I have always wanted a sable husky and when our friend who is a breeder had her- I instantly fell in love. She’s quite unique in that she’s got a dirty face with her coloring as well as green eyes. Our little coconut is quite the snuggler and very spunky. She also thinks she’s the boss of the other two. It’s fun watching her play with Nya because of their size differences. LJ has been the perfect addition to our family. 

Can’t wait to get to know other husky owners and share in the love of this breed! They are just the best!! 

(Pictures 1-3 Kai Merrah, 4-7 Nya Mae, 8-15 Laika Jayne, 16 N & L, 17 K & L , 18 K, L, & N) 
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Brand-new Husky mom - Hello!
Hello, All!  We are soon to be the proud family of an adorable husky pup. Well, he's actually my son's dog, 😉

I have raised 5 fur babies from puppies over the last 31 years, so I am experienced in crate training, house training, click-training, loving on, you name it with puppies.  I've also been doing some research on Huskies because we've had large dogs in the past (husky/shepherd mix and a Great Dane) but I want ot be ahead of the game when he comes home to us.  I have a crate that was perfect for the Sheltie, but obviously Luke will outgrow this pretty quickly.  What size crate do I need to get for him as an adult?  I plan on getting one with the "grow with it divider" so that I don't have to do the Russian Doll Crate game and have a bunch of extra crates and expense.  

We are also going to be way ahead of the game in that my mom, who is one of the best dog trainers I have ever met, is coming two days after we bring Luke home.  She got her Border Terrier puppy at 8 weeks of age and by the time she'd had him a week, she'd taught him to sit, spin, and lie down.  He had a large repertoire of over 150 behaviours and was an amazing partner of hers until his passing about 4 years ago.  If she sneezed, he'd go find a tissue.  He could turn the space heater on and off.  He'd bring her her slippers or shoes, depending on what she asked, for, and he loved to get the laundry out of the dryer.  I know how to use the clicker and train, but having her expertise will be a PLUS (and that way she comes to visit too) and we can make sure we get Luke off to the best start.  I like the idea of clicker training because I love that the dogs learn to think and problem-solve vs just do whatever we push them around to doing.  I know Huskies are very intelligent and want a job, so I know that clicker training will be an awesome way to work with him.  

I have a good vet lined up, and the yard is fenced.    Tia for the advice on the crate.  

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Husky Puppy Escape Artist at 8 weeks old...
Husky Puppy Escape Artist at 8 weeks old...
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Our husky, Blaise, is about a year and a half. She has always loved going to dog parks and playing with other dogs. She is VERY playful but never mean. She IS physical though.

We thought we would get another dog in hopes that they would play together. So we brought home a little lab mix, Bella. We just got her yesterday and she's about 4 months old. 

I know everything is brand new, but Bella doesn't seem to like Blaise. In Bella's foster home, there were other big dogs, but they were older and more calm. Bella got along really well with them.

Again, Blaise doesn't hurt Bella... she actually barely touches her. She just jumps around, like she's trying to taunt her into playing along. Bella just snaps at her or tries to run away. 

A friend brought over their bigger and older dog this evening and Bella loved her. The older dog just not really reacting. 

Any advice to help them become friends? Thanks!
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Hi this is my baby boy storm he is 11 months old he as bi eyes and is a pie bald he live with me my husband and for children and he's a real big baby
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