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  1. Hello, All! We are soon to be the proud family of an adorable husky pup. Well, he's actually my son's dog, 😉 I have raised 5 fur babies from puppies over the last 31 years, so I am experienced in crate training, house training, click-training, loving on, you name it with puppies. I've also been doing some research on Huskies because we've had large dogs in the past (husky/shepherd mix and a Great Dane) but I want ot be ahead of the game when he comes home to us. I have a crate that was perfect for the Sheltie, but obviously Luke will outgrow this pretty quickly. What size crate do I need to get for him as an adult? I plan on getting one with the "grow with it divider" so that I don't have to do the Russian Doll Crate game and have a bunch of extra crates and expense. We are also going to be way ahead of the game in that my mom, who is one of the best dog trainers I have ever met, is coming two days after we bring Luke home. She got her Border Terrier puppy at 8 weeks of age and by the time she'd had him a week, she'd taught him to sit, spin, and lie down. He had a large repertoire of over 150 behaviours and was an amazing partner of hers until his passing about 4 years ago. If she sneezed, he'd go find a tissue. He could turn the space heater on and off. He'd bring her her slippers or shoes, depending on what she asked, for, and he loved to get the laundry out of the dryer. I know how to use the clicker and train, but having her expertise will be a PLUS (and that way she comes to visit too) and we can make sure we get Luke off to the best start. I like the idea of clicker training because I love that the dogs learn to think and problem-solve vs just do whatever we push them around to doing. I know Huskies are very intelligent and want a job, so I know that clicker training will be an awesome way to work with him. I have a good vet lined up, and the yard is fenced. Tia for the advice on the crate. -Db
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