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  1. Denvra


    Thank you for your the welcome. We are working on redirecting him before the screaming starts. We have been attending dog school and he does fairly well in the controlled environment. I understand this is his way of calling to the other dogs. He screams at them when he sees them and starts screaming again when they leave. Basically I think it’s his way of gathering his pack and recalling them when they leave. We don’t know much about our dog's history. Just that his original owner surrendered him after 4 years. He was then adopted out and returned to the shelter after s short while. We are his third family. The trainer/instructor at school is involved with dog sledding and she asked if Milo was ever part of a team. In her opinion his behavior is similar to the behavior of her team dogs. A lot of excited screaming when they get together and then calming down when it’s time to work. Our hope is just that we can someday take him to dog friendly events and places and not upset the other dog owners and be asked to leave.
  2. Denvra


    Thanks for the welcome. I would be happy if it was only a squeal. When he starts the screaming, people look at me like I’m hurting him. I then have to explain that he’s not aggressive but very friendly and excited to see their dog. I have gotten the impression that some of them don’t believe me.
  3. Denvra


    Emma, That’s exactly what we are working on at doggie school. Owners greet each other with their dogs, having the dogs sit while the people talk. Having the dogs walk past each other, etc. Milo does pretty good in class in the controlled environment. He “greets” each dog the same, screaming at them either outside the building or as they walk into the class. He calms down fast once he greets the other dogs. His greetings start with a whine and we try to redirect him before the screaming starts. Our biggest issue is outside, he can spot another dog in the distance way faster than I do. So I’m already behind in trying to redirecting him. I always have a pocket full of cut up cheese and hotdogs when Milo is out with me. His screaming is not aggressive but hearing this 80 pound dog screaming can be intimidating to owners that don’t understand, especially if their dog is small. Thanks for letting me know I’m on the right road with the redirecting exercise .
  4. Thanks for letting me join. We adopted Milo, a 4 1/2 year old dog in November. The shelter told us he has some husky in him. We have been working with a trainer that recommended we have his DNA tested, to see what we’re working with. Milo’s DNA results came in last night and he’s 50% Siberian Husky and 50% Labrador. Hopefully now, it will be easier to work on some Milo’s quirks. Does anyone have a dog that screams like he’s being killed??? He only screams when he sees another dog. He not being aggressive just very excited. But it can be intimidating to others when a 80 pound is screaming at their dog. Anyone ever deal with an issue like this? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks
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