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We got a Husky Puppy! But people think we actually got a Bear Cub? Lol


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2 hours ago, MyMountainHusky said:

that is awesome can you attach a picture? we thought it was so funny people kept asking that lol!

I haven't got many pictures on the iPad but here's one.....

as you can probably tell, Bear is not pure husky. She is pure Bear though. 😆


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Hi, gorgeous pup! Emma, love bear’s colour, what mix is bear, her shape is similar to Luka blue’s.  Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners  





 Long story. Lol


when we first got her it was from being thrown from the back of a van and so the police turned up and told Paul (my hubby) to take her to Battersea. They thought she was Husky X Akita. A lot of people have guessed German shepherd cross X husky which I can see why but personally i see a lot more of American Akita in her coat markings and texture than I do either husky or GSD. It’s got that iron wool kind of fuzzy texture. Also her very large size (weighs about 48kg) and her posture particularly when alert tends to take on that Akita stance. She lacks the huge ears of a GSD but it’s not the classic shell shape of a husky either. personality wise, she guards nothing, lives to please everyone, is exceptionally compliant, not a one person dog at all, is far smarter than any of my other dogs, howls like mad when she wants attention, is a total gentle giant, she blows her coat, Hates all conflict, very submissive and basically shows no obvious traits of any of the three breeds mentioned above aside from a couple of things [emoji23]


Short story: no idea, lol.

We say she’s 100% Bear. That much we can be sure of [emoji23]



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