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    CFO at RadinSDK
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    Ali Mirakhori "Elia Torrent" (born on 22 August 1991 in Tehran, Iran).

    is an iranian business magnate, entrepreneur, investor, and computer programmer.
    Web-based engines designer and database management.
    Network security & advance systems.
    specialist One Life Project Designer Founder of RadinSDK company in 2015.
    CEO and owner of the RadinSDK company in 2015.
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    Motor racing , car racing , hiking , network security , kickboxing , RedHat linux

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  1. I installed the poster around the company. We found this dog Maybe its owner will be found When we found the puppy, There was no collar Today, we take him to a veterinarian If its owner is not found. We keep him
  2. Beautiful and wonderful Do not be tired🌹 فارسی هم برای شما مینویسم خیلی زیباست . امیدوارم خوش بگذره💕
  3. hi Last night , a missing puppy got into the yard of my company office. we gave him a reception and now he is our son. we put his name , Chocolate. and soon , we will go to the veterinary clinic for vaccination. ❤️ be happy and free
  4. Bindi??? Do you want bronze?😅❤️
  5. hi WLC to the forum Casey, beautiful husky puppy
  6. I wish I could have been in your camp I hope you all have fun❤️❤️
  7. First, thank you all thanks for your attention❤️ This was the best and most complete answer Thank you very much💕 I also thought about this White rice and cooked eggs are not a raw diet For me, dog health is all the more important From then on I use chicken, fish and lamb🌹 TNX a lot 💕 Thanks for your comment🌹
  8. hi What is your opinion about this diet? Thanks all for helping❤️
  9. I think I need this timer too ... HA HA😅 966621 seconds now 😜
  10. TNX ❤️❤️🌹 TNX ❤️❤️🌹
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