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Introducing new puppy to husky

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Our husky, Blaise, is about a year and a half. She has always loved going to dog parks and playing with other dogs. She is VERY playful but never mean. She IS physical though.

We thought we would get another dog in hopes that they would play together. So we brought home a little lab mix, Bella. We just got her yesterday and she's about 4 months old. 

I know everything is brand new, but Bella doesn't seem to like Blaise. In Bella's foster home, there were other big dogs, but they were older and more calm. Bella got along really well with them.

Again, Blaise doesn't hurt Bella... she actually barely touches her. She just jumps around, like she's trying to taunt her into playing along. Bella just snaps at her or tries to run away. 

A friend brought over their bigger and older dog this evening and Bella loved her. The older dog just not really reacting. 

Any advice to help them become friends? Thanks!

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