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  1. I need a harness she won't get out of, I still have to get measurements for Houdini harness but was also wondering if they carry h back.. I noticed the xbacks. I want something hard for my dog to get out of while being able to pull and run with me without getting hurt. (Running, pulling, bikejourning etc) please let me know and thank you!
  2. I will try. I just don't want my grandmother touching the container/ washing it. She was supposed to board but they gave her kibble when I sent her with 6 containers of raw meals. Thy called me letting me know She was so sick and I said "that is not okay I am taking my dog and want a refund." My roommate picked my dog up and had to monitor her.
  3. She had surgery and I fear she might get sick. My grandfather might be able to as I prepare my dogs food in containers.
  4. Just curious. Our husky/ Laika and Czech wolfdog is on a PMR diet. Trying to find easy options for travel as our dog will be with my grandparents and I don't want my grandmother handling her raw food.
  5. Thank you I will have a look at the site! I just want my pup to be safe when we go on walks. Thank you all again!
  6. My dog slipped out of her new harness. It was newer because she had slipped out of her last one as well and I had returned t and asked an employee if they had better ones. They gave me one with padded and said no dog will ever slip through. Stupid enough I believed them and it took her a month or two to finally slip out of her new one. Any advice? I'm not a fan of collars as they can slip out easily as well. Any links would be nice. I just want my pup to be safe on walks, I've been looking all online but see that most still let them slip through. I was lucky she isn't as scared as normal dogs. She ran around at first since we weren't near home but calmed down and walked around to sniff at a bush.
  7. She's a mix with a West Siberian Laika
  8. Our dog gets a lot of compliments because of how she looks. For some reason people say she looks like a fox, coyote or baby wolf. I had two people ask how much would it cost for her. I said I don't give family away, but my uncle loves her a lot too. While she does look like a coyote (she's not) she had a very beautiful white brother back in her sleddog facility upnorth. She's a bit smaller now, but. I don't see all the fuss, I think she's beautiful even though I know some people are scared of her at first glance since they think she is a wolf or coyote. But she's the sweetest thing, a bit stubborn although!
  9. My dog Dakota is the same. I carry extra treats with me in public. She's more willing to follow orders if she gets rewarded. When I don't have treats she'll only listen a bit.
  10. Good luck! We got our girl dakota from a sled dog facility up north but her and her brother didn't make the cut. They hadn't been treated bad or anything, but they didn't serve a purpose as they weren't going to be sled dogs. She had just turned 1 when we had gotten her and apparently they had never given them names. Good luck! And what a handsome boy!
  11. She does have it. I've given her toys and kong ones as well but she'll scratch at the door which is why I take her to daycare with me now. If she isn't in group with me either she will scream and howl even if I'm in the group 2. My trainer has told us to ignore her as well when she acts like that at home, but it'll take time till she eventually learns. She starts another training class later this March. Yep! I make Dakota come with me to daycare so she can play at least 5 days a week for 5-8 hours. When she comes home she's drained. Helps a lot with the cats. She still has a new training class coming up.
  12. I put a blanket over her cage if she's in it, I noticed she only gets defensive over food. As the cats had eaten all her food. I noticed her chase him the other day but realized she was actually running to her food bowl to protect it. I am feeding her in a seperate room from now on.
  13. 4health is good dog food also.. you might want to try jax and daisy dog shampoo as well. It helps many dogs with their coats growing back. You can find them on Facebook, and it's worked for huskies too!
  14. Yep! My Dakota chased after my cousins pet rabbit. Even though I had told my cousin not to bring her rabbit here before. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  15. She is trained as well, and is also in the middle of training course 2 but sometimes she won't listen because she it stubborn. She's a chewer and I told her to leave it once when she was chewing wood off the table leg but she wouldn't listen so I sprayed her and she stopped. Sometimes she'll listen and other times she won't. I just noticed something that could be the answer. I wa sitting on the couch with my dog and I hear one of my cats run down the stairs and the next thing I know she flys off and hades after him. It looked like he was going to get food. I think she might be food aggressive. Or possessive of her food. The cats did eat from her bowl sometimes but I always shoo them off because. They always get sick due to how different their foods are. Could this be why??? It just happened a minute or so ago. The cat is fine, he ran under the couch.
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