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  1. Hi everyone! This is our 4 month old husky puppy Neo! Looking forward to chatting to you all and finding out some tips 😀 We are a new husky family so any support/ help is appreciated. The two main topics on the agenda at the moment are: 1. sleeping through the night....mainly will I ever sleep through the night? 😂😂we are crate training our adorable boy but likes to cry every hour or so. He gets walked loads and lots of playtime but he definitely seems to be nocturnal. Hoping next week will be different as he starts doggy daycare. 2. Biting....he likes to have a wee nibble on our arms and clothing. Appreciate it’s normal for a teething puppy but any other tricks would be most welcome, my partner does look like he might be cutting himself with Neo’s teeth at the moment 🤦🏼‍♀️And when he is out he’s not taken to playbiting/ tug of war with the lead...thinking it may be time for a harness? We absolutely love our boy and as you see from the photo he’s a ball of white fluff and what you don’t see is his mischievous attitude 😉❣️ Thanks in advance all! Hope to speak to you all soon/ get some tips and on behalf of Neo...woof 🐶🐾 Sam x
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