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  1. Learn something new every day
  2. I will keep my eye on it and take a look through the code of course, but nothing is coming up straight off, so its doubtful there is anything on the site side to be honest m8
  3. Not been through this ourselves, but sorry to hear you guys have to. Hope everything goes well and the recovery is quick.
  4. Happy 10th birthday husky owners! Thats right, today we are 10 years old. Hard to believe this place was started so long ago. Starting from Sarah saying she wanted to be able to "Meet a couple of people with huskies" we have achieved in the past 10 years Becoming the largest husky forum Funded members coming here from the US and the netherlands with competitions Been featured in national and local newspapers Been mentioned in radio broadcasts Held camps for 100+ people Ran meets in every corner of England, and had meets organised by others around the world Been through 4 different bits of software to get to where we are today Been through over a million posts Seen people get married and divorced Had people meet parners on the forum Seen people come from being at school, to being at work and in their own houses And much much more besides. All of this due to our members around the world making this place the great place it is.
  5. Thought I would put this in diet and health, as its ... well ....... kinda diet lol This was 3 tubs of bonfire lollies And of course, Koda is the guilty party here
  6. Its funny, as some of the reasons you state there are actually the reasons I use a mac. Cost effectiveness for starters. My iMac costs less than I would have spent on a PC. I would have added things to a PC, and it would have been replaced within a couple of years. With the iMac I have now, its 3 years old and I 'may' replace it next year. On top of that, I've actually challenged people before now to build a PC from decent components with the same spec, for the same price. More often than not, they cant. I appreciate the iMac is however unique in that. For the most parts macs are indeed more expensive. Longevity I have just covered. Expansion is actually another reason I prefer it. I dont want to be messing with my computer. I want to switch it on, and for it to work. Nothing more, nothing less. Can fully appreciate that if you do want to mess with them, then a mac ain't for you. itunes sucks. I use spotify. Incidentally so does the microsoft equivalent (hold up, there isnt one) Safari also sucks, I use Chrome. Incidentally however, so does edge. Which of these do you think you cant do with a mac? LOL If you think Microsoft is more ethical by the way, that is plain false. Most large organisations are the same in that respect. Microsoft sell software, and its also ridiculously expensive. The tax side of it, they actually do exactly the same as apple (in fact they both tax out of ireland to avoid UK taxation). The way of the world unfortunately. Always going to be a good debate. Personally, I'm one of the very few people who are happy to use either. I'm a mac user, and a microsoft developer. Go figure LOL
  7. Same here. I'm a software developer. However in the same respect I also use the phrase intuitive. It's not so much about not having the ability to find out how to do something on a computer, but more about not wanting to. I don't want to make my PC faster, or switch the way in which I view explorer, change the theme for my taskbar, install x product to do y. I want to use my computer for what I switched the damn thing on for. So if I want to take a screenshot, add an annotation to it with an arrow pointing something out, then want to send it to someone over email, I want to just go ahead and do that from one place. I really dont want to open snipping tool, take a screenshot from there instead, anotate and add my arrow, then save it somewhere, then open my email, then start a new email, then attach the item, then send it. (windows). What I actually want to do is press a couple of buttons on my keyboard, select the area I want to screenshot, add the anotation and arrow in the window it just helpfully opened for me, then click share to email, add an email address, and go. (mac). Thats just one really simple example. The only thing this could be is if he is using itunes. If thats the case, he just gets a windows PC, installs itunes, and all his music is there. With regards photos, that would happen regardless of what machine he is using. He would have to move them over to the windows machine. This I agree with. Mac mail is shit. However not in comparison to windows mail. If its for business use, he is much better using gsuite (googlemail for business) or outlook 365. For a client on his machine, he is best using outlook. I use outlook myself on the mac. Email really is one of those where you get what you pay for. Mail is a free program preinstalled on macs, and is really intended for personal use IMO, not business use. It's that ridiculous, it's false LOL. Actually apple devices has changed cables less than most other devices. iPhones for example went from a large proprietary socket to a smaller one, to then using USB. Android devices for example went from a different socket depending on device, to all using mini USB, to then all using micro USB, to now all coming out with USB C. When people go on about cables, what they are actually talking about is the fact that they use a different connection to android devices, which is true.
  8. I tried that game, and could never get into it (not that I game anyway to be honest). Gaming is certainly one thing that macs are not good at.
  9. Marc

    Ugly halo

    It's actually to prevent projectiles hitting the driver, such as delaminated tires that have flown off another car
  10. The problem with some people and macs is that they try to do what they were doing on a windows PC. Its not a windows PC, its a mac. Its like getting into an automatic car and trying to find the gear lever. The whole idea behind using a mac is to log in and just use it, rather than trying to tinker with it. If you just get used to the way it works rather than trying to change it (which is what most peoples instinct is to do when moving from windows) then it's actually a lot easier to use than windows. It doesnt break as often, it doesnt slow down in the same manner, its not as susceptible to viruses and malware (purely as they will tend to target the larger amount of people, and thats windows). Would love to know about these ''limitations" and "trapped" things to be honest, as Im not sure where they come from. Are they actual problems you have seen yourself, or just perceptions?
  11. I updated (edited) my intro by attaching an image but it never showed. thanks

    1. Foxy_Roxy


      Nevermind, I fixed it.  

    2. Marc


      That will teach me not to read the reply before looking LOL


  12. Thanks, I will post more information in a bit.  


  13. Anyone else watching the F1 this weekend? Do we thing Hamilton will be crowned Champion again at this one? At the moment its looking like he may be, as Vettel has a 3 place grid drop. Either way, its only a matter of time until he does. Anything short of a miracle, and Vettel isnt going to catch him up in the championship now.
  14. Lets get a list of some decent series going in here. I'm sure for most, there is more on TV these days than you can ever watch, but always good to have the opinions of what others find good series to watch. Im going to try and link mine with other things so that people get an idea of what other things I like to watch. That way, it may give you an idea if you would like them yourself. Killing Eve Starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comar About Crime drama about a woman who assassinates people for money, and is a complete Psychopath, along with the woman who is trying to catch her. If you have seen Greys Anatomy, its Sandra Oh who plays Christina Yang in that series. She plays every bit as good a role in this as she does in Greys. Watch if you like Greys Anatomy

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