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  1. Other than this being a topic from 11 month ago, advertising a camp that took place 5 months ago, and was discontinued on a permenant basis 3 months ago, you're perfectly right LOL
  2. Wow, long time no see Jos. Hope you're keeping well
  3. As regulars will already know by now, it has come to the point where husky camp is no longer something that we are going to be doing as an official forum thing. This is something we have thought about, and has honestly been coming for a while. The 2 missed camps through covid, and the removal of main camp by the site we were using, has simply emphasised that fact. This and the fact we are getting to the point numbers are dwindling year on year, we have people who struggle to get about more, dogs who are getting a lot older in some cases, so even the walks at times are becoming more and more an issue. People now have children. As a history, camp started officially back in 2009 as "Husky holiday". There were only 8 of us at the time, and all in tents in the middle of a field. I will never forget Sarah shouting that day "I am never staying in a f**** tent again" not realising, she was in a tent and everyone laughed as they could hear LOL. It was good fun and escalated from there. We couldn't take Kaiser on much of a walk as he was only little at the time. Now he is an old man LOL By 2012, we were fund raising and running a competition to bring someone over from overseas to camp. We have brought over someone from the Netherlands, and 2 people from the USA, all through fund raising. At the 2012 camp there were over 100 people. It's the largest we had, and it was great fun. For all who were there, its likely not something they will ever forget. (I certainly won't). Most people were staying in caravans. We had all our own kit on the go, a central location for husky camp, organised walks, competitions, fun awards for camp things, silly games and more. So, now we are in 2022. This weekend consisted of 17 people, 15 of which have been for many years. 4 of these are the people who organise camp. It was always going to end at some point, and we feel now is that time. To me and Sarah personally, this community has been a great part of our lives for a long time. We started this forum because Sarah wanted to meet a couple of people with Huskies. Needless to say, it escalated. Our puppies who we wanted to be able to go on holiday with, are now old. Our family is now bigger. Our own circumstances have changed. We will see people again, no doubt. There are certainly some of you who I know will likely be back up here camping, getting caravans etc, and we will certainly come see people who do. But for us, the time has come to end camp where it began. With a few great friends, who are now lifelong friends. Thank you to every person who has ever attended a camp.
  4. Sunday walk. Along front up to tides. Meet at main campsite buildings area at 1pm
  5. Saturday walk. Rhyl front meet at marine lake at 12 walk to splash point, anyone that can't make the full walk there is a stop off point half way and we will pick you up on the way back. Reposted here just so you know 😊
  6. Thats now stuck in my head LOL
  7. Marc


    You got it back quicker than I saw the message LOL. Should have just grabbed me on FB
  8. Very much so. We've seen people who have paid for multiple holidays for the year, who havent even been told
  9. No camp tent banned by Ty Mawr, they have decided they are no longer having pitching tents on Ty Mawr but they was quick to take our money without telling us we found out on facebook. After a couple of calls to head office to conferme its right from now on there will be no more main camp meeting place, we only found out about this last night and are still working out what to do. If anyone was coming and camping in a tent ring and get your money back. NOTE: This doesnt affect touring vans etc. Its just tents
  10. Marc


    No worries
  11. Marc


    Contact me on FB and I can get that sorted for you. Just need to make sure its you
  12. Marc


    Sorrt to hear that m8
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