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Proud Husky Mom of 3 ❤️

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Hi everyone!! 

I’m Miranda and from Montana (USA) so we get plenty of snow for our snow babies to play in all year- including summer! You can always find snow somewhere in Montana! We have three beautiful huskies in our family: Kai Merrah who turns 9 next month, Nya Mae who is 5, and our newest Laika Jayne who is 12 weeks. Merr-bear (Kai) is your stereotypical energetic husky who is quite sassy- she will follow my husband around after he comes home from work and stomp her front paws and howl at him until he gives her what she deems is the appropriate amount of tummy scratchings. Chub-a-lubbs (Nya) is our rescue and is definitely not your usual husky- she prefers to lay in my lap or under my feet all day and eat. She’s quite lazy and has a lot of anxiety from her past (we got her at 9 months old and were her 5th home). She’s quite large however and weighs over 100lbs so she is now on a diet and I have to drag her off the couch to go for walks because if she had it her way she would stay there all day. She’s one giant cuddle bug though and I’m so happy we were able to rescue her. And lastly, our newest addition is Laika Jayne who is now 12 weeks old. I have always wanted a sable husky and when our friend who is a breeder had her- I instantly fell in love. She’s quite unique in that she’s got a dirty face with her coloring as well as green eyes. Our little coconut is quite the snuggler and very spunky. She also thinks she’s the boss of the other two. It’s fun watching her play with Nya because of their size differences. LJ has been the perfect addition to our family. 

Can’t wait to get to know other husky owners and share in the love of this breed! They are just the best!! 

(Pictures 1-3 Kai Merrah, 4-7 Nya Mae, 8-15 Laika Jayne, 16 N & L, 17 K & L , 18 K, L, & N) 



















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12 hours ago, Marc said:

Welcome to husky owners, Miranda :) 


12 hours ago, Marc said:

Welcome to husky owners, Miranda :) 

Thank you!! 😊

10 hours ago, ARMANI & ALINAH said:



All your babies are gorgeous!!

Awesome photos!!😊🐺🐺🐺💜

Thank you so much!! It was honestly hard to pick which ones to post so I picked a whole bunch 😂 

On 4/20/2018 at 1:04 PM, robke said:

5a8dbcee3a1dd_HOWelcome.jpg.db1ee822f6276f4fcd44b6ddaf98239f.jpg  TO  5a8dbcfaaeb50_HOBanner.thumb.png.3d2fdcb6a2b2a5c94d884c38ed9ebb77.png

Thank you! 😊

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