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  1. Hi! Haha no I'm not though that is a very good thought! What are phantom pregnancies?? Is it anything like an ectopic pregnancy?? Thanks again for the info!!!
  2. Hello all! I'm new to this forum and a first time husky owner. My husky will be three this coming July and currently in heat. From what I'm reading in previous chats she is going through everything in the book. She marks the lawn, moody, non stop whining, restless, panting; however I have read they can be overly affectionate as well. As of yesterday she has become overly affectionate, but what i find strange is its only with me. I am a woman and my little Quinny has always clung to my husband but now she won't stop crawling on me like she's a mountain goat, licking nonstop any exposed skin. I thought maybe it was a mood yesterday but as of today same deal practically ignores my husband and our two room mates and keeps licking my face, hands, feet, belly is new one today; crawling on me. This am i faked being asleep to get her to stop whining for pets/licking me-her response was to stop but then lay on top of me and pretty much wait till i got up. Any one have any idea what's going on with my goofball? Thanks guys!!
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