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  1. I have taken her to the vet she is healthy but still she is having a problem with EVERYTHING around her. She is afraid of the AC when it comes on. She is afraid of bikes or skates or wagons or people. I mean EVERYTHING!! I just took her out side to walk around and she saw someone pulling a wagon with kids in it and she flipped out. Started pulling on the leash and running away from it. Then there were some kids running by and as they ran past her she suddenly started to lunge at the and act like she was going to attack them. I dont have that much money and taking her to a behaviorist is expensive. I am truely lost and heart broken because she is my world but i almost cant control her anymore!
  2. Help Me Please!! Hello I need some help with a 2 year old husky female named Jasmine. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old and here recently she is acting different then she has ever before. She seems scared of everything. I cant take her out to walk or anything. And she is also nipping at people when we are outside and she has never been aggresive before. I dont want to lose my babybut if she doesnt stop viting im afraid i will have to give her up. What do i do??
  3. Spacey


    Hello I am just wondering if anyone can give me some advise about my Jasmines food? I think I have tried almost every brand of dry dog food and she just doesnt like it. I have tried mixing it with canned food and still nothing I have tried works. Any suggestions please!!???
  4. Hello, my name is Tracy and I am from Bakersfield California. I live here with my baby girl husky named Jasmine. I have only had her since last mothers day but she is my best friend and my partner in crime, so to speak! Lol! Jasmine has made me realize that there is more to life then just working, there is play time too. Of course for her play time is all the time!! I love her so much and wanted to join this site to make sure if there arr any questions that I may have, I have the right people to come too. And it looks like I have found the right place. Thank you! Tracy
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