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  1. Thanks for the information! 😁 I will have to ask the people who are going to be putting up my fence if he has the extension that goes inward. That's a great idea! They are such escape artists. I don't know how many times I've had to chase huskies 😆. Too funny about the chickens next door. I bet that did make them want to get over that fence. Thank you! They definitely are great climbers. Thank you! ☺ Thank you! They definitely are great climbers.
  2. Welcome! I just recently joined as well. Winter is very beautiful! Pretty markings!
  3. I thought this looked like a really cool website. Didn't know that they had this or I probably would have joined a long time ago. I had a question and was wondering if someone could help me out? I have 3 huskies and was thinking about putting up a good sized fenced in area for them so they can run. I have a kennel and haven't had any problem with my other two, but I recently got a new pup. I was wondering if anyone has had a husky scale an eight foot chain link fence? I know they can go over a six foot if they are determined enough, but I couldn't really find anything on an eight.
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