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  1. I have a 7' fence around 37 acres. Sarah has escaped multiple times and i had to stop traffic to catch her. I live way out in the country but people drive fast on these back country roads. I bought a collar that has beeps, vibrates and shock. I dont use the shock but the vibration mode does wonders. When she goes towards the corner of the property and i press a button, she comes back at full speed. this will save her life.
  2. still vacuuming dog hair. i cant imagine handling all of those. i have 1 and she is more than enough.
  3. racoon washes cotton candy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1ykGtuKnks&feature=youtu.be
  4. Jimdc


    that is the first rattler i have seen on my place in 15 + years. my last dog lucy never ran into 1 in 13+ years here. now i know that sarah knows how to act when she hears the rattle. a big relief.
  5. Jimdc


    sarah found this guy today 100' below my house. i was inside and heard her barking a certain way and knew it was some kind of animal she found. she stayed 10' away and barked at it while it rattled. i was able to kill it while she stayed just behind me. good girl is getting a pork chop tonight.
  6. honey badger just wants to play.
  7. my last dog loved both and ended up looking like a cartoon dog many times.
  8. Jimdc


    sarah went down to 1 of my ponds to cool off and came back covered in 1000s of burs. they are a pain to get out for her and me. she wont sit still when i brush her anyway so the burs make it even harder. any secrets to getting them out would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Jimdc


    sarah has broken or chewed up all my cereal bowls and i really wanted some fruit loops.
  10. Jimdc


    sarah went from picture 1 to picture 2 in 6 months

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