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  1. Sarah is a big fan of the fan also.
  2. When Sarah was 8 months old she fought a ground squirrel for about 1/2 hour and came out on top. She ended up eating the whole thing.
  3. try watching this and NOT laugh.
  4. yesterday at the river. the river is running fast right now so i keep a 30' cable attached to her harness. my last dog lucy at the same spot.
  5. Jimdc


    today i had a breakthrough. sarah had been escaping my property[37 fenced acres] through varies means., under the fence in places and lately through 2 - 3' diameter culverts leading from my lower pond under an easment rd. to a creek. i fenced those in so she cant get through. she wouldnt come to me when i called and wouldnt let me get close to her when i let her out. i had been keeping her locked up in a fenced yard around the house and she really hates it when i leave. neighbors probably think shes being tortured by the sounds she makes. today i let her out after a week and she hung around f
  6. Jimdc


    sarah playing in the snow. we got more snow than normal this year and she loved it. i didnt like the 5 days without power it caused. 009.MP4 009.MP4 view from my front porch on feb. 4th.
  7. Jimdc


    any kareoke singers out there? not me but my ex won many koreoke contests. she recently sent me a cd of her and her daughter singing. if you like loretta lynn, patsy cline and connie smith, you will love these. these are on youtube.
  8. cat brain freeze. its not just us.
  9. that chicken might be having a better life because of this stunt. he could be on the grill.
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