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  1. never buy a dog when you are drunk.
  2. accident or perfect opportunity?
  3. who shaves a husky? these always make me laugh.
  4. judo cat. second picture is how my sarah rolls too.
  5. it didnt really happen but if someone does climb into an animal enclosure at a zoo they deserve what happens to them. its the animals home and they can defend it just like we can. i hate seeing animals caged or tied up anyway. how funny is this
  6. Jimdc


    she likes water.
  7. Jimdc


    sarah checking on my malbec grapes yesterday. she determined that they need another 10 days.
  8. I have a 7' fence around 37 acres. Sarah has escaped multiple times and i had to stop traffic to catch her. I live way out in the country but people drive fast on these back country roads. I bought a collar that has beeps, vibrates and shock. I dont use the shock but the vibration mode does wonders. When she goes towards the corner of the property and i press a button, she comes back at full speed. this will save her life.
  9. still vacuuming dog hair. i cant imagine handling all of those. i have 1 and she is more than enough.

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