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  1. Our husky, Blaise, is about a year and a half. She has always loved going to dog parks and playing with other dogs. She is VERY playful but never mean. She IS physical though. We thought we would get another dog in hopes that they would play together. So we brought home a little lab mix, Bella. We just got her yesterday and she's about 4 months old. I know everything is brand new, but Bella doesn't seem to like Blaise. In Bella's foster home, there were other big dogs, but they were older and more calm. Bella got along really well with them. Again, Blaise doesn't hurt Bella...
  2. I know that you can't just let a husky run free, so how do you satisfy their need to run/explore? Luckily we have a really big backyard and Blaise loves to run around it with the kids. We took a walk the other day and went onto a little wooded path and Blaise wanted to just take off so badly! I was trying to think and wondered if people sometimes just get a really long line and let them go as far as it will let them. But then I thought it could really get tangled in trees and things. Any suggestions?
  3. They're mushy dollops. She is 8 months now and about 28 lbs. Grain free heartland gold Fromm puppy (it also says red meat - it's a bright pink bag) is what we're transitioning to and I'm not sure what variety of Iams she's coming off of - it just came to us in a plastic bag. We're giving her 1 cup in the morning and 1 in the evening of a 75/25% ratio. I'll try lessening it. We're also giving her a variety of treats when we work on training. Maybe we should stick to one kind at a time.
  4. We have had Blaise for almost 2 weeks now. She came to us on Iams and we're switching her to Fromm. We're going slowly but her stools are soft. Is this from the food change and should be expected? Is it because she's stressed from changing families? Is there something we can do to fix this?
  5. I'm curious why? Will it undo bonding? Will it teach the dog to obey someone else but not you? I've seen board and train offered so many places and so many people do it, so it's hard to imagine it's all bad... but what are the cons? Oh and this trainer does work with the owners as well. Just not on a daily basis. I really appreciate any advice. We are learning so much about huskies, but this is our first time owning one. We just want to do the right things!
  6. Blaise would be at the trainer's home, away from us. He would train her and then work with us to make sure we were all on the same page.
  7. We are considering sending 7 month old Blaise for a 2 week training session just to solidify her obedience, hopefully. My question is: we just got her not even a week ago. Will this undo any of the bonding/routine that we have done? Should we wait a little bit or maybe just get it done and so she can get back to us sooner?
  8. We just adopted 7 month old Blaise. She's a great pup! We had a puppy a couple years ago who died after she was just a year old (ate a sock) and we have a 4 year old Maltese, so Blaise isn't our first dog but she's kind of our first "normal" dog. Our Maltese is a very lazy lap dog and lays around all day. The puppy we had before was a very wild puppy and we were still very much in the training process with her, crating her when we couldn't watch her, etc. We've only had Blaise a few days now so we're still learning each other, but she's a good girl. We keep her tethered in the living
  9. Her owners were kind enough to give us a trial run this weekend so we've had her all day today. She is a total sweetheart. So GOOD! She is very interested in playing with our 5 lbs Maltese but the Maltese wants nothing to do with her. She growls and snaps at her (and she never bites or snaps at humans). The Husky doesn't back off too easily but she will... I'm kind of letting the two of them work it out with my supervision and I'd say it's probably something that we'd be able to work with. As I'm typing, they're in the same room and just leaving each other alone. She was also really curiou
  10. Thanks again! I will pour over that website today for sure!
  11. Thanks! I would never even have a desire to have them out in the same room. I think whenever we had the rats out, the dog would be crated. My worry would be that the husky would try to break into the rat cage.
  12. Thanks for the link! Wasn't sure who I was looking for
  13. I mentioned this in my first post about thinking about adopting a 7 month old husky pup, and then someone said I should ask the resident rat owner here so I'm hoping that person sees this We have 3 rats, obviously kept in a cage. The more I'm learning about huskies, I see they have a strong prey drive. We could crate the dog when the kids want to have the rats play around on the floor, but my worry would be: would the dog go as far as to try to get into the rat cage?
  14. Paul, Yes, I've been doing a ton of research and we truly won't get this pup if it is not the right fit for our family. We're working hard to inform ourselves! So someone here has rats too? Who? Thanks
  15. OH I completely forgot to mention another very important thing (especially as I am reading more about Huskies and their prey instinct). We have a tiny Maltese (very laid back) and we also have three rats. Obviously the rats are kept in a cage but will the husky try to get to them??
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