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Sooo - we can probably all tell who's who just by looking at their dogs - think it's about time we saw the face of the owners!!!

Come on peeps - post your pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's see who we're talking to :D

I'll kick you off with my mug shot!!

Me and my stepdaughter


Me and my first ever Nephew Jake


Me on my wedding day


Doing what i do best - puppy napping!!! :wub:


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oh dear... lol ok

Me looking dodgy in me wooly hat at a rally


me with Keyu


And pissin about with me mates at collage a couple of years back... I havent changed much lol


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Bush trekking in Africa with my (younger!) brother:


Me and my two best mates (well, half of one):


This pretty much sums up Holland for me, I might as well have lived on the beach:


Brighton back in 2007:


Too much boozing with the boys lol:







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loving this thread!!!

Keep em coming peeps!!! wavespin.gif

And brian - you are ALWAYS asking for pics so mstickle.gif

Sadly, even though I don't like posting pics of myself, I could not resist!:P:lol: Will be great to put some faces to these names!;)

I really don't think this forum is ready for my mug shot !LOL!

Andy & Boone

It's in the fine print at the top of this thread that if you type out a reply, you also have to post a pic of yourself as well.:g_tongue:

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For some reason I always look horrible on photos. And since I'm always the one that makes the photos, my most recent (and not failed) ones are from last year, on my holiday in Norway :icon10:

But at least you'll see me in the surroundings I most love to be in :)


This one was taken at 1am. Midnight sun :)




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