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  1. LOL I do that much photography I havent took pics of the dogs in ages. I will get some though x
  2. Just thought I would pop by and say hi, see how everyone is etc......I have been so busy lately I havent even had time to be on my facebook ( other than my photography page for taking bookings and advertising). Anyway things are going fantastically well, Ive got 46 bookings in already, 12 of those are just in August ( its going to be a very busy month for me). Ive also started doing portrait photography which im really enjoying and get to play around with tiny babies. Tony and kids are doing great too although ive broken away from Tony on the business side as he is now working in a hotel/pub still DJing but as a resident DJ now. I have taken on an assistant though and shes also my driver. Marley is doing really well, being a good boy as usual and he has a new playmate ( Leah wanted to spend her birthday money on a kitten but we all know thats a no go with a husky so she ended up buying a jack russell instead, named Jack) He is hers though he sleeps in her room, she walks him, feeds him etc..... Anyway will leave you with a few examples of my work from recently
  3. not quite sure what happened with the font there either :/
  4. I dont usually come on anymore because life is hectic with my little boys problems, setting up a new business and life in general with 4 kids but I have seen someone I class as an extremely good friend upset tonight. I just wanted to come here and say, when I got my Marley it was scary. I didnt know the breed or anyone who owned one but I found this place. It was scary to not know anybody but everyone, esp Sarah made me feel so welcome. I got speaking with Sarah and realised that we lived really close. She was lovely enough to come over to my house and pick me up, having NEVER met me before and take me over to Toms to get bones and meat to try my puppy on and we have become firm friends. She goes out of her way to help people, people on her forum and people shes never met. DO YOU REALISE HOW HARD IT IS TO TALK TO SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET. Sarah is only human, a lovely human and I hope whoever has said whatever they have said behind her back is proud of themselves. Camp is full of people that have met for the first time and some that go to camp need to realise that other people there have literally nothing in common with other apart from the fact that they own the same breed of dog. Of course theres going to be people who see more of each other because they have other things in common or they live close ect... Anyway ive had my say......... Sarah, take no notice you are a fantastic person and an amazing friend, people need to realise this !!
  5. think i will have a look at that, I havent used my actifry for AGES !! lol
  6. yeah me too, hopefully it will be a tad warmer and with it being may we got a bit longer to save after Xmas. We will hopefully be getting a van after xmas so we might kit it out with Tonys DJ stuff and have a mobile disco with us PMSL !!
  7. Awwww cute hedgehog, and those catflap pics are so funny
  8. Here are some recent pics of my boy Marley, not added any for a long time
  9. He probably would, Dont think I am getting another though. Ive had nothing but bad luck, he got on so well with Bear and I was gutted when he had to be rehomed because of the caravan ect.... then this with Lumikki. He is def going to be staying an only dog. He seems happy that way.
  10. Lumikki wasnt agressive as in attacking Marley but she did bully him a lot. If he had a treat she would take it then growl at him to stay away. She would also gobble her food down and then guard his so he couldnt get to it so I ended up separating them at mealtimes. Whenever he wanted to lay about and chill she was always pulling at him to go play and trying to get him going. He is such a laid back dog he just wants to lounge around and all she wanted to do was jump around like an idiot.
  11. Yes Emma this year has been a struggle because of one thing and another, things are finally starting to look up with just starting our new business Tonys DJing and my photography, Michaels DLA appeal date is also very soon (6th Nov) so lets hope that goes well and 2013 is the year for us.
  12. Leyka&Diva Marley used to lick excessively too, I didnt connect it with anything but come to think of it, that seems to have calmed down too. Thanks everyone, Louise you might be right, he might just be happier as an only dog. The change in him really is unbelievable. Even my sister has noticed it, before he was always quiet and in the background, very overshadowed by Lumikki whos personality is very pushing and demanding.
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