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  1. hi Jon/Martine our landline is down atm, one of our muppets ate the handset! my mobile number is 07715519225, I'm on text or WhatsApp, you can phone but you might not get through as I work in my basement and rarely get signal down there! Your order will be with you early next week, I'm just waiting on more elastic to finish your belt and it'll be on the way
  2. Llanymynech, not too far from you, I drove through flint earlier in the week:)
  3. We don't have experience with metacam (other than after surgerys) but as mine are getting older (7, 9 & 10) I've started adding suppliments to their food to keep them as active as possible. We use a couple of different ones, all the dogs get a bit of powder once a day, the older 2 get the sauce aswell (keyu doesn't like it so I don't bother putting it on hers). Both from pets at home
  4. Val! I'm also making my way back to the dark side lol
  5. We moved here 6 weeks ago, and couldn't be happier! We have amazing walks nearby and husky camp is only an hour up the road so we've been able to join some of the walks! I don't think we'll ever go back to Suffolk now Thought I'd share a few pics I've taken over the last few weeks if anyones nearby and fancies joining us on a walk just drop me a message
  6. What type of harness where you using? The only harnesses which are escape proof are ones which have a second belly strap around where their tummy tucks up. I make one called the Houdini, which is very popular with escape artist dogs, and can be customised with added extras like front rings and grab handles They start at £20 (use the coupon code INDI-HUSKY for 10% off) and we ship worldwide
  7. Hey folks, how are you all? Quick update! We've now moved and settled in, and the dogs are very happy! We don't have much of a garden (just a tiny slab of concrete) so we are out 3 times a day, and there's so many cool places to explore here! Wales definitely beats Suffolk for walks! We have just started an ongoing giveaway, the winner will be drawn on the 28th of each month and the prize is a £10 shopping code valid for 3 months. To enter just post a pic of your dog on an adventure to FB/IG with the hashtag #madeforadventures Dogs must be wearing Indi-Dog gear in the picture and we may use your picture for advertising. Open worldwide, US/Canada winners will get the equivalent USD/Cad (at the time of winning) to spend on the US/Canada sites Now we have moved we are based in Powys (on the Shropshire border), and we'll be attending camp. If you would like equipment to be delivered in camp or to book your dogs in for measuring by us then drop me a message on here There's a website code that will remove any shipping if you want to collect from us (either from our home or camp), the code is COLLECT
  8. This is stuff that's important to learn in depth well in advance of allowing her to mate, rather than a week in advance. Your vet and established breeders are the best people to ask for advice, people who have experience in breeding dogs. If you do insist on going ahead with this mating hopefully the stud owner is experienced and knows how to handle the dogs to avoid injuries, but please consider not going ahead, at least until her next season. Spend the next 6 months talking to actual breeders, vets, researching what can go wrong and how to prevent/deal with it, and also how to breed ethically. You are honestly doing her no favours and putting her at risk if you go ahead next week
  9. Coming along for the weekend but will go home for the night Sid, rick, Blake. Kira & Keyusha for definate. Grey maybe the other day
  10. Sorry I haven't been back here for a while, I tend to hang around on Facebook more I thought I'd check in and see how everyone is, and update you all on various goings on you might not have seen on the FB page 1st things 1st, we are moving in 10 days! We'll no longer be Suffolk based, we'll be on the Welsh border! 2nd, the above means we will be at camp! We won't stay over, we plan to come along on both days, with our friendly girls one day, and maybe grey the other. Grey is reactive so needs a bit more attention and ruins the fun for the girls if we have them all! Marc has kindly given us the go ahead to bring equipment along, so we'll have a selection of our range with us available to try & buy 3rd, we've launched a few new products over the last 6 months or so, there's 2 of us now which has allowed the vari-fit range to become a reality (nice to see you all enjoying it BTW!) and we've added biothane, which I love. More recently we've expanded our waterproof neoprene padding range and added breakaway safety collars, which we are now using on all our own dogs And lastly, we're having a small sale tonight on facey, a few vault items, sizing returns etc, so check out the Facebook page from 8pm to grab some discounted gear, there's even a walking belt up for grabs! I should end it there, today has been far less productive than I had intended, I'll check back in later once I've done some work Sid Indi-DogUK
  11. buckle collars cost the same as martingales, so if you order a martingale with the ribbon you want and extra ring, it will be the same price, just put 'buckle' along with his neck measurment in the box :)

  12. Hiya, I can do buckles but we rarely sell any which is why they're not on the site. My guys have half checks because they can't slip them, but they don't really help with pulling much, if they're playing up and pulling lots I use a head collar :)

  13. I would love to, Oz is one of the places on my 'to go to' list, maybe once i've saved up enough i'll give you a bell and head over lmao
  14. but then i'd have to put 3 dogs in quarentine tis better if u come here
  15. @Bec i'll pay for your flights, come and teach my lot, well, me! Kiras prey drive is MASSIVE, and i never unclip the lead unless we're at the dog park All of my dogs have excellent recall at the park, but they do know when they are actually free, I let grey off near the river, but it is enclosed one side, river the other, and a good way to roads both other ways, and they are not busy roads, he tends to spend most of the time in and out of the river If we are going somewhere where i'd prefer to have an offleash dog I take my MILs dog, Buster, he's a staffy x beagle and has 100% recall, like today, me and @James are going to the beach, but since its nice weather it may be busy so I dont want to take one of mine on a long lead, cus they will end up decapitiating a child or something! So I'm taking Buster instead, I wouldnt risk one of my lot being off at the beach, too many distractions and theres only a small flood wall seperating the promenade and the main road
  16. I will let Grey off in the woods when we are with Kita, Kita has impeccable recall (part Northern Inuit) and Grey is very attached to her, she's his girlfriend lol. He has fairly good recall in general, I know Mary and Tony used to let him off at the beach. Grey is the only one I would let off, I dont completely trust him, but the area is away from roads, and theres too many interesting smells for him to wander far, and the river distracts him too. The girls, only in the dog park
  17. oh dear... lol ok Me looking dodgy in me wooly hat at a rally me with Keyu And pissin about with me mates at collage a couple of years back... I havent changed much lol
  18. good site sarah has anyone used Plerion?? need to worm kira soon, is it any good?
  19. www.pet-insurance.co.uk 10.03 for kira lifetime cover, seems a good policy
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