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  1. It is on youtube mate Stacey xxx
  2. Absolutely love it mate!!! Can't wait for next camp!! Stacey xxx
  3. Oh dear! I'll stick to tablets haha Stacey xxx
  4. Our girls training up for the next rally season. Ganglines are our own and our wheel dogs harness is a White Forest Race Harness. None of these clips have been sped up. Some have been slowed down! Stacey xxx
  5. How do you fancy doing these on a regular basis for White Forest Stacey xxx
  6. They're very loose at resting point, and yes they can wriggle out, but most don't attempt to. If you want one that they really need to make an effort to get out of, then use a semi-slip, tighten it so you can still fit two fingers underneath behind the ears when it is pulled tight. This is Aleu wearing her half check at the right size, this one from Indi-Dog that Sid made me Stacey xxx
  7. I'll be doing rallies inbetween lol.
  8. I like to live dangerously... but I'll lay low and wait for my strike
  9. Me, Nic, the girls and the White Forest Dog Accessories will be there
  10. You're only the second person to ask me that but a few have asked Sid, so seeing as someone's asked openly on here, I'll explain the situation. I love the work that I did with Sid and would happily carry on sewing for her and helping her with the shows - she's my mate; but the work load wasn't enough to keep enough money in my pocket. From talking to Sid, she felt that before she might not have been able to cope with the work load alone, but over the past year I've had no work sent my way, so potentially, she knows she can do it herself. I also felt that I had separate ideas that Sid wasn't sure on as it's her business and her venture, it's her decision to go with her own flow; so White Forest has given me the freedom to produce unique ideas. There's nothing like customisation up this way and we're on two different ends of the country targetting a wide spread market. I aim to provide different from Sid, as I assume she'll always try to provide different from me; but when it comes down to it, we would help each other; for example, the one supplier requires a minimum order of £100, alone that's hard to achieve, but together, we can help each other get supplies cheaper. Some people have assumed it's me being a nasty cow or a cheeky sod because Sid taught me how to do the collars; but the rest of the items have been my own venture, my own design and my own calculations; so while I am extremely grateful for what Sid taught me and I always will be, I needed this own venture of my own. The padding and side straps on mine have helped am lot but it still mucks about if they pull really hard lol.
  11. I had no idea it was just sat outside, if I had known that I'd have come for it sooner, but I'm not sure if that's the issue anyway. I used to work for a Industrial Pressure Washer company so I've used them before, everything seems ok until the water starts to come up towards the lance, as soon as it tries to go into the lance, it makes a weird noise and then the whole machine conks out. Stacey xxx
  12. The belt has 4 leads Sarah, you can have up to two dogs either side Stacey xxx
  13. Taken from my website lol: "The White Forest "At Your Heel" Belt is designed to walk up to 4 dogs at the same time. Unlike usual Walking Belts, this belt comes with 4 adjustable lengthed leads and rings to clip away the leads not in use. All of the leads are positioned at the side of the belt to encourage your dogs to walk by your side. The belt is customisable in colour and size to make sure it fits the user." I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT SAID.
  14. When it is pulled tight it should not apply any pressure to the dogs throat, the 2 rings should just meet. Stacey xxx
  15. Lol! No, how the harness works is it cuts off the blood to their winkle so they can't move and escape :'D Excellent idea, I love it, it's similar to how the White Forest Front Control Version 2 will be, only it doesn't connect from the back. I've designed it in the hopes that the front will stop bloody moving! lol. Stacey xxx
  16. So we only came home today so I've only just had chance to get on here and talk about camp. Despite the poor weather on the odd occasion, camp was great. I met some brilliant people and saw some old faces too. I love camp for the fact that everyone makes me feel welcome and accepted, so first of all thank you for that. I didn't get the opportunity to taste the Cholesterol Cafe this time around me and Nic were being lazy and having cereal instead lol. Saturday was buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusy. Thank you to everyone that took part in the Dog Show! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a pleasure to see everyone get involved and it was great that we managed to cover the costs of the ribbons/trophy as well as earn a little for the camp fund. Thank you to everyone that was patient with me for the training as well, everything was off schedule, but you all took it so well. Not many turned up for training at first, but then the working session became mental! It was great to see so many people get involved with working their dogs, and I hope you all learnt something valuable from it. I'm sorry that we ended up doing more teaching on pulling and not stopping dogs to pull, but I was following the demand from the people that attended. I WILL do a non-pull session at the next one - I swear!! Nick the tattooist did an excellent job on our tattoo's which was awesome! It was a pleasure to meet Alex, Jos, Peter and Lee as well as lots of other faces! Jos - I can't wait to see the footage!!! Alex - Thank you for being so patient with my sewing machine! Peter - Thank you so much for being a sledding pal for the week. Lee - Thank you for being the first to own one of my walking belts! A special thank you to all that came over to White Forest, explored our products/ideas and purchased from us. You have shown us that this business can work and we WILL be expanding soon. So much so that we have been offered by two different businesses to stock our equipment! Happy days! So here's the bit you care about! PHOTOS! SORRY THERE'S NOT MANY! I WAS SO BUSY! Our camp Experiment; The White Forest At Your Heel Belt Nic walking the girls My Tattoo, Don't hide your howl. Nic and the girls in the van First place dog winners 1st Place snogger 1st Place dog who looks most like their owner Reserve Best In Show Reserve best in show Best In Show Best Howler Best Rescue Best Puppy Best Bitch Aleu chilling White Forest X-back Police Lead High Vis Police Lead Stacey xxx
  17. Cant wait to see the working videos and me coming off the dodgey scooter haha
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