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  1. do i know you??? ;)

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    2. Staceybob


      Oh, well keep off my lap then you weirdo.

    3. RIOTcore


      finne! i shall!

    4. Staceybob


      Come back, I miss you :P

  2. Looking at where you are based on your profile, it might be financially better for you if you consult me at camp in April at TY Mawr. Stacey xxx
  3. [MENTION=5598]Lee Hughes[/MENTION] you understand this thread is a game right? The next photo is supposed to be displaying big puppy eyes, then you have to say what you want to see in the next photo. Stacey xxx
  4. Personally I'm more of a fan of fitted O rings as I feel it rubs on the webbing less and so is less likely to cause freying, but it would cost you probably a couple of quid more to have the extra rings fitted.

  5. Heya, there are harness' you can get with a choice of side O rings as well which is quite useful for it. If you wanted, I could speak to Sinead at Indi-dog and see about being able to sew you a fitted harness with the optional rings? Her harness are shoulder ones with a X shape on the shoulder to avoid the harness slipping around as well. Or I know she does those style harness' with a sliding O ring so it can move over to the side the attachment is on.

  6. Heya, as I've said in your thread, it holds pretty well, but the shock isn't as good as it could be. I feel the shock absorption is better on a springer or trixie bike attachment. I use the trixie one currently, but have only been using it for a short period of time as I've only recently brought it.

  7. Avoid the whole thing with a WYDWL Harness Lol. Stacey xxx
  8. Since I was a kid I always had this dream of owning a husky, but that dream just seemed so far out of my reach - I never actually thought I'd get the pleasure of owning a husky. I'd watched movies with sled racing and became hooked on the idea of the iditarod race. After I moved out and started living by myself, I missed the company of my parents' dogs. At first I intended on getting a Border Collie as I'd always grown up with them, but it was my mum that turned around and said what about a husky? So I started reading up on them. Learnt about their unreliable recall, their destructive b
  9. Let's see your husky standing on two legs! Stacey xxx
  10. I voted no but also put enclosed areas. I've never done it, but I may if there was a VERY secure dog park. Stacey xxx
  11. Hey guys, So as you all know, I've had trouble with Aleu getting used to her kennel and run, but it's gotten that bad, and Robyns mum doesn't want her in doors during the afternoon, that I've decided to try Kalm-Aid under the vets advice. We looked at the tablets, but the vet advised that the liquid seems to be more effective and lasts for longer, so we purchased a 250ml bottle. The idea is that you give them the kalm aid an hour before you take them into the stressful area. So I'm going to update on how we go with this! First 15 minutes a
  12. Your hair colour changes are awesome Nix, Stacey xxx
  13. This is me and Robyn (Im the blonde one, she's the dark haired one XD) And this is me with Aleu: This was me with my old boy Logan, He was a big baby and LOVED sitting on my lap. He was very submissive. Stacey xxx
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