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  1. I have booked that pitch which reminds me I gotta lookup the date it's gotta be paid for. Get booking you clown lol
  2. Phil get that wallet open 😂 carolyne darling get the purse out
  3. Great news see you both there m8
  4. Please don't feel left out all members and any non member you know that would like to come to next Mays Husky camp is very welcome to come join us weather it be for 1 day weekend or the whole week Dates and details on the post below but please if you want any more details just ask any admin or mod
  5. Sue & Me Paid carolyne & Phil Paid Sarah & Marc Paid Andy & Kells Paid Lou & Rich Paid Phil & Ann-Marie Pending Down to £18.83333333333333 🤣
  6. It's that time of year again guys the pitch for camp needs paying for can we make a list of them chipping in please
  7. I never took the pictures I just nicked some of the ones others took
  8. See everyone in 2020 Anyone any more pictures ?
  9. Just watching the cricket on TV which is not that far away from where you are and its battering it down with sleet and rain
  10. Just money will explain when I see you don't worry it's not going to break the bank lol Bring yourself a chair you be setup then
  11. I was booked into pitch 100 then Chloe kicked out whoever was in 108 and we are in there now BTW I think Chole was just being nice to you Phil saying she's looking forward to seeing the dogs seen as she lives and works in Newcastle I really can't see her calling in 😅
  12. It was suggested on the last meal out to just go to Jakes this year what you guys think ?
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