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  1. Went on a work course yesterday i like dressing smart a nice change from my awful work uniform lol
  2. Stormy


    My pet insurance is up for renewal I was with Tesco. They want to up it to almost 50 pounds a month! So I'm looking around who are you all with? Need it for both the dogs combined
  3. Great pics all Liv my colour is more purpley than nixs red nixs looks awesome
  4. Here is me on NYE round Sue and Duncs
  5. Dressed up as a cat for a halloween charity event!
  6. Thanks dunc you still love me though
  7. No i had a client call them that today actually but i wont ever call them that lol its a fringe!
  8. Looks great Though we dont call them bangs here!
  9. Nix that pic definitely makes you look in the wrong place HAHA Here is a smart pic of me
  10. Nice pic Rob its okay Jack is trying to impress a lucky lady already so I don't need the pics pmd to me :-)
  11. Peter that pic has proper made me LoL hahahaha
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