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  1. Thanks Brian! Yeah I try to & love seeing them when we go over there, he is a legend, so kind and generous. He also used to play football for Germany when he was young, i really admire him :happy2:
  2. This is me a while ago with my lovely grandad in Germany, dont often get to see him Me at my graduation last yr (im the blonde one) And with one of my nieces, this is how i often look out of work!
  3. Im loving this thread!! Great to put faces to names, will post some pics when i get home from work (if i can find a decent one) :happy2:
  4. Loving the pics! Micha looks like a wolf in the second pic
  5. Tikaani & Aiyana - both Sagittarius: free-spirited, playful, amusing, curious and friendly Spot on!
  6. Tikaani&Aiyana

    1st litter

    It's hard to believe they are ever that small!
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