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  1. me and talon (meesh and jennifer's mal) at husky camp in oct 2010
  2. Lil Miss Bump

    1st litter

    awwww i wish i'd seen my oz as a puppy-they are all gorgeous!!!!
  3. roflmao!!!! yes that sounds like steve!!!!! welcome to the mad house!!! can you drop us an introduction in the introduction section so we can get to know you and your pup a bit better please?? any questions just ask!!!! Diz xxx
  4. hi james!!! welcome to the mad house.......drop us an introduction on the introductions thread so we can get to know you a bit better......loving the pic!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUSKY STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. the only problems i have are with that chat room!!! but marc is trying his hardest on that one!!!
  7. hey everyone, i text sarah to ask this the other day but wanted your opinions............... do your huskies breathe differently?? when i watch ozzy breathe i nearly choke myself as i breathe really slowly but he breathes faster and a bit sporadically..... hmmmmmmmmmmmm.............................xxx
  8. andy im putting locks on my tent if u and keath are coming to the camping trip!!!!
  9. well ozzy landed on us and i had a million and one questions and you guys kept coming up when i typed in questions....i came on to the chatroom and nix and linda were on and i've never looked back, feel like i've found some really good friends and half of you i haven't even met!!!
  10. Rosemary those pics are stunning , love the sunset (and the dogs of course!) my Ozzy has the same problem with small dogs!!! as was witnessed by Diesel's owner today when a silly old man didn't have his JR on a lead and we walked past all fine and then the JR came back for a fight and Ozzy had him by the neck and wouldn't let go......scared the life out of me :-(
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