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  1. ditto to both of you! i still do have some non husky friends but my life centers around my babies-i would never have met my closest friends without this place (thanks saz n mark!) and my life would be very souless with out you guys xxxx
  2. mazz do u REALLY have a beard like that??? It's AMAZING!!!!
  3. i resign myself to spending most of the winter on my face in the snow!!! mind u i spend most of the summer on my face on the gravel!!!
  4. pmsl!!! that is brilliant!!!!
  5. that bottom one is GORGEOUS!!!!
  6. wow such gorgeous pics as always!!!! xxx
  7. i wish my real father didn't exist-he is not worthy to be called a father
  8. does anyone else think that andy looks like dawson from dawson's creek??
  9. Welcome to the pac Mac, he is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Good on you for taking the poor boy on :-) it is really heartwarming that you've taken him in and are helping him, I'm sure he will reward you ten fold :-) Dexter's fur was very very matter and i used some conditioner on human comb and sat with him on my knee teasing the knots and tangles out.....and then just bath him as normal afterwards Good Luck xxx
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