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  1. What day is the off lead anyone know ?
  2. Dunc

    Camp pitch

    Ty Mawr, Wales, LL22 9HG staying in the Electric: 6m x 10m Meadows pitch. Arriving on... Fri, 10 May 2019 for 7 nights. (check-in from 2pm, check-out at 10am) Who's going... 2 Adults, 0 Teens, 0 Children, 0 Infants Your holiday summary... Electric: 6m x 10m Meadows £144.00 Per Night £-31.00 Total cost £113.00 What's paid £113.00
  3. Dunc

    Camp pitch

    Sue got a list of you all so she will get it off you at breakfast or no butties 😂
  4. Dunc

    Camp pitch

    Talked it over with Sue and we will take the rest of the money off you guys at camp if thats OK
  5. Dunc

    Camp pitch

    Down to £18.83 each so far great stuff guys
  6. Dunc

    Camp pitch

    £28.25 at the moment but that's sure to go down m8
  7. Dunc

    Camp pitch

    Just been on https://www.parkdeanresorts.co.uk/book-your-holiday/choose-your-accommodation/?schKey=46&product=850&holiday-area=10|28&holiday-month=2019|5&holiday-nights=7&holiday-dates=2019-5-10&holiday-pets=0&holiday-unit-type=65536&adults=2 The pitch is coming out at £113 it needs paying for and booking who is in so I can workout how much we need to pay each names will be added to the list cheers guys Taking £20 off each if that's OK tea will be paid for on Sunday night with what's over Dunc & Sue paid £20 Marc & Sarah paid £20 Cass & Phil Andy & Kells Louise & Rich Gary & Lynn Phil & Annmarie paid £20
  8. I live here and didn't know half of this lol
  9. Who's the mystery guest Marc ?
  10. What a great way to do the camp post Marc well done :) So who's coming ?
  11. Dunc

    Meal out

    Booked a table for 20 at the Harbour on the Saturday night we don't wanna be sat on our own who's coming ?
  12. Meal booked for 7pm Saturday
  13. Errrrrr let me think ............................ I know you told me lol Have I missed anyone's name off the list thats on here ?
  14. I will be there on the Friday now going to stay with Chris and Jo for the 1st night so will come down soon as anyone else is there give me a call
  15. Nope its rained on and off nearly all day m8 be nice tomorrow
  16. I'm already here does that make me 1st 🤣
  17. Dunc


    Mazz really that post is ridiculous please try your best to keep then down a little even if you have got time to write war and peace in a post no-one has time to read it and it spoils the threads Take that the wrong way and I'll kick your arse at camp xx
  18. Anyone wanting to come along to this years camp in May is more than welcome be it for a 1 day visit / weekend or the full week. We would love to see new faces so come along All the details are here Any questions feel free to ask and member of staff who will be most will to help
  19. Nice one phil £111 to book £15.85 each shall I book you all give me £20 spend the rest on wood ?
  20. We need some to chip in this year to pay for camp pitch its £111 upto now it will be paid for by .......... Marc Andy Dunc Val Rob Phil Mazz We need to cut the cost down between as many of us as possible so who's in ? Upto now this as been done by some of us Anyone else before I book this ?
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