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  1. Only off lead when there is no escape route, the long leads are great, however, lately Boone has been forgetting that the lead stops after 100ft, I'm suffering from whiplash constantly LOL
  2. Ignore them all, as long as you keep your dog safe and under your control whilst out, then there isn't a problem. The problems and dangers come from the "owners" that believe that their dog doesn't need controlling because he/she is a lovely well behaved boy/girl "usually" !!!!! Keep walking proud with your "Wolf" lol
  3. I think my lights have arrived, got a card through the letterbox saying that there's a parcel for me, so will get that picked up tomorrow then no excuses we can go out when I get home from work !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi and welcome to the mad house, really sorry for your loss but rest assured Akuma will be playing away over rainbow bridge happy as he ever was. Brilliant that you could fill your lives again with a rescue husky. Well done to you and your OH, oh and yes pics please, sooner rather than later, Have fun here, Andy & Boone
  5. Well I've had my sparkly new scooter for TWO!!! whole weeks now and FINALLY!!! got to go out with Boone today !!!!!!!!!! He was absolutely brilliant, just taking it easy to start, need to build him up, then look out. Trying to train Daisy on the lead separately, she'll get there, still only a puppy (10 months) so not able to get her pulling just yet. Got her the smallest Manmat x-back harness which is just a eeeny weeeny bit big so she needs to grow into that also. I've just bought the OH a cani-x set for Christmas. That will be a nice shock for her on Christmas morning. Will get the kids to chip in and buy her a pair of trainers lmfao!!!! Anyways, pics and vids will come soon before you go on at me about it, need to get the practice in first lol!!!
  6. That's where your wrong, they always put a butler in there to throw you off the sent !!!
  7. I haven't seen it either but I pretty much guess one of them dies !!! Sorry !!! LOL!!!
  8. Welcome, gorgeous dogs and what a mask on the puppy wow, Have fun this is a really friendly site, must be 'cos they've put up with me for quite a while now, Andy & Boone
  9. Hi, please keep us informed, hope Ko recovers soon, woooooooooooooowooooooooooo's from Boone, Lurch
  10. Cheers Phil, I'm sure we will have loads of fun, Daisy (OH's Collie) is 11 months old, so not quite able to join in quite yet, but is being trained, hence the two harnesses, one bloody great big one and one bloody tiny eeeeeeeeeeny weeeeeeeeeeey one lol Being thick, is a Mountainboard a big skate board with big wheels?
  11. Bin and gone and done it ! Just placed an order for Pawtrekker scooter (silver) plus double lead and two manmat X-back harnesses, then I went and bought a set of lights off eBay, Well Boones gonna be knackered !!!!! Can't wait
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