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    Yeh but shouldn't the last line be "And more, much more than this, I did it the way my Husky wanted me to" Andy & Boone P.S. Thanks for a great forumn Sarah
  2. You tell 'em Sarah :bananen_smilies015: , I managed it :60: , so they all can surely :frown:
  3. This needs a bump, unless that's the sum total of members that we have ! I think not !!!
  4. Right here goes, really sorry to have to do this to you all, + I have hardly got any pic's of me cos no one want's to take them, No.1. Me and the OH Becky and Boone [ATTACH]9079.IPB[/ATTACH] No.2. My twin girls LaToya and Tanika oh and Boone again [ATTACH]9080.IPB[/ATTACH] No.3. My daughter Natasha trying out a scooter [ATTACH]9081.IPB[/ATTACH] No.4. From left to right, the OH, Tash's bf Shane, Foster son Dan and me ! Boone AGAIN !!! [ATTACH]9082.IPB[/ATTACH] No.5. Me and Boone (He is not a lap dog) [ATTACH]9083.IPB[/ATTACH] No.6. The OH and Arctic Quest's puppy Koda [ATTACH]9084.IPB[/ATTACH] There, don't say I didn't warn you, Andy & Boone
  5. I really don't think this forum is ready for my mug shot !LOL! Andy & Boone
  6. lurchybold


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