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Ok, you've all seen my mush posted on here, why not put some pics of yourselves on so we can put a name to the faces....just to start you off will post one, this is My brother Jonathan, my dad, me, Marc, Louise, Matthew and my Mum (ilovehuskies on here)


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Do we have to? Here is one of jamie when we went camping.


One of my future mother and father in Law (Edwina and Jamie) when we was in Cyprus for my 21st.


and one of me with Pluto at Walt Disney Florida in October (Plz don't laugh I don't like my photos!)





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photo.php?pid=777501&op=2&o=global&view=global&subj=714381680&id=820469868 me and some ov the family (im sittin on the floor in blue wit my little cuzin in my lap (probly only decent photo ov me)


can some1 resize this for me please i still havent managed 2 download the thing 2 help resize links wudnt wrk for me

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