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  1. graffiti ...............
  2. snakes and ladders ............
  3. lesley

    Sarah,s new puppy

    how fab 6 days to go yeah xxxxxx
  4. lesley

    Lesley's new puppy

    oh my god how gorgeous is he i cant wait ssssssoooooooooooo excited he prob sulking thinking god ive got go to those mad people ha ha only joking we are ok really ha ha x
  5. lesley

    Lesley's new puppy

    ha i know i already got one like that think they all the same x
  6. lesley

    Lesley's new puppy

    aarrrr how fab wish was in your shoes oh if only i lived closer id be up loads too he adorable but yes agree laura them eyes make him look a cheeky monkey im feeling lost now want him here for a cuddle xx
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