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8E3162D0-AE43-45B9-9FD0-9F78E042438C.thumb.jpeg.caf1afd7fcdd9d409c4ba4e9a4f14554.jpegWe aren’t new to Huskies, but when our last one died (14 years ago) he took part of my husband’s heart. We now have a bonded pair who are almost 10 months old. Thor and Loki. Plus we have an 11 yo Aussie named Pippa who hates their guts... She was mourning her brother’s death when we got the pups so we thought she’d bond with them, but sadly she hasn’t. I guess I don’t have a lot of questions - just introducing myself. ☺️




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Hi and welcome what lovely pups when we got our 1st husky called kiera our boarder collie didn't get on with her and just tolerated her all her life but sadly we lost the collie aged 15 years kiera is now 10 and we got 3 husky pups and the bonding with them all are fantastic hope cassie gets on with them but time is the key.


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