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  1. without AKC papers or DNA test you cannot be 100% sure... but after 1 year you can compare it to breed standards ... that wud give a general idea... and until n unless you are thinking of breeding or a breeder ... you shouldn't be worried about ... only thing you can worry about is ... health issues with parents if any ... pure or mix all they give or demand is just love ..
  2. Amrit


    my Simba
  3. Yeah... indeed.... i am looking for job opp abroad.... outside India.... Maybe in North Carolina.... then i will be able to give my Simba lot of treats n Toys.
  4. Amrit


    my Simba
  5. no , i could see pics.. superb!
  6. I am working as Data Scientist in MNC ... in India.... dealing with Machine learning.. predictive analytics... Web Analytics ... online social campaign management etc... in IT... i am bachelors in Computer science. Thinking to start my startup soon ..... about pets...
  7. Yeah... i also think so... may be a labrador or mastiff.... will research and pot my findings.///
  8. Amrit


    Welcome.... cute pup
  9. Welcome ... hope you cud train your other pack members to be like skywise ....
  10. Welcome.... you got a good gang out there i m jealous ...
  11. wHOa ... nice pups.. welcome to the group
  12. Since huskies are working dogs.(to pull sleds).. and there wooly coat is not very helpful while tieing harness that's why as per standards ... wolly pups are not advised...basically breeds are categorised and developed as per their working capability and skills.... therefore wooly coats are considered a fault. something I read in a blog "While this coat may be attractive to owners who like long-haired dogs, it is not good for a working Siberian husky. The long, soft guard hairs do not provide the protection needed against water, ice and cold. The coat also takes longer to dry, posing a danger in cold weather."
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