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  1. Hey all Husky enthusiast , greetings! Since I am new pet parent and and new to this amazing world of dogs, I guess 80% of my time i am busy thinking / reading about how to keep my pup best in every aspect of his life. Searching toys , food stores , supplements etc for my pup. Next big question that comes to my mind is ... if i want another pup , "which breed will be more compatible with my husky pup ?" My options 1. French Mastiff 2. Bullmastiff 3. Rottweiler 4. American bully I am looking for ferocious guard dog since my husky will be all love and snuggle to every stranger. Any Idea or recommendation or share your experience with 2 pups from different breed . Don't be shy ... just share the pics
  2. ohk... i am feeding them Orijen Puppy Large & Taste Of The Wild - Pacific Stream Puppy Formula With Smoked Salmon... and keep switching as my SImab is abit of a picky eater.... with treats... he si now 13+ kg & 4 motnhs...
  3. oh they are amazing.. m feeling jealous..
  4. Hi Husky Lovers , Greetings !fellow members , Its oddly satisfying to watch husky puppies and their tantrums. isint ? (do mention what your puppy does to get your attention or not willing to do certain task) I was wondering , i see so many posts with white black husky but very few copper/red husky puppies . Are they rare in UK or other parts of the world? Sincere request do post pics of your copper color husky
  5. my simba is just 27.55778 at 4 months of ... age as per some forums he should be 30 pounds +... I hope he will recover .
  6. welcome.. he is very cute.... keep posting more pics.
  7. Amrit


    start with basic .. potty training.. crate training... or basic commands .. like start with NO with treats as positive behaviour .... when he does as asked... don't get frustrated... it takes repeated training for same command for several weeks... use short short interval for training like 10 min in morning 10 min in night daily.. while playing with your pup... training starts at day 1 ... but u need to go on slow..... as he is just a cute lillt pup... always be cheerful when around your pup during training... always reward for positive behaviour... may be frame your question on specific asks... as @robke said.. it a broad topic... hope it help a bit.. welcome to the group.
  8. Amrit

    R I P Iwan...

    RIP... its very sad.. to see them leave...
  9. Sure you re right... I have read about the coat clipping... i know it not good fir them... still thanks for educating on this ... its confirms my findings... I am not just worried about being cold ... but i have read on few blogs .. sometime hard floor is bad for the growing pup posture... so bed in these cases help for those cases also... and he is free to sleep on bed or on floor as per the his mood... from my side... yet i thought having a bed.. is good ... just to give him option to choose from ... incase he need it... try to be a good parent yeah. he also keep switching from windows to doors.whichever side he feel is ok to sleep... mostly in front of Bathrooms... howsoever its not wet...
  10. they are so cute.. may be standard coat is what i am thinking... not sure... they do change coat color that's what i have heard....
  11. Amrit

    Hi all

    they are so cute and handsome.... welcome to the group.... its must be so thrilling with all the new pups... Here is mine single pup... enough to take whole house on his head .... listening to grunt by my mother after digging all her plants..pots... like no one is more innocent then him...
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