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  1. Off the wall comment - where are you during the day when he is ok - and where are you ( and more importantly where is he) during the accident times?
  2. HI and welcome. Play biting is to be discrouraged at this age - as you have already suspected it can lead to other things. Many people have different solutions, mine was to yelp loudly (but ike a puppy) and move away (stop play) just like a sibling would in a litter. It took quite a few months but my boy finally got the message.
  3. Exactly what sort of help do you want/need? There's nothing wrong with a chicken carcase - providing its not fed too often - and its raw of course. The raw bones are easily crunched up and providing it does not form more than around 8-10% of that days meal - no worries. As with us, variety is the spice of life, beef, lamb, kangaroo, venison, rabbit, chicken, duck, pork, whole fresh (frozen) herrings, sardines, raw eggs, bone broth, - veggies can include raw brussels, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower etc. Herrings and sardines are your friends - they are more nutritionally complete than even an egg (egg does not contain Vit C), and they will both help to balance out the fats in beef, pork, chicken & lamb etc., as well as giving vital nutrients from the organs inside the whole fish (brain, eyes, pancreas etc).
  4. wolfpup


    Welcome to the forum - and good on you taking in a rescue
  5. Welcome (back) to the forum
  6. Absolutely stunning! what a heart-breaker.
  7. Its worth investing in a cheap dehydrator - much less hassle than trying to use an oven - for meat to dehydrate without actually cooking it you need a maximum temp of 70 degrees - I usually dehydrate meat around 60 degrees - if its sliced thin enough 50 degrees - most ovens minimum temp is 100 degrees so you have to leave the door ajar.
  8. Wlcome to the forum - details - pictures - we love both !!!!
  9. I dehydrate lamb's liver - my guys will not eat it raw (or cooked) but dehydrated it turned into a very high level treat. One other thing I found to be excellent (and cheap) is tinned hot dog sausages (ok not be best nutrition-wise - but they LOVED them) cut each sausage up into very tiny pieces - one sausage was more than enough for an hour long training session.
  10. Welcome to the forum. He is lovely. To me he looks like a mixture - his ears are very low down more on the side of his head and huskies ears are usually pointed - I have never seen a husky with rounded ears. Also what happened to his right ear? I know pups get into all sorts of scrapes - poor thing - looks like he came of worse from that adventure. From the positioning of his ears on his head I would doubt if they will ever stand up - not that it matters he looks as if he is going to be stunner when he grows up - a real heartbreaker. Love him for the way he is.
  11. Welcome to the forum - I also see nothing wrong with the picture
  12. Welcome to the forum. Wow given one and get another 6 free! She looks to be a great mum - not had any experience with puppies - what sort of advice are you looking for.
  13. So sorry for your loss
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