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  1. Whenever our long haired husky gets hot - he puts his feet into the drinking bowl - been doing it since he was a pup and never got out of the habit. I just got a bigger drinking bowl for outside and put ice into it on the rare occasions it gets too hot here.
  2. Yes - as long as you know what you are looking for. I have to ensure that the meat my husky eats has not been fed soya, wheat, corn or oats, so I have far more of a problem. My old dog trainer get his 4 dogs food direct from a slaughter house ..................................its not for me - been veggie for over 40 years - feeding raw is bad enough.
  3. My huskey is allergic to 9 different foodstuffs - yeast not being one of them. Your best bet is to feed raw - preferably from scratch. Starch and grains are the enemy as you probably already know.
  4. My Marley is officially the fussiest husky on the planet - so I understand your pain and frustration. He is totally raw fed - like Rachael above I believe it is the best. He will not eat exactly the same meal two days running! He would just site there with the look of "you expect me to eat this? I had it yesterday - get me something else! He has sardines in the morning (best way to get his medication down his neck) - when he is REALLY hungry πŸ˜‰ He gets half a tin of sardines in spring water (my other dog gets the rest) - not only is it his favourite food on the planet - but it is also the most nutritionally complete food there is - more nutritionally complete than a raw egg even (and that's saying something) - so I worry less about getting all his vitamins and minerals in. Sardines and herrings are the best things to partner with chicken - chicken is extremely high in omega 6 to omega 3 (28:1) and the sardines (also fresh sardines or herrings) are at 1.4:1 so really evens out the bad omega 6's. It doesn't help that Marley has 9 different food allergies - so I am limited as to what I can give him. One day he will get venison mince (with organs and bone) with beef mince, next day he will get venison mince with bone broth and white fish or sardines. The next day he will have the beef mince and rabbit from my butcher and the next probably just white fish with lamb breast, heart and bone. I usually have three different meats/fish on the go in the fridge and just rotate so he gets something different, - and I dont end up wasting food. I usually found that if he would not eat a meal - if I mashed up a tin of sardines in spring water into the food he ate it all (and at 45p a tin it does not break the bank - use half and put the other half in the fridge for the next day). At the end of the day a healthy dog will not starve itself - be strong and don't panda to her (too much) I unfortunately HAVE to ensure Marley eats something at least twice a day. I leave the bone portion of his meals until late in the day - and he does not get his beloved lamb's ribs until he has eaten something - even if it is 10pm at night.
  5. Welcome - he is very handsome !
  6. Can you put up a link to the page please?
  7. My hobby is herbal medicine
  8. https://veterinarypartner.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=19239&catId=102888 Came across this site today and it appears to be very good for all sorts of dog ailments - may be one to save to your favourites folder
  9. I have loads of links I can send you to assist your research into raw diets if and when you decide to go into it further.
  10. I give my dog cbd oil for epilepsy - it is working extremely well for him - from 5 fits in the first 9 weeks of last year he has only had 3 fits in the one year (less one day) since. I use a human cbd for him.
  11. I use the Walk Your Dog With Love harness - same as the Indi dog harness and cheaper if money is an issue (as it is with me) as for treats I found tinned hot dog sausages cut into small bits worked a treat for my husky - remove from tin use one and freeze the rest for another day. He only got these on training days so they became a high value treat for him.
  12. With salmon heads - make sure you freeze them for two weeks before giving them to your pup - they often contain parasites in the gills and the freezing kills them. One other thing to watch is that salmon teeth are particularly nasty as well as hard. Wild caught whole salmon contains all the vitamins except Vit B9, Vit E and Vit K, and does contain all the minerals (however just the head will be missing some of these vitamins). I am firmly in the raw feeding camp - so am biased against 99.5% of kibble as it is essentially 'dead' food - all vitamins and minerals mentioned on the lable have had to be put in after it is produced - and are mostly chemical vitamins, not natural - and not as easily absorbed by the body (however as Rachael mentioned above there are a couple of good quality kibbles) . Having said that - we all feed what we believe is the best for our fur babies and I wont knock anyone for having a different viewpoint to my own I think that sardines and/or herrings may be a better choice - they both contain every single vitamin and mineral there is - they are more nutritionally complete than an egg (which does not contain Vitamin C) - and are more easily eaten by a pup - plus he would be getting the whole fish - complete with the organs - which is preferable. The other advantage is that these fish are 'prey' fish to other, larger fish in the sea, therefore they do not contain as many contaminants as those fish higher up in the food chain, as those fish obviously absorb any contaminants that their food has absorbed in its life cycle.
  13. After I found the right cbd oil for him his seizures went from the 108 days above and is currently still seizure free 150 days later (as of today). I initially put him on four drops - as that was the level he was on with the previous oil - but have lowered it to two drops a day as it is a much stronger oil - and as you know it is possible to go over the 'sweet spot' - more is not necessarily better. This is working fine for Marley - but all dogs are different.
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