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  1. Glad the surgery went well - such a simple surgery to get a dog out of excrutiating pain - she must be feeling so much better already.
  2. Like most of us I would go to the ends of the earth and beyond (feel as though I have done) 😫
  3. Update on Lunar. GOOD NEWS ! The Melatonin (Melacutin) did not work - in fact it appeared to make him worse. When I needed more Vitofyllin (only had 2 weeks worth) I nearly had a duckfit at the cost - 66p per tablet and he is on 2 a day plus a £5.50 'prescription fee'. I asked for a written prescription (£10.50) and one week's supply. I searched online and found that Viovet sold them at 40p each for the 100mg. The prescription was for 6 months and I ordered two months worth. He is also on Amitryptiline 2 a day at night. A couple of weeks ago I took him back to the vet as neither hubby or I were sleeping and we were at the end of our collective tethers. The vet could see the state I was in (no amount of makup could disguise the black bags under my swollen eyes). He gave me a 7 day supply of sedative type medication. Said to give one tablet at 9pm and if by 11pm he had not fallen asleep to give him another one, but not to give any more for 24 hours. I did exactly as I was told and on the Friday evening gave him one tablet and then 2 hours later I gave him the other one as he appeared to be slightly more agitated than usual. He eventually went to sleep around midnight Friday. He came round sufficiently to be able to stand precariously on Sunday afternoon ! Needless to say we were back at the vet's waiting for them to open at 8am on Monday. It turned out that in very rare occurances dogs can be hyper-sensitive to the drug - and Lunar is one of those dogs (of course he is). I asked if we could try vallium (diazipam) and the vet agreed and gave me 2 weeks worth to try. He is still on the: Hawthorn Plus (increases blood flow to the brain) - but I am now making my own for 1/4 of the cost, the Alpha Lipoic Acid and the Spinach, also the fresh sardines and salmon for the Omega 3. In addition I have him on Organic Brahmi powder (Bacopa) which basically is for clarifying the mind and encouraging a balanced emotional state. He is also on Organic Gotu Kola (an adaptogen) which offers support for the nervous system, promotes a calm mind and sound sleep, lifts mood and promotes mental clarity. It also increases circulation to the brain and nourishes the nervous system. Marked improvement. He can again get up and down stairs without collapsing halfway. For the last three nights he has slept upstairs and through the night – which means hubby is no longer on the settee downstairs and we have slept too! He occasionally initiates a play session with Marley (twice yesterday). He is no longer continually incontinent – just a very occasional small drip - he is back to asking to go outside to pee. Thanks to the diazepam he goes to sleep (wakes occasionally but settles down quickly again, - he no longer paces all night whining and panting heavily) but is still up and ready to go for his 4am walk – even making it as far as the park again - around 1.5 - 2 miles round trip - before he had gotten to the stage where he struggled to get round the block. His eyes are brighter and he is far more ‘engaged’. I estimate he is back to somewhere close to 90% the dog he used to be – before he was around 20%. He no longer gets trapped in corners and unable to think his way out of them. He still sleeps a lot during the day but I can wake him easily - and he is awake for much longer periods during the day than he was. He has even started to pester Socks (our cat) playfully again - much to Sock's displeasure. Socks no longer stays upstairs during the day - he has full run of the house at all times - and enjoys the 'paddock' we created for Angel so he can go outside. He hadn't been outside for around 8 years (his choice) because he was scared - but the approx 12ft x 10ft enclosure is just right for him and on sunny days he sits outside on Angel's chair and waches the dogs in the garden along with all the birds, knowing nothing can get to him. We are constantly surprised at Lunar's progression and improvement over the last few weeks - he is no longer grumpy (well no more than he ever was before the dementia), plays more, even remembers his name around 50% of the time - we have to remember he is going deaf so it could be that he just does not hear us sometimes. He even tries to trick me into giving him treats again, he asks to go out to pee, just stands there for a few minutes (not knowing I am watching from the kitchen) then comes back in and sits down by the treat box looking happy and expectantly at me. Cheeky boy! I know it is the vet meds and the additional supplements, - but I have my baby back to almost where he was 12 months ago. 3 months ago he appeared to be a very old dog - now he is back to appearing (and behaving) around 8 years old again (he's 13) and Marley has his playmate back for romps around the garden - (which burns off Marley's excess energy thankfully). I know its not a permanent cure - but for now he is back to enjoying life to its fullest again - what more could any of us ask
  4. Happy Birthday Blaze!!! Is there going to be cake?????
  5. Fantastic big space - wish I had something like that within 50 miles.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Logan looks a very happy pup !
  7. Welcome to the forum - how about a picture of Luna - we LOVE pictures !
  8. To keep my dogs from chewing wooden table and chair legs I put a small amount of Vicks Vapour rub on the legs - they only went for them once. Does not hurt the dogs, does not hurt the furniture.
  9. Marley goes twice a year to get brushed out - he has never blown his coat, it just gets thicker and thicker - someone needs to tell him he is a husky! I was worried when I first took him so insisted I stay - and I told them 'nothing with a blade' combs and brushes only. I do try and groom him - but since he got to be an adult he has other ideas. About once a month he is 'in the mood' and will tolerate it - for about 10 mins max.
  10. As to sleep - our other dog Lunar has doggie dementia - particular bad is his Sundowner syndrome - we cope by hubby going to bed around 7pm to get some sleep - I go to bed around midnight - hubby gets up and then sleeps on the settee as best he can until around 3-4am when he takes the dogs out to try and settle Lunar down. Lunar cannot be trusted on stairs any more in case he falls, but panics if left alone, howls and whines all the time - even when we leave the light on all night for him. He then sleeps all day (lucky dog)
  11. I use a single row undercoat rake - Marley's coat is far too long and thick to take a double row - his tail 'hair' is around 9 inches long and resembles a thick fox tail
  12. First of all can I say how sorry I am for both you and your furbaby. This might be a long post: You might have a point about the stress of going to a new home. We rescued my old dog Cane (who passed away 3 years ago around 14-15 years old) when he was around 9-10 – and everything seemed fine for a week or so - until one day he attacked me for no reason in the park, breaking a finger and lacerating my hand. A week or so later he attacked me again quite badly after a play session with a ball - he just seemed to fixate on the ball – which I was holding and then charged at my hand and latched on to it and would not let go. Cane never went for my other dog, my husband, and only once went for the cat – but I got there in time. The rest of the time he was a lovely dog who really did appreciate being fed regularly, walked and not being hit (it was quite evident he had had a bad life before). His previous owner had been put in prison and the dog removed from the household - that’s all we were told. It turned out he had focal epilepsy - and the vet thought it might be caused by the stress of being in kennels then a foster home and then to us. He put him on epiphen and it really reduced the episodes - we got very good at recognising the signs of an approaching episode and quietly left him alone in a room until it had passed. Fast forward to three years ago when Cane had just crossed over the bridge and I got a beautiful husky pup at 12 weeks old - and I was his fourth owner - no details of his past except a vaccination record card. Marley had his first fit at around 10-12 months old from memory and they occurred approximately every month. With him, he remains conscious throughout, but needs reassurance from me - he looks like he has Parkinson’s during an episode which can last up to 3 mins at a time. He has never had a fit when being excited or active - they only ever occur at rest or when waking up from sleep. The vet did not want him on any drugs because at that age they would kill him in a couple of years - I just had to keep a record of frequency, duration and severity and contact the vet each time. After much research I contacted Doc Jones – an herbalist and vet in Idaho USA (could not find one in the UK at the time) to ask about natural methods and whether skullcap would help - he said that he had had some success using powdered skullcap and passionflower – and gave me dosage amounts for his weight (22 kilos) This really seemed to help for a few months – then Marley had 4 seizures in 12 days – 3 in 2 days - two were consecutive and quite severe. I started to research cbd and got hold of some and added it to his meals. His next seizure was 67 days later - over double the time he had ever gone before. The next seizure came at 39 days. Further research led me to cbd with THCA - the active part of cannabis that works on seizures specifically - unfortunately here in the UK it is illegal. However I came across a cbd oil that contained .1% THCA (legal) and although this is a miniscule amount I changed Marley onto that cbd oil. Over the next couple of weeks I increased the dosage to 4 drops per day with his meal. His last seizure was on the 24th June - 83 days ago. My research leads me to believe you need a much higher THCA content than I am able to get here in the UK but it might be worth having another word with your vet - your dog possibly has a pet medical CBD card – which will enable you to get a much stronger cbd oil than I am able to get my hands on because of our Draconian laws. I put Marley onto cbd much against our vet’s liking – we had quite a ‘discussion’ about it, ................ however he cannot argue with the facts that Marley’s seizures have decreased dramatically. From a Facebook group I belong to it does not work for every dog and their particular condition - but it has got to be worth a try. Fingers crossed for both of you.
  13. Beautiful pup. Really sorry to hear you got him so young - biting issues will not be your only challenge - toilet training could well be an issue as well as separation anxiety and food possession/aggression etc as he gets older. It's good you have other dogs around as they may help to train him (providing they are not too rough about it) and help keep him company. I really hope your pup thrives in his new environment, but if you do find some issues then there are loads of really experienced people here to lend a hand.
  14. Possible daft questions .......... Do you know where he came from i.e. I got Marley at 12 weeks - and am his 4th owner so my answer to that question is no. Do you know what age he was when taken from mum? My answer is that Marley was taken at around 6 weeks according to vet comment on his second round of injections - refused to give them for another 10 days (I did get vaccination records with him) He may have gotten used to peeing & pooping in the crate/holding pen as a young pup and not cleaned out regularly. Just a thought. It took me nearly 4 months to get Marley to go outside at all - and I still had occasional pee issues until around 18 months old. Anything new in the house got 'marked'. In the end after all meals he got taken outside in the garden and not let back in the house until he 'went' - I think it was easier for me as Marley had Lunar to use as a role model - as he got older he used to sniff where Lunar had gone and try to squeeze a few drops afterwards. - still does the same today.

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