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  1. When you say 'near here' - can you be a bit more specific? like a village name? It takes me around an hour and a half to get down to Manchester - so if the play field is south of Manchester I am looking around 2 hours journey each way. Does the field have 6ft fencing - Marley cleared a 4ft wall before he was 12 months old! He is on the small side for huskies - but can jump like a show jumper !
  2. I would definitely say its because he does not like being shut away from you - the fact that when you let him come into your room he falls straight asleep says it all really. Can I ask why you think it is wrong to let him out of his cage????? There is no instruction as far as I am aware that they should be locked into their cage at night. Whilst crate training is exceptionally good - for those occasions when you do need to confine him (wish I had been able to do it after Marley's operation) - there is no reason now he is older that he should be parted from you at night - is t
  3. I agree with robke - huskies are definitely not for the novice owner. My advice would be either a small dog - or if you really want a big dog - get a labrador - you will at least stand a chance of your dog obeying you - huskies will rarely 'obey' - they have been bred for thousands of years to use their brains, and develop 'willful disobedience' - can never be let off lead unless in a really secure play park (i.e. minimum 6ft fencing) - are consumate escape artists, will outwit you at every opportunity. That and if you leave them alone for any length of time - you will probably
  4. Welcome to the forum - looks like you've got your hands full there!
  5. Could it be a yeast infection?
  6. Lazy huskies????? I wish my two had heard of it !! Ony of my boys was fussy - would not eat the same meal two days running - (will now) I thought he was just being fussy but it turned out he had food allergies.
  7. Welcome to the forum - are you going to tell us something about yourself and your dog? Pictures of your dog would be great - we love pictures!
  8. I have only ever had male dogs so cannot help you with most of your post - however an 11 month old pup should be full of energy and mischief. In what way are her eating habits changing? Is she getting fussy? Does she ever skip meals totally, or appear to not want to eat certain types of food? What do you feed her? Themore information you can give us the better idea we might have
  9. The problem is that without knowing what is causing it - whatever you put on to allieviate the problem/discomfort could make it worse. You do not say which country you are from - UK/USA/Au. Just on the offchance it is some type of immune system / allergy - the posts below might help. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/allergy-relief-for-dogs-top-ten-remedies/?utm_source=klaviyo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Content%3A Allergy Stuff %2B 35% Off BC Non Buyers Ends Tonight - Apr 28 (WaXqT6)&_ke=eyJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIkM0WXlWOSIsICJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJjaHJpc3NpZTEyM0
  10. It seems to me that she regards you to be the leader - showing respect by moving when you want to lay in that spot, - but coming to you for 'protection' when she is worried. However I would discourage her from getting onto your lap - you are reinforcing her fears by 'protecting' her. I had two dogs at the same time like this and in the end I just had to stop them jumping up on me and hubby, making them face their fear, making them see that we are not concerned with the noise - so they should not be. It was tough-love (and heartbreaking inside) but both dogs learned not to be s
  11. Before you spend money on an x-ray - if he does not throw up food then there is no blockage - is he pooing ok? Of course there might be a foreign body - however it would not cause him to only throw up liquid. One of my huskies started to throw up a lot, clear liquid like yours to start with - then yellow bile, then yellow bile with blood in it. It turned out he had food allergies. Have you tried him on digestive enzymes with his food? Many dogs are now becoming food sensitive (different to true allergies - allergies show up as IGE whereas sensitivities usually show up as IG
  12. Marley is now on 2 years and 237 days fit free - still on cbd oil.
  13. Agree - great pic - hadn't realized you were such a hunk! Pity I am 30 years too old for you !
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