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  1. Marley seems to have turned a corner in the last 24 hours although we have been here before when he rallied - only to crash again but I am cautiously optimistic . He did two small poos yesterday and one this morning so I can take the samples into the vet today and start him on the antibiotics. I've been syringing bone broth into him and yesterday even managed to get some warmed cooked chicken and raw beef into him - not a lot - but more than he has eaten in 5 days. This morning he ate half a tin of sardines - hubby said he was ravenous - but could not eat any more than half a tin. He went upstairs this morning - so we are all going to bed tonight . He pulled hubby on his morning walk and even went to the park for the first time in a week (around half a mile away) and hubby said he really seemed to be enjoying it. It will be a week before the blood and poo test results are back but by this time next week we should know exactly what is going on.
  2. I've been giving him kefir milk and cheese for about 18 months - he wont go near it now. Bone broth has much more goodness in it than either butter or cream. The vet he is with is widely recognised to be the best withing 50 miles. He does not want tme to give him the antibiotics as he needs the stool samples to figure out exactly what is causing the problem. If I give him the antibiotics now I will not be able to give them a stool sample containing live cultures of either viral, bacterial or parasites. Without knowing exactly what is causing the bleeding ulcers they dont know what the proper treatment is. I really am stuck between a rock and a hard place ........................... I just hope I get this right - if I dont I will kill my soul mate
  3. Sorry guys - bit down tonight. Marley still has not eaten (willingly) I had to force his tablets down his throat this morning, and also in addition to syringing water into him I managed to get 45 mil of bone broth into him today. He is so lack-lustre, no sign of his normal cheeky personality - for the last two days he has not even pulled on the lead for his walks with hubby (normally a nightmare for him) he is just plodding along slowly behing them. I have not put him on his antibiotics because I need stool samples - but because he is not eating he is not pooing. He was sick again last night - looked like brown coffee grains - which shows blood that is partially digested. I stayed with him all last night on the harwood floor - it took me until 11am before I could move enough to get into a hot bath. About two hours after I forced the bone broth into him he rallied for a bit and even got up to go outside for a pee - hubby managed to trick him into eating about two teaspoons of sardines (he is very food possessive with Lunar). Tomorrow I am going to persist with the bone broth - he takes a couple of syringes then just refuses to swallow and lets it run down his neck. He is starting to really dislike me for syringing his medication, shoving tablets down his throat, keep offering food he does not want, trying to get him to eat - and when he doesn't I syringe bone broth into him. Soory guys - feel as if I am losing him
  4. wolfpup

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    Sorry about that - but totally understand. At least I'll save £20
  5. Well just got back from the vet - quite a marathon session. They are now doing another set of bloodworks - complete this time (thought they had done that last time). Searching not only for H pylori, but campylobactor, salmonella, another couple I had not heard of. Another set of bloodworks for food allergies. I have to send in another three sets of stool samples (last time the vet did not send them off)! He is also checking for many different parasites. He has given me another course of antibiotics but said not to give them to him until I have all three stool samples - preferably one each day over three days - but he would take two samples from the same day if it means Marley can get on the antibiotics sooner. I am to give him the antiboitics if his temperature gets any higher .................. his exact words were "rather ruined stool samples than a dead dog". When he went to take Marley's temperature - he mentioned his dirty backside - I explained that that was after two washings ................. but his comment was "I can smell the blood on him" - meaning more that it was due to the amount of blood rather than our poor cleaning efforts. He checked him for anemia but said he still seemed ok at the moment but to keep an eye on his gum colour. When I mentioned that this was now around 45 hours since he last ate - he said he could go a month if he had to - he was not bothered about Marley not eating - but gave me a syringe to get water into him on an hourly basis unless I have seem him drink before hand. He also said for me to give him the pepto bismol twice a day as this would help stop the bleeding (even though one of the side effect of it is bleeding ulcers)! Bearing in mind Marley will not eat anything - I tried crushing the tablet up with my mortar & pessle, mixing it with water and syringing it into him - it has a very strong peppermint flavour that Marley evidently does not like - he took the first syringe (mostly water) but when he tasted the second one he stopped swallowing and let it all run down out of his mouth. I laid on the floor by the front door with him all night - he seemed to appreciate the fact I was there - even putting his head on the cushion I was using as a pillow and we were almost touching noses for the most of the night - did my arthritis of the spine no end of good as you can imagine!
  6. I am getting worried about him again. Marley last ate 34 hours ago - this morning when he was out for a walk he did a sloppy poo - and its turned black again. Yesterday he was fine in himself - had been back to his normal self - but the antibiotics finished on Tuesday, and Tuesday and Wednesday during the day he was totally back to his old self (driving us mad) but got quieter on Wednesday evening, not wanting his treats at bedtime. Would not eat anything - even the cat food today, no treats, nothing. He has only drunk twice. He has been outside most of the day - have not been able to get him to come inside. Finally got him in around 6pm - but he went by the front door and stayed there. I checked on him around 8pm and he was alseep - but checked again around 20 mins ago and he was still asleep - but I could not wake him up - normally he wakes if I am within 10 feet of him. I had to shake him quite hard before he came round properly. I did get them both outside for a pee - but he just laid down outside and its taken me 10 mins to get him to get up and follow me back in - he was walking very slowly but came over to sit by me at the computer and is apparently asleep again. He is booked into the vet at 8.50am tomorrow. I am staying up tonight to keep an eye on him
  7. I dont know but possibly these articles might help https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/itchy-dog-yeast-infection/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/getting-the-real-dirt-on-dog-skin-health/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/ultimate-guide-hot-spots-on-dogs/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/10-steps-to-manage-dog-skin-conditions/
  8. Same goes for me I fed Marley raw since I got him at 12 weeks old. The person I got him from fed a kibble type food - I threw it out the day after I got him.
  9. I am afraid I am really not the person to be talking about kibble - I have never fed it to my dogs - I've been raw feeding for around 10-11 years now. Give as much raw food as you can - even 10-25% raw mixed with the best kibble on the planet will increase its nutritional value. I believe Taste of the wild is one of the better kibble type foods -as @Chelseafan mentioned. I only mentioned the zinc because if this food is being advertised as one of the best - and they take such great care in what they put into the food - then why put the cheapest, worst absorbed form of zinc in their food - particularly when so many huskies need a much higher amount of zinc than other breeds of dog. Humans need 15mg - most dogs need 40mg - huskies need much more - up to 100mg a day. The generally accepted reason is because their ancestor's diets consisted mainly of fish and fish eating animals. One other thing to bear in mind is that if a product has got vitamins and minerals listed on the label - they have had to add it because the food no longer contains that vitamin or mineral - its been destroyed by the preparation process - and that vitamin or mineral is of chemical origin rather than natural. The chemical versions are not always recognized by the body - or as easly absorbed - they may be chemically identical - but are usually in a mirror image format that the body does not fully recognize. I cannot find the article I wanted, but these three should help a bit and skirt around what I have said above.. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/vitamins-dogs-3-reasons-stay-away/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/synthetic-vitamins-and-minerals-in-dog-foods/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/why-kibble-harming-dogs/ We all want the best for our furbabies - and we all have our own ideas on what is best, depending on our own circumstances i.e. cost, convenience, time etc - so I would not dream of knocking anyone for what they feed their babies. I am a self confessed nutrition nerd (or more accurately I am trying to be) as far as my dogs are concerned - I am still learning - the reason being that in the past I got it wrong so now I am trying to make up for that.
  10. The only thing I would mention is that one of the additives is Zinc Oxide. zincdeficiencyinsleddogs.pdf Zinc forms ranked from best to worst: Zinc citrate, picolinate and gluconate are very easily absorbable and well utilized by your dog’s body. ( 25mgs up to 100mgs daily) Chelated Zinc does not bind to iron so it tends to upset the stomach less than some other forms of Zinc but maybe slightly less absorbable than picolinate and gluconate forms.( dosage is the same as above) Zinc Methionine combines Zinc with Methionine and is reasonably well utilized in most dogs. ( 40 mgs daily dosage) Zinc Sulphate tends to be very hard on the stomach causing unnecessary stomach upset. For that reason it is recommended that it be crushed and added in with food but this also makes it less absorbable. ( 200mgs daily dosage) Zinc Oxide is a very cheap and highly un-absorbable form of Zinc. Sadly this is the form of Zinc being used by most mid to low end dog food manufacturers. No wonder so many Snow Dogs suffer from Zinc Deficiency.
  11. I am cutting down on the variety of meats & fish I feed my boys so I have simplified my spreadsheet showing which vitamins and minerals are in which meats. - Marley is just getting too fussy and its costing me too much money, so as soon as he is well I am switching to this simplified diet for them. Lunar's meds alone cost me over £100 a month - which is a lot to find on a pension. I thought it might prove useful for some members on here. This is meant mainly for those who are thinking of switching to raw feeding. For vitamin C - Liver, Kidney and Heart all contain Vit C. Remember that as long as they get all vits and mins in one week they will do fine. Vitamin K is also in liver. Sardine is the only listed item that contains everything - which I hadn't realized until I typed this out! CHICKEN PORK BEEF LAMB EGG SARDINES SALMON A A A A A B1 B1 B1 B1 B1 B1 B1 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B6 B6 B6 B6 B6 B6 B6 B9 B9 B9 B9 B9 B9 B9 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 C C D D D E E K K CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER IODINE IODINE IODINE IRON IRON IRON IRON IRON IRON IRON MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC Hope it is useful to someone
  12. He has not had the runs for two days now - thankfully - and he again has a fluffy white butt - YEA! Cannot put the cbd in water 1. he wont drink it 2. Lunar would! Can't get him to eat the bone broth anyway - and he did not like the baby food I chose. I am off to the 'dog shop' now to see if they have any ideas (raw food supplier that is). Why is it that he wont eat the healthy, good quality food I spend a fortune on - but will happily eat the crappy cat food satchets?
  13. I am allergic to anything from the sea - I use gloves, forks and sissors when I feed anything fishy - if I smell cooking fish I am VERY unwell.
  14. Thanks for asking. For the last three days the only thing Marley will eat is raw white fish .................................... and cat food! He wont look at the cooked chicken, bone broth (warm or solid), sardines, salmon, pork, beef - mince or chunks. Neither will he eat any bread. Today I hid a small amount of solid bone broth inside half a satchet of cat food in gravy - he ate it all along with the raw white fish. However. He last vomited 2 days ago - and there was no sign of blood. He is more himself (read pain in the A$$), nagging constantly for lambs ribs - which he will only get once he has had most of his midday meal. I am struggling to get his tablets into him, really struggling to get him to have his cbd oil - resorting to wrestling him into submission and dropping it directly onto his gums. He doesn't like me very much at the moment ....................... but I can see improvement.
  15. If you are interested in feeding raw - I have loads of website pages that can give you a decent grounding - and created a spreadsheet detailing which meats contain which vitamins and minerals so its easy to see if there is a gap in what you are feeding.

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