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  1. Welcome to the forum - you and your gorgeous pup
  2. Huskies have a very high prey drive - that is well known - however it does depend on the dog and the way it was raised in a lot of cases. One of my boys would kill a cat/squirrel/rodent/bird on sight - the other has a cat as a best friend, did not attack a fledgling bird flapping in our garden this spring - even though young (dead) birds are part of his diet. When he was younger he did go for one of my hens that got out - but did not kill it - just grabbed it by the neck and held it down. When I reached them he let go of the hen and on examination she was found to only h
  3. Most pups are born with blue eyes and the colour changes over the next 4 months - not always gradually. If your boy is an adult though and his eyes have changed colour it usually indicates that something else is going on with the eyes - I would check with your vet. If you have also noticed a deterioration in his vision - then can I suggest you let him see a vet sooner rather than later?? Some types of antibiotics can affect vision.
  4. As always I favour the more natural route - it might be worth reading this post on glucosamine - vet injectables etc:- https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/the-best-sources-of-glucosamine-for-dogs/?utm_campaign=CONTENT%3A Assorted Jan 23 (Uydkwz)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=klaviyo&_ke=eyJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIkM0WXlWOSIsICJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJjaHJpc3NpZTEyM0BidGludGVybmV0LmNvbSJ9
  5. welcome to the forum - as Robke said - we LOVE pictures of your dog (s) - come on - give us a treat
  6. Is there room in your house for her house? That way she could get used to going in it - but still be in the room with you and see/smell you for comfort. I cannot envisage a dog house on a balcony - 'balcony' suggests on first level or above ........ don't want to misunderstand again. Are you in a flat/apartment? Why would you want her sleeping outside? I think you will find that she just wants to be within easy reach of yourselves until she reaches maturity - some dogs then decide to spend more time on their own. On of my boys is with us all day - but in the even
  7. Let her in. She is a baby - recently taken away from her mum and siblings - 99% of huskies crave human company and bond strongly with their family - Why are you shutting her out at night anyway???? Even cats hate being thrown outside at night - why do it to a baby dog???
  8. Agree with BB&S on personal experience but would suggest you read through this:- zincdeficiencyinsleddogs.pdf It sounds as if you MIGHT be on the right track - although please do not supplement with zinc until you have tested for it's deficiency. Excess zinc interferes with Copper and magnesium absorbtion - vital to the dogs metabolism Huskies & Malamutes can have a genetic defect which results in poor zinc absorption. Foods with large amounts of phytates can stop zinc absorption. Phytates are found in wheat and rice bran as well as cereal grains, soy and peanu
  9. I have two boys, one 6 yrs old and one 5 years old. I have a 4ft dog gate in the hallway - so I can open my front door without the dogs making a run for it, - Marley made a dash for it when I opened the door for the postman - he was around 14 weeks old. Luckily someone was walking down the street and I was able to shout to them to catch him for me - he was like greased lighting! I also have a baby gate at the top of the stairs - one of my dogs mission in life is to rid us of the pesky cat that lives upstairs, so this is a backup to the hallway gate - and another gate a
  10. The chewing is a real thing My boy was around 13/14 months old when he did this - he also gave us a matching settee arm - and we are retired and here all day long. He got into the lounge overnight when we were asleep. Be very afraid of a bored husky. Luckily the destructive stage does not seem to last very long. You seem to have done your homework and I am sure you will find you make a good companion to this fantastic breed of dog. Just be aware of one fact - no matter how smart you are .......... your dog will outsmart you sooner rather than later.
  11. So did I - unfortunately they don't work with my boys. The thing I foundmost useful takes time - but if I am walking Marley and he pulls (all the time) then I just stop and stay still until he either comes back to me or sits - then we walk a couple of steps and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. Sometimes I will mix it up by walking in the opposite direction - but it amounts to the same thing - pull me and you dont go anywhere. Eventually he will walk (almost) without pulling.
  12. Hopefully at the next moult you should see an improvement
  13. Really all you can do it take her to a vet to get it checked over. Leg spasms could be the result of a pinch nerve in the spine - if so its best not to leave it longer than necessary - she is obviously in some discomfort.
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