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  1. I think so but its difficult to tell when so young - horever here are some pictures of Marley at 12 weeks and around a year old The hair around his neck is now around 4"-5" long, along his back about 3" long and on his tail up to 8" long. My other husky Mikey is short haired. Although by many it is regarded as a fault - I have always loved the long haired huskies (also known as woollies).
  2. Bella is so beautiful she looks husky to me and will somewhat grow into her ears.
  3. If you were in the UK I would suggest you see Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick (known as the Supervet here) - one of the world leaders in animal physiology, and pioneering surgeon - especially on the spine. He regularly replaces ruptured discs with a procedure he invented himself. It might be worth contacting him to see if they know of a similiar vet in the USA
  4. I have two males - both rescues - one from a pup and the other one about a year ago. Had a few problems but things have settled down My first one is now 5 and the second one is 6 months younger - the new dog definitely tried to be dominant (taller, longer, heavier and stronger) - quite a few fights - mostly noise - but neither dog would back down and my older dog has had some injuries. Not had a proper fight for around 6 months now - they are rarely left alone - and if I suspect things are getting a little 'rowdy' between them I separate them immediately - before any
  5. Sorry - not seen this before - but could it not just be natural for your pup? If you brush the hair straight does it fall back straight away? How about if you brush from tail to head? I used to brush my pup that way.
  6. Bone broth. It the best and most nutritious substance you can provide for him. Ask your butcher for marrow bones, either beef or lamb - put them in the largest pan you can find. Add 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, also add carrots, broccoll etci, 1 large garlic clove, and boil gently for two days. If you have a slow cooker even better - you dont have to watch the pan in case it boils dry. This provides calcium, and all of the minerals and micronutrients your dog needs. I had a dog who had the runs for the first three years of his life - untill I finally man
  7. I used to have a white Utonagan (related breed) - he also had white nails - and lived to a very ripe old age. My two huskies - one white like yours has white nails, My other husky - black and white - with white feet - also has white nails. Its perfectly natural for a white dog to have white nails. Stop worrying and spend more time playing with your beautiful pup - and welcome to the forum.
  8. wolfpup

    Eye Lashes

  9. Welcome to the forum - agree with BB&S - she's a real cute one
  10. Bless her - still as stunningly beautiful as always.
  11. At a guess I would say there is German Shepherd in his ancestry somewhere (going mainly on the first photograph) - if it wasn't for his eyes I would have guessed that - but as the saying goes - the eyes don't lie. Whatever his percentage of husky/alsation/whatever - he looks a lovely dog and you are lucky to have him - and vice versa. Welcome to the forum.
  12. I was about to suggest the same thing as Robke. If my boys get into a heavy play session their paws also go like yours - afraid neither would tolerate me touching their paws for a photo - but it looks like ordinary abraison to me. Keep him off the concrete for a bit - preferably grass to give his paws time to heal up - and try to get some paw wax.
  13. No the paws should be smooth - not like satin, but with no sticky-up/out bits. Possibly he has roughened them by playing on concrete or pavements?
  14. What a cutie ! You can never tell, but I dont think her ears will stand upright.
  15. Has he shown any signs of scabby sores around his eyes or mouth? This is one of the most reliable signs of zinc deficiency. I did reply to your post in my thread about Marley and his seizures. It is more likely that he is reacting to the kibble - chronic digestive issues are more likely to be caused by his food and sensitivities. Can you tell us exactly what is going on with his digestive issues - it is obviously even more difficult for us than it is for a vet that has not seen & examined your pup. We are not vet trained! Marley started with bouts of chronic runs,
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