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  1. The other herb was Gotu Kola The mastocyoma metastasizing into her brain is a concern though the vet doubts that since we got the entire cancer via surgery confirmed by cytology. I still worry though. This could easily be the cause of her symptoms
  2. My Utonagan had CCD - his behaviour changed dramatically - it is the same as human Altzhimers (however its spelt) luckily he did not get aggressive with me - but he did with our other dog - its a difficult thing to diagnose - but once it has been then there are certain herbs that can help Bacopa is one, hawthorn berry to increase blood supply to the brain, helps the bacopa get to where it is needed. There is another one I cannot remember right at this minute but will put it up when I find it (I don't need it any more unfortunately).
  3. Would like to introduce you all to Mikey (was Micco - but Mikey suits him better) who we adopted yesterday as a buddy for Marley. He is 3 years old and we adopted him from SHWA. Bearing in mind he has only been here 24 hours he is doing remarkably well, walks nicely on lead (unlike Marley), is interested but not reactive to dogs in the street, whined for about half an hour when I went to bed but then settled down for the rest of the night. He is pure white with a light sandy/cream back - and blue eyes. He is also moulting like crazy! We did a meet and greet at his foster's house - about 25 miles away on Monday - they have 5 huskies of their own - and he was very bolshie/over confident - but we had him brought to our house yesterday to see if he would be any better here. He wasn't for the first hour and we had really made up our minds to say no to him ......... however the fosterers offered to leave him with us for an hour to see how he would be on his own. When they returned an hour later I told them that they had lost their foster dog as we had decided to adopt him. He used to live with a cat in his original home - but he is WAAAYYY too interested in our cat for me to risk any sort of contact without a 4ft gate AND me inbetween them. Hopefully he will get used to seeing Socks around. He and Marley are getting on ok currently both laid down alseep about a foot apart. He loves his raw food, is house trained, the back door is open permanently so I don't know whether he will actually ask to go out - but his fosterers told me that he could open most of their doors - so he may well be like Marley and if he needs to go out will just open the back door by himself. He reminds us so much of Lunar when he was a young boy. Welcome to your new home Mikey - hope you will be happy here.
  4. I recently fostered an 8 month old Malamute puppy (already bigger than most full sized malamutes - the size of a smallish Great Dane) - and realised he had gone very quiet (always a dangerous sign) - He had taken a kitchen roll that I have to reach up for, well over my head height - and had systematically eaten his way through half of it - cardboard centre and all. Luckily no ill effects. Be thankful that he leaves your furniture alone - my husky ate an arm off my settee and another one off an armchair - much to the amusement of some members here . Puppies will be puppies - and a bored puppy will always find something to do - and it usually turns out to be expensive in one way or another.
  5. So sorry for your recent losses. What a gorgeous, totally adorable puppy.
  6. AHHHH thanks for the clarification
  7. My husky is a wooly - just as long coated, possibly longer - and has been just as thick coated - its only because he has now moulted and is raked daily still that he looks fairly 'normal' (for him anyway). He obviously thinks it works - or he would not bother to do it.
  8. Whilst it has been hot here - Marley is walked very early morning (they are back by 5am) - and late at night - during the day if he gets too warm he just stands in his outside water bowl (always in the shade) - but his new trick this year has been to dig himself a hole in a shady part of the garden - to get to the cooler soil underneath. I firmly believe they get cooler better by having wet feet and a cold drink than anything else.
  9. You need to work on recall every single day of their lives - that way you might stand a 10% chance of getting one to come back to you when you need them to. They are escape artistes par-excellance.
  10. A vet is the only one who can give you any indication of what is wrong.
  11. This might help to clear up some of the confusion about diets/kibble/cooked/raw - specifically with taurine in mind. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/truth-grain-free-dog-foods-dcm/ It shows you things to look out for on the packets of dog food - and simple foods you can give to add good quality taurine into their diet. Its worth reading the whole article - but most of the info you guys need is in the second half.
  12. I've got a husky and a cat (used to have 2 dogs and two cats) - May I propose another solution - probably highly unpopular? If after trying everything you can, looking at all the videos on training, using the information, you find you just dont have the time for your husky that she obviously needs - that you look into rehoming her? I know this sounds awful and cold hearted - it really is not meant that way. Your dog will be picking up on the resentment from your boyfriend - and it won't be helping. The stress will be piling up on you - and again your dog will be picking up on that. Your dog sees your fluffy new kitten as prey (and obviously is getting that way with your older cat) - and possibly competition - for your joint attention. I noticed you said "even if she goes on daily walks" - a husky needs a minimum of 2 walks a day - preferably of 2-3 of miles each. They really are working dogs - in the same way as sheep dogs - ideally they need a job - preferably one that intails lots of running and pulling. I've just had to rehome a fostered Malamute a week early - through a sudden change in my circumstances - my own ill-health, it was the hardest thing I have had to do - but the dog's needs must come first. I could no longer give the Malamute the amount of exercise and training he needed - and it was causing problems at home with my other dog - and increasing stress levels for all of us - particularly the Malamute - and he really did not need that. Think long and hard - and ask yourself some uncomfortable questions, you know how high the prey drive is in huskies - if you knew that your dog was getting more and more agressive towards your adult cat - why did you bring a helpless kitten into the house? Its hard enough to introduce a dog (particularly a husky) into a household that already has cats - a far different proposition to introduce a cat into a household that already has a husky. When my husky came here I already had two cats - he gets on fine with the remaining cat (Angel died of cancer 6 months ago) - and whilst there has never been any sort of agression on his part - they are never left unsurpervised. It is possible for huskies and cats to live togther harmoniously - but its rare. They can live together for years - then one day - for no apparent reason - suddenly you have a dead cat. I love my husky to the moon and back - and would trust him with my life - but not the life of my cat.
  13. This is why I feed raw guys - that and the fact my boy has allergies to 9 different foods - so I MUST know exactly what is in the food he is eating - to the extent I have to know what the food he is eating - has eaten - particularly with regards to soy and potatoes - which cuts out all poultry and pork. Hope your furbabies suffer no ill effects.
  14. The rescue centre contacted me to say he arrived at his new home around 12.30 - they immediately took him to a secure dog park where he started to get to know the rest of his pack and he had a ball romping around and chasing them. Evidently he is already making up to the woman of the house - exactly the way he did with me ............... the tart! We packed him off with a new collar, new lead, a kilo of beef chunks, enough bones for 5 big dogs, a litre of water and a food bowl, several tins of sardines - he loves them for breakfast, and a ball on a rope. I have a feeling he is going to fit in just fine.
  15. UPDATE - AGAIN Bandit is going to his forever home tomorrow morning - I went to hospital last week for a day-care surgical operation - during pre-op tests they discovered I have Fast Atrial Fibrillation - heart rate 220bpm spiking higher - instead of 70 - they took me down to A&E on a stretcher & stayed there two hours wired to heart monitors etc - took loads of bloods - and then transferred me to Intensive Care - took them 5 hours to get my heart stabilized. Now on 5mg Bisoprolol Fumarate and blood thinners (cannot remember name but it begins with an 'L') - doctors for checkups every 2 days and urgent referral to cardiac specialist at hospital. Blackpool Victoria has one of the best cardiology units in the country - so will be well taken care of. Evidently a few people (like me) do not get the warning signs (breathlessness, pain, dizzyness etc) - we are the ones that just drop dead in the street from heart-failure or stroke. I am so grateful it was picked up during what should have been a relatively routine procedure - now it has been diagnosed I can get proper treatment - but I could not keep Bandit - the stress is something I really dont need at the moment. Where he is going he will be joining a pack of 4 other Malamutes with loads of land to run off his energy. We are paying the transport fees - its the least I could do - the rescue centre has been so understanding. I cannot get another dog until I am stabilized, so unfortunately Marley will be without a playmate again
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