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  1. Thanks Maz i can get everything I need locally. It's just that while we have been focusing on getting the Human essentials I'd almost forgotten to get the puppers luxuries. All good so far
  2. You may as well get them a nice bit of Steak. . . . . same price 😮
  3. I'm not worried about running out of food or toilet roll I'm more worried about running out of treats. I can explain to Kelly and Eden-Willow about having to ration certain Items to get through this time of crisis But the Dawgs won't understand why they are not getting their normal supply of goodies. . . . Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh.
  4. I've just been contacted by the guy I'm renting my caravan from to tell me the park is closing until april 31st however he realistically does not see it reopening then, and as a result he's refunded my deposit even though per the contract he's not legally obliged to.
  5. LOL this high energy breed is just so hard to contain
  6. That's only fair Marc. We have to be realistic about the chances being pretty slim that it's gonna get any better (if not worse) by the time of camp. hopefully we can rearrange it for an autumn camp or simply postpone until next year. This will be the first year in 10 years for me that we haven't been to camp Gonna miss my Husky family.
  7. and so the adventure begins. . . . . good luck
  8. Hi, guys anyone who's Signature is showing a grey image saying image is currently not available. This is because Photobucket has started capping the amount of bandwidth available per month apparently I only get 25mb per month (used to be unlimited) and the 200+ Sigs that I have on Photobucket are using more than 40mb per month. So we may have to have a few days per month where the sigs grey out for a few days towards the end of the month. apologies I'm already spending about £45 per year supporting the Sigs to get unlimited bandwidth would be around £70 per year. Regards Andy
  9. When we were first crate training ours they used to break out. So we used ZIP ties (cable ties in the UK) on all corners and sides. All I can think of why Tuff may be doing this is he's getting older and maybe can't hold his bladder and poop and so is breaking out so he doesn't foul his crate. Then he gets out and can't get out to the garden to relieves himself inside and leaves you some presents.
  10. Andy

    Rip Louie

    🌈 RIP Louie, We've all lost cherished dogs, you've got lots of friends waiting to play with over the bridge 🌈
  11. keeping everything crossed it's nothing serious Jay.
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